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  1. 1. Participating 9/23/12 2. Received Name 9/29/12 3. Mission Complete 10/12/12 4. Mission Received 10/7/12
  2. 1. Participating.......9/24/12 2. Received Name: 9/29/12 3. Mission Complete 4. Mission Received
  3. Really excited to do this one. Halloween is my all time favorite holiday..I always tease my Mom telling her she made a mistake by having me on November 2nd..rather than 2 days earlier:) Email sent 1. Participating.......9/24/12 2. Received Name 3. Mission Complete 4. Mission Received
  4. Got home for a wonderful vacation last night (got 2 extra days due to our flight being cancelled due to weather) Had a package waiting:) Cute card and coins from fuzziebear. Curently back at work Will post pictures and some more detail when I get home!!
  5. Won't be home until Januray 2nd..but My Mom said I got a padded envelope!! Will let ya know for sure on Monday!! Happy New Year!!
  6. Kipper01 and I are out of town until January 2nd..My Mom is checking our mail and is going to let me know when it gets here:) Happy Holidays:)
  7. Joined: November 7, 2011 Name received: November 26, 2011 Card sent: December 8, 2011 Card received: Thanks!
  8. Email sent! Joined: November 7, 2011 Name received: Card sent: Card received: Thanks!
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