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  1. I have to agree with mootoo, also to do the area justice and enjoy the walk two days is the way forward for the chiltern 100


    I agree - although we did it in one day - as a challenge - to appreciate the area it would have been better over two days.


    Plan to go back in September time to mop up the strays and have a look around this time.

  2. The stampeding story reminds me of my near death experience only a couple of weeks ago while attempting Dr Solly's Chiltern Hundred.


    We entered a field where the path crossed through the middle of it. In front od us were 10 cows including a couple of calves. ;)

    We slowly made our way across the field and the cows started to move away but then the calves started to move to the other side of the path where (we assumed) the mothers were. The cows then started to move parallel to us and then one cow made a run for it away from us which caused the others to follow.


    Not too bad we thought as our interest returned to the GPS and noted a clump of bushes in the centre of the field. As we approached a possible opening - I looked back and saw a herd of 30 or so cows coming up behind us at speed, including a BULL !!. ;)


    We 'dived' into the bushed and watched the herd pass us like something out of a Western movie. Needless to say it took us a few minutes to catch our breath and calm down.


    Phew !! <_<

  3. I tend to log all DNF's even 'could not finds' due to muggle activity as I feel it gives the owner the sense that at least someone is looking for it, especially if no one has searched for it for a while.


    I have found recently with my own caches that a lot of newbies do not log DNF's as they say they are unaware that they 'had' to or thought that they only logged it if they found it.


    I have a series that if one is missed its a bit obvious that they have not logged the DNF. On these occassions a quick email to enquire why sometimes helps educate them.


    But as its been said before everyone plays the game in their own way - however annoying it is. :laughing:

  4. I used to have an etrex Legend that did not like tree cover - I changed to a 60csx last year and its a lot better under tree cover and basically all round.


    I hear the new HCX ranges of etrex are pretty good.


    Its probably down to price range in many cachers cases...

  5. The Wombles Signature cache GCHDWE is an example of how to get around the disappearing TBs.


    In order to find their mystery cache you need to find at least two of the multiple Wombles signature keyrings. Each keyring has either the Northing or Westing of the mystery cache, so you need to find BOTH to locate the cache itself. The keyrings are supposed to travel around the local caches but are not trackable which makes finding them more of a challenge. This system works very well, but I don't know how many womble keyrings they have put out in circulation.


    There were also a couple of wombles hidden in specific caches as well. I came across one of them in East Anglia :):laughing: - well off its patch.


    Having emailed the owner and remembereing to do it I posted the 'lost' womble back to its owner. It should be back wher it belongs by now. :D

  6. 'under large stone' like other have said in a scree debris field with the GPS bouncing all over the place :wacko:


    and similarly 'in crevice between rocks' - in a volcano debris field.


    But 'roots of tree' in the middle of a wood is the one I always hate. :yikes:


    In my early days of caching before I went paperless I used to hate war & peace style clues that took an age to decode in the middle of a field.

  7. On the practical side for a moment - Is it possible to tell what colour it is in the dark ?


    I assume primary colours are used :blink:


    just a thought :D


    If you can find a nano-cache in the dark,

    when all about you are using a torch,

    you're a better man than I, Gunga Din!




    I have found a nano in the dark (for a FTF) but it was not difficult as it was the only obvious 'magnetic' place it coule be at the co-ords. :):D

  8. One of my caches (GC135AH) is a keysafe.


    I painted mine to match its location. The magnet is not brilliant on painted surfaces and its not waterproof. I have the log inside a plastic bag. :huh:


    But I like the idea and have had similar comments on the cache being unusual.


    give it a go. B)

  9. You say that you have emailed the cacher and had no reply, have you tried looking for a friend of the cacher.

    A lot of the time cachers start with an experienced member who shows them the ropes.

    Your TB grabber appears to have done two caches on the same day as 'riffraff101', and refers in his logs to his uncle. You could try and email the other person and ask them politely if they know the TB grabber and ask if they do, could ask them about the whereabouts of your TB.


    I had this experiance. A cacher had a TB of mine for about 6 months. I emailed them (after about a month) and was told that they were ill but hoped to move it on soon. A couple of months later I tried again but got no reply.

    I then looked at their location and finds and discovered the cacher who had introduced them to the sport and emailed him.

    It turned out they were neighbours and so he 'grabbed' and dropped it into a cache for me.


    good times. :blink:

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