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  1. My initials are GAS and at work I'm called Gazza or Gaz. In my childhood I used to be mad about medieval knights and on TV or in films they always seemed to be saying 'gadzooks' - which I repeated in play. So for some reason when I was creating my user name I came up with Gazooks. simple really
  2. Mine may not be the fastest but annoying all the same. A couple of weeks ago I hide three caches for an event on April 19th in Ely. They were not due to go live until the morning of the event. I don't know why but I thought I would check up on them just before the event and one had disappeared before being 'officially' found. The good news is I had a spare micro with me and so replaced it - phew !! - and enjoyed by all that attended. happy ending at least.
  3. Congrats to the Grizzly pair on their 12 the at the East Anglia Cache event. also the Fuzzybears 2 th and Tiger Eyes 25 th and not to forget the East Anglia Cachers forum's 1st birthday at the event. Congrats to all
  4. Woburn Animal Series - 3.5 miles and 15 (yes 15) caches and there are 2 or three others within spitting distance that can be picked up at the same time. Teese sort of cache runs are probably great for cachers with kids - keeps them interested.
  5. I'm not a churchgoer myself but have enjoyed many a cache near a church. Looking through my caching photo collection I have many pics of some of the beautiful churches around our countryside. Without the cache I may never have visited the church and enjoyed it. You don't have to be a churchgoer to enjoy architechture or a quiet, reflective location. When Waymarking first came out I created several of my own but have not actively pursued it. Not enough time to do both. soooo many caches - so little time to find them. each to their own.... as long as the cache and location fit the guidelines - the location is fair game. imho
  6. good one - ditto - happened to me last week. what sort of flak might one expect if I mentioned .... suitably sized caches for location !!
  7. Came across two in one day whilst caching in North Norfolk last year and disturbed another one recently while caching near Huntingdon.
  8. (8) Caches with no suggested parking waypoint and don't get me started on useless clues... ... thanks - feel better now.
  9. The main problem with the DS system is interference from other DS Lite users who are not running the DS Navigator. Even with the optional Frail Loop attenuator kit you can be affected by other DS users especially in urban locations. You can suddenly find the top screen suddenly changing to the game being played by a passing DS user. Still a little work to do with the application stability I think.
  10. This might be related to this problem or could be a whole new one. A couple of weeks ago I got an email from a cacher who found one of my caches 'Royston Rummage' (GCQ3HY) which is based in Royston, Herts - not far from the Essex border. The cacher reported an offensive item in the cache - luckily his children did not see the writings on the item. Today I went to do a quick visit and found the offensive item - a whistle with expletives written on it. I flicked through the log and found an undated entry. "Found without GPS - because I own CRASSUS. You have been isolated - Crass" I checked the website and no one has logged this 'find' by that name. A quick check of similar names gave me a list of 5-6 all starting Crass and included CRASSUS. Crassus had joined in 2004 and last logged in in 2005 but had no finds. I checked all the others and they were created at various times since (nver revisited) - all with no finds. One was even invalidated. Is this a potential troublemaker ? Creating an account to get lists of caches ? Not quite sure what "You have been isolated" means though. Sounds like a threat !!
  11. This article appeared in the Daily Mail today. Link Health risk to geocachers ?
  12. Rightly or wrongly with the exception of my LQ cache I've now set all my caches to PM only. I figure if they want to trash my cache then they'll have to pay for the honour of doing it! Not much use if they have a list of caches before you changed them
  13. Nano - name and date Micro - name and date Logbook - name & date + comment on hide/weather, swaps in/out, TB's In/out and I generally leave a calling card. I used to laminate them but dont bother now. I was considering a stamp but will watch this thread with interest as to others views. I tend to write more on the Web log. More time to reflect on the adventure or not.
  14. Thnaks for all your efforts Ian. Nice to have it back - no matter how short a time.
  15. Last June I went caching in the Peak District (I'm from Cambridge) and dropped off a TB. A month later I went to see my Daughter graduate at Stafford Uni (Stoke) and took the opportunity to do a few caches and came across the same TB. spooky
  16. Doesn't seem to be working for me....all I get is a white page with 'Sorry this map tile cannot be served at the moment. Am I doing something wrong or is it them ?? - I'll try again later.
  17. I've got 17 DNF's out of 494 found - thata about 3.5%. 8 of those DNF's I have now found.
  18. I had a 'What am I doing' moment last Saturday while out caching. I had 15 possibles on my list to do and after 3 hours had only found 4 with 1 DNF. Most were Urbans which I'm not a great fan of and I just felt I was taking too long on each. The elements weren't helping - the rain the days before had made the DNF more of mission impossible as I think the cache was in the roots of a tree next to brook. The brook was now a raging torrent 3 feet deep and I couldn't see the roots !! Eventually I snapped out of it (phew!) as I moved into the countryside, but then..... ... last cache of the day (only because the sun was going down) and I got to within 300 feet of the cache and my path was crossed by another raging torrent coming off the river Cam into the field I was sanding in. Pondering what to do and my foot slipped and I ended up in 6 inches of water !! .... ... what to do now ..... continue caching of course - I was now wet so what the heck. I found the cache and headed off home with 12 finds and the 1 DNF and two wet feet. I cheered up a bit.....
  19. Not quite the Lakes but a possible reason ...... Last June while in the Peak District (caching of course) near Back Tor I came across a couple with their teeange daughter puzzling over a map of the area (at least it was the right map). They asked if I knew where on the map they were. I pointed their current position and asked where they were heading for. They told me and so I pointed out they needed to go back up to Back Tor and turn left (North) and follow the marked path. They had no compass - just the map, and so I watched them walk off towards Back Tor and when they got there they turned.... yep you guessed it - Right !! No wonder Mountian Rescue get called out
  20. Hi Chris, I did 4 caches there April 2006 just to the east of Ayia Napa, half of which were Brandisour's. I used Google Earth to see what was near, PQ'd all the Cyprus caches and then got a local map when I got there. Very different lanscape for caching to East Anglia
  21. I have done a few caches at night with some scouts but I did know where they were .... as they were mine anyway I think I would prefer to night caches with others rather than on my own. You never know what might happen. I've seen a few cache locations during daylight that have made the hairs on my neck rise let alone do them at night
  22. Many thanks for all your time and effort Adam. All the best in your future endevours.
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