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  1. I have done a couple of caches that have been what I consider to be too close to children's play areas. One was part of a Multi and after several complaints of its position - was relocated. The other is the cache itself and although its 30 feet or so from the play area I did get several strange looks from parents as I passed by. Sadly we live in strange times and keeping clear of such areas would be a sensible idea until attitudes change (unlikely) IMHO
  2. Matalan do a nice range of lock 'n lock boxes.
  3. Well done - nicely written. It almost doesn't sound as weird as some of my friends think it is
  4. As a cacher then I see any cache as far game for a traveller unless stated in the listing. As a cache owner I keep an eye on TB's in my caches and tend to move them on myself after a month or so.
  5. The only time I've queued for a cache is at a Cache event - normally a lot of cachers and just a few cahes. Seen afew cachers out in the field and as suggested a hearty " did you find it then" breaks the ice.
  6. I made that mistake once and it took me several days to get the code as the owner was away. I left a note on the cache and asked the next person to find the cache to email me the code. I now do as JeremyR does - take them home first.
  7. Congratulations to Mr Nibbler on his 4 th cache
  8. Hope... saw an article about the game on one of the regional programs.... In which year did the £1 note cease to be legal tender?
  9. I'm pretty sure than even with strikes 'Snail' mail will still be faster than geopost I sent a postcard by geopost to Canada last July (2006) and its still not arrived and I've lost track of it.
  10. Very interesting An interesting addition would be the number of cachers in each of the countries. Then compare cache density per cacher. Is that possble ?
  11. Why not drop this into the EAC forum as well. It might get noticed more readily.
  12. I recently had someone find one of my caches as their first cache. I went to their profile to enable me to send an email of welcome and discovered that they had in fact been a member since September 2005 What on earth have they been doing for nearly two years amd is this a record ?
  13. Everywhere outside of East Anglia is a lot hillier. Caches get hidden under more rocks rather than trees.
  14. I'm in there at the moment Its a bit slow and clunky with error messages every so often but its allowed me to log my trig. I'll log out just it case it has limited access - give someone else a chance.
  15. I agree with what you say and as said before we all play the game our own way and you cannot please everyone all the time. p.s lynch mob called off
  16. I agree with the comment about using a container that will fit the location. Several times I have come across micros and only 10 feet away is a perfectly good hide for a small box. It does not always apply to micros either. I have found small boxes in large tree root hides that would support a larger box. and (while I'm on a rant ) - micros should not be used as multi finals - its not fair after all the hard work getting there. In my early days I had a micro as a multi final but was never happy about it - did a bit more searching around this year and made it a regular. (sorru moved off original thread - sort of) Micros - urban yes - countryside no IMHO
  17. Please do we are a friendly lot and don't tell Essex jokes......... well very often see you there
  18. If you go here on the Avery site you can download a free version of their own label printing software. Its setup for all their own labels. easy peasy
  19. Ding to martybartfast You keep 'guessing' my questions correctly martbartfast over to you
  20. What is the name of the play that has been running since 1952 ?
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