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  1. What is the name of the play that has been running since 1952 ?
  2. I introduced my son Caelash but he got bored after 10 caches, I introduced a couple of work mates - PT man - who usually caches with me as he does not have a GPS yet, and Samsquirrel who has just started - has a gps but has not had the chance to get out. I have introduced my daughters boyfriend 'The T man' (a name she hates). He saw an article about geocaching on 'Country file' and as soon as my daughter mentioned that I was a cacher he begged me to take him out - I took him to 2 of mine. He has yet to buy a GPS but managed to find one near his home without I also introduced an American work collegue - Vanasdj - who has yet to find any. I have explained the game to many but have no idea if they took it up though - at least they have not mentioned it to me.
  3. My two year old etrex legend is with Garmin at this very moment for repair. I have been having problems with the screen playing up (turning off and on on its own). Today I recieved a letter asking for a fixed payment of £58.16 to replace it..... it seems a reasonable price for a (possibly) new legend (i paid £130 originally) - if its a newer model then even better
  4. Ding to Martybartfast. John Hancock better known for his flambouyant signature and basis for the saying 'Stick your hancock on this' over to you Martybartfast.
  5. OK, Who was the only delegate to sign the American Declaration on Indepedence on the 4th of July 1776 ? The other 55 signing on August 2nd. I hope my history is correct
  6. I do discover GC's and TB's but only in certain circimstances. If I'm caching with someone and they want the TB or I come across a TB hotel but dont want to take them all (in fact more and more TB hotel owners are getting a bit narked if all the TB's are cleared out these days - some insist on swapping TB's !!). And lastly if I cannot help with its mission (i.e its wants to go in the opposite direction to me). oh and GC's at meets - although I have only been to one meet and surprised at the number on offer for 'discovery' as always - everyone plays the game their own way. just my opinion.
  7. I had that problem a few months back. I simply emailed TPTB and an hour later got a flood of new cache emails
  8. Mostly digital for me with MM on my Dell X30 with GPXview for the cache listings. I do tend to take a paper copy of a multi cache (something to write on). If I were to go into the 'wilds' then I would most likely take a compass and MM printout (just in case)
  9. Congrats to Carys Dog on their 3 th yesterday. Woof!
  10. Alternatively you can use the 'view in Google earth' option in Mapsource. - once you have your waypoints loaded of course
  11. I can get into GC.com ok but can't get into GCUK.com ?
  12. If I'd seen it or even knew what is was I would probably hate it as well
  13. I generally try to move trackables on within the 2 weeks but occasionally it will stretch to 3 or 4 - but then I email the owner to let them know and find out if its a problem (in case the bug is in a race). I have cachers had hang onto some of mine for a couple of months or so and most have moved them on once I politely emailed them. I have a friend who caches so infrequently that he leaves trackables to someone else for that very reason - he caches infrequently - its not fair on the owner or trackable. He would love to move them on but realises the consequence. Its simple - if you cannot move them on quickly - don't bother.
  14. I have also found that some soap bars disintegrate if they get damp and make a mess in the cache - and make everything smell of rose petals oops double entry - my Pc hicupped
  15. I have also found that some soap bars disintegrate if they get damp and make a mess in the cache - and make everything smell of rose petals
  16. Is anyone going to try and find these co-ordinates news article
  17. What a shame - I've just hit my 300th and was looking forward to seeing my name 'in lights' amongst the other 300's. Never mind. Thanks Deego for an excellent service Apparantly using the cacherstats site I'm ranked 557th .... how many cachers in the UK ?
  18. IMHO it is what the location can support sizewise. I don't mind micros but I feel sometimes that the owner has dumped a micro in a spot for simplicity rather than the fact that there is a perfectly good hiding place nearby for a small/regular container. If I do several caches in a day/location I do prefer to find a greater number of normal caches as opposed to micro's, especially when I've got TB's/GC's to drop off. But then again its how we each play the 'game'.
  19. I've logged all my DNF's with the exception of one. When I got home I found that the owner had logged it as muggled and so did not see the need to log the DNF as it was not there to find in the first place.
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