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  1. Cngtras to all recent milstones.... and to me - 3 th on May 8th. shameless self congratulations
  2. I have a Legend too and live around Cambridge. The only time I noticed any oddity with the map was when I first got it using the supplied basemap. It would not follow the road I supposed to be on. Once I changed to mapsource maps - its been very accurate roadwise.
  3. I have TomTom 5 on my PDA and usually just download all the caches from GeocacheUK.com, open the zip file and drop the two files into the main directory (or where other POI's are kept). Sadly due to the restrictions now imposed, because of the problems this week, you can only download 100 caches not the 18,000 + as before. But I'm sure the ability will be back (i hope) I'm sure there are other ways but this way works for me.
  4. Usually just me - male - although I have managed to get all my family out to at least one cache. My son 19 has an ID (caelash) but gave up very quickly, my daughter 21 at uni - she thinks I'm mad ... and that from a uni student. and my wife who has come out with me for a couple of short ones because she cannot walk very far.
  5. Regardless of the restrictions - its great to have the site back. Thanks to the geocacheuk site team for everything they have done and do. I've never missed a website so much..... me addicted - surely not We all know its not about the numbers... is it ? Thnaks again guys.
  6. There is a cache owner near me who states in his listings that visitors should never leave the cache(s) devoid of a TB or Geocoin. I think its to help attract more cachers to his caches - if its always got a TB or GC. Like Martlake I agree that TB's and GC's are 'free' and should not have cache restrictions placed on them. If the TB or GC owner has placed restrictions then thats a different story. Swaps is Swaps and TB's/GC's are not (IMHO)
  7. I don't have a sig item but tend to leave laminated calling cards instead. These are records of my visit (other than the log) and as far as I am concerned belong to the cache owner - mainly because no one swaps calling cards. I had read once that there are some cache owners who like to collect the calling cards left in their caches, which is why I decided to leave them. I suppose it might be the same with sig items. I once took a sig item from a cache (the cache owners) as there was a bag full of them. It is in my swaps bag but I have never felt it 'fair' to place it in another cache as a swap (IMHO).
  8. I like photography as well as caching and one leads to the other. I carry around a Canon 300D to every cache I visit. My backpack has the camera in the bottom and caching bits in the top. perfect. I have now got in the habit of taking a photo of the cache/cachesite as I left it. I have had one or two cases of caches getting trashed after my visit and so I have proof that I left it in good order. me paranoid.... no - I know they are after me... honest
  9. What I did was to preapre my HTML text and inserted my picture into the text where I wanted it. I then created my cache page on geocaching.com. I then uploaded my picture (via the listing page) I then viewd the picture on the listing page and noted the URL in the address box (copy & paste) I then went back to edit my listing and where the path for my original picture was I replaced it with the URL I had copied. Then when you return to the listing .... voila hope this helps
  10. I recently adopted a cache near where I live because the owner travelled a lot and no longer had time to cache. My first duty was a maintenance visit and some of the rubbish I found.... Used party popper a 1P coin a 5p coin a tube of toothpaste (out of date) something plastic 2 x stones (not even interesting) a plastic spear from some toy several used cache listings (not even this cache) an empty matchbox (fortunetly) 3 used glo bracelets There were other usable items in there but I cannot believe that these were trade ups I like to trade items myself just to keep the contents of caches changing - and where possible trade even or up. If there is something I like I usually trade two to three items to compensate for value.
  11. Back to my idea of replacing the cache until 'it' gets bored..... replace all the caches in the area (for now) with micros.... not much fun trashing them and the real cachers can still find and log. Sorry to anyone in the area thats hates micros - no names.....
  12. The open way that our hobby/sport is set up would make it very difficult to stop someone from re-registering. It looks like he is (as this point) just attacking those that are easily accessible - which is quite a few of the Godmanchetser ones. I've yet to tackle Mr Nibblers 'Poppys on parade' - at this rate I might not get the chance. Tedious it may be but I would keep replacing the cache because the idiot would get bored at some point - having to revisit the same cachesite again and again - but then I'm not currently in that situation. In fact being just down the road from Mr. Nibbler - how long before he gets bored with just the Godmanchester area and starts looking wider afield.
  13. I agree about the swaps - you find some real rubbish in caches at times. I adopted a cache near me this week and did a maintenance visit today. I found an empty matchbox, a piece of plastic, a plastic spear from a toy, a 1p coin, a 5p coin, a used party popper, 3 x used glo bracelets, a tube of toothpaste (fullsize), 2 x stones (not even intersting ones) and several cache listings that had been discaded in the cache as if it were a rubbish bin. I have restocked it with better swaps but I cannot believe that any of these items were swopped as equivalent or better.
  14. Congratulations Mr Nibbler see you at the St Ives event.
  15. My best is 3 days 26-28 Dec 2006 when I found 14 caches
  16. Just did a quick check and the ones I checked do not belong to the cache owner.
  17. This is not a complaint but just an observation. An Event Cache has been created recently and the owner has dropped 20 TB's and GC's into it...... the event is on July 29th !! Is it me or is that just a little too long to hold onto the bugs ??
  18. Have you selected "Show all logs" at the bottom of the cache page? This feature only works when all logs are visibile on the cache's webpage. Maybe the newer caches haven't been logged that much, so don't need to show all logs. There is even an addin that does the 'Show all logs' for you. I've never tried FF before - I am now impressed.
  19. I got started when a work colleague asked me if I had ever heard of geocaching as a friend of hers had mentioned it. I answered no and then we both dived into google and geocaching.com. I entered by post code and discovered a cache less than a mile away at the bottom of the village I lived in and the rest as they say is history. I put an order in for a GPS 2 days later and found the said cache 10 days after that.
  20. I've been having a problem with the control stick on my Legend 'sticking' from time to time. A quick tap with a knuckle usually fixes it but its gets a bit boring after a few times. I emailed Garmin and got a reply 6 days later and they suggested sending it back for repair. They wanted £60.00 to do so.... thats half the cost of the unit originally - I'm still using the knuckle !!
  21. I missed out on last years event with other commitments. Should be able to make it this time..... hopefully.
  22. I did a cache recently only to discover that it was missing. When I checked the logs the last person had not found it but had claimed the cache as they were in the right area. Previous logs had noted that it was missing (which I failed to read) for a few months. I therefore listed the log as 'Needs maintenance' - a month later nothing has been done. Are the moderators notified of 'Needs Manitenance' listings ? I also noted that a couple of this cachers other cachers have been forcibly archived by the moderators recently. The cacher still seems to be caching - up to November at least.
  23. He/She seems to claim any TB or Geocoin that lands in his/her caches as a 'discovered'. Any cache owner could do that without even visiting ones own caches each time Is that in the spirit of the game ?
  24. I work near Cambridge and had to go up to Heysham near Morecombe for two days before Christmas (Thu/Fri). One of the bosses there said he had booked me into the hotel for an extra night to allow me to have a look around... being so close to the Lakes. Well as you can imagine I did not look the gift horse in the mouth and did 5 caches. Its a bit hillier up there than around East Anglia.... more of an effort Great day and it allowed me pick up my daughter from Uni for Xmas from Stoke. Sweet !!
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