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  1. luckily I've done that one but still got 2 to do - I hope they last a bit longer ...
  2. Did most of these caches in June and enjoyed them all. Did not get to St Herberts Island though as we did not have to time (or strength ) after 30 miles walking and 30 + caches in 3 days. The views were fantastic as well - how I envy you .....
  3. firefox addon - total finds on the log cache page does not seem to be working.
  4. Changed my caches and profile but when I display my Puzzle caches they show as East of England but all I get is the frog with Trads and Multi's and my profile.
  5. Did five caches in and around Maspalomas back in May. I did three of them by bike !! GC10499 - Las Dunas - fun and interesting - watch out for the nudists GC17NCC- Earthcache G.C. First EarthCache: Dunas de Maspalomas - Earthcache GCQ2FA - Traditional Cache Top of San Agustin - nice views GC1E2D - Traditional Cache E.M.C. (Emergency Micro Cache) - urban cache - not sure about parking nearby GC51BA - Rock Around - inland and uphill - great views but check for parking. enjoy
  6. Yes but look at the poor quality government you end up with....
  7. My only exposure to snakes has been 3 times while caching in Norfolk. On each occasion I found that the snake was more afraid of me and all 3 slithered off.
  8. I hadn't noticed anything wrong until this point. My forum tools dont work either. Everything else appears to be OK though - at the moment -even Adblock.
  9. I did a new puzzle cache yesterday that had a log book but no stash sheet and it also included a stack of business cards for the 'business' the puzzle clue was based. I told the owner of his stash sheet ommission and that he should remove the business cards. It turns out he is the 'Managing Director' for the business involved. He is a newbie with 8 finds. At least I know he had permission to plant the cache .... it was on the edge of 'his' property
  10. A week or so ago I requested a PQ of the Lake District on a Wed and Thur (as I was going up on the Friday) 5 days in advance. I got the Wed one about midday but never recieved the Thursday one in time. I later discovered it arrived at about midnight after I had gone to bed. Too late.
  11. I had a problem with my Legend last year. It was a known problem with the unit with the cursor button. I sent it back for repair and all they could offer me was a brand new replacement for £56.00. - it was only 2 years old. I took the offer as it was half the street price. I have no idea what criterea they use to decide who gets the free ones ???
  12. My original quote used to start this discussion was not a dig against micros as such but a moan about one line listings, as others have said I have too done a few excellent micros. However there is a lot of anti-micro cachers out there and there have been a few than have annoyed me... such as a nice multi stage cache that ends with a micro in a wood. There can be a perfectly good hiding place 20 feet away that would support a larger container. I will do all caches in my area as it removes them from my nearest cache list. Although on the odd occasion that has been the only reason to do them. I dont like writing negative comments about caches as something I dislike may be someones like. I have made the odd suggestion from time to time when I think its appropriate. I believe that micros have a place in caching but mainly in urban areas not the countryside. The size of cache should be appropriate to the supporting area. Most countryside locations can support a reasonable sized cache. Some owners claim to prefer micros as they are easy to maintain - if lost its no great loss. Yes - its a game and everyone plays it their own way.
  13. This is not a dig at our poor overworked Deceangi as I noticed a while back when there was 3 reviewers and it may have been discussed before. A while ago when caches were created you were asked to add additional waypoints such as multi stages, parking and trailheads. Is it me or have they declined in use ? It would be nice if the bare minimum was at least a parking spot (if feasable). Its OK if the caches are local to me but when they are miles away I have no idea where a good spot is when planning a caching day out. I try to use Google Earth to see (if possible) where I can park which is not always easy. What do others think ?
  14. I like to read the listings as (as others have said) it can give you further information about the cache/area etc. Its nice to see a bit of history behind a cache location or stunning view. I have come to dislike the caches with one line listings like "Micro cache with log - bring your own pen". Why would I visit the spot other than to bump up my numbers, is there nothing of interest in the vacinity. A few of these have led to totally naff locations where the only reason to put a cache there was a tree/wall with a hole in it. IMHO - a good listing raisies the hunters expectations and makes it worth looking forward to. Mind you there are also the odd one or two with a great listing but the location turns out to be less than expected. ... swings and roundabouts.
  15. Likewise and same question? same here ?
  16. My adopted cache is an Ammo tin and its in the general area of recent loses... I'll have to go and check on it at the weekend...
  17. When I joined in mid 2005 - I think there ws only about 5000 caches in the UK and it took me 6 months to cover the first page of my nearest caches....
  18. One of mine is a mile walk 'for the serious cacher' as I put it... gets a reasonable find rate - mormally about once a month or so. There is another near me that is a 4 mile multi - 4 miles there and 4 miles back - I'm just waiting for a decent sunny day to do it and enjoy the walk. Last year me and a cacher friend went to the peak district with the plan to enjoy a good walk but pick up as many caches along the way. We did a 12 mile with 8 caches and then next day an 8 mile with 6 caches. We thoroughly enjoyed both aspects of the walks. As far as how far would I walk for a find - it would depend on location and what is possibly at the other end (interesting location etc.) I would be less likely to go for a long walk if all there was at the end was a micro !!
  19. I saw the news item and immediatly wondered if it was cacher - addicted me !!
  20. Best of luck - I think you are going to need it.
  21. Sorry to see the two of you go. As others have said we may not have agreed with all of your decisions but at least you were fair. Thanks for your hard work.
  22. Very sorry to see both of you go - and at the same time. Its a sad day for geocaching. Thanks for all your good work anf time over the years.
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