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  1. Just info: We are working on better English web pages for Geoget now. Try to visit Geoget Web now. Better? We trying to translate all basic pages. And we are working on English-friendly plugin page too! And what is new in Geoget after a few months? - better cachemap (open map on your reference point by default) - Big support of Geocaching Live - Improved user interface.
  2. BTW: on http://www.geocaching.cz you can found big Geoget support forums in your native Cech language.
  3. Geoget have internal web server on default port 54545, and using it as part of GC.live login procedure. So, localhost name must point to IP If you are using some parsonal firewall, you must allow Geoget to listen on port 54545 too.
  4. BTW: new Geoget with Gelocation feature in the CacheMap was released before a few days.
  5. I understand you now! BCaching support can be added by scriptable plugin. However I am not Bcaching user and I not know what all fuctions it have, what and how wil be useful for Geoget, etc. I am busy now for writing features what was not needed by many users, sorry.
  6. You can export any data from the Geoget to many formats, include PocketQuery format. So, you can try to upload exported file to the BCaching. However I never used BCaching, because I am using PocketDrake on my WindowsMobile device instead. It working with locally stored Geoget database file. No need any online services - you can work totally offline, if you wish! Database can be huge, and application is still very fast. I personally have tested database with 80000 caches on HTC Kaiser. Pocketdrake is not just offline listing browser, it is complete geocaching application. It knows GPS navigation, creating Fieldnotes, map browser, etc. Similar application for Android is on development. Exists some versions for testing now, but in Czech language only. However English localization is planned too!
  7. Well, current release 2.5.11 of Geoget have some good improvements for novices. When you run Geoget before and you not know what to do, try this new version. It's much more clear then before, I hope. Next version will have some interesting enhancements in the cachemap for usage everywhere. ;-)
  8. Bored students? Far basic usage you need to know two sentences, what will be added into program GUI in next version. (Similar as Chrysalides suggestion.) Who wish to know more and cannot understand it, they can ask. Each question can help with English documentation too. For advanced usage you can use Google Translator. It is not a big problem. Want perfect documentation in your native language - on freeware project - is little selfish. Just because another commercial project have it? And everyone knows - documentation was readed as last!
  9. Geoget web site is the Wiki-style. 95% of Czech web pages on the Geoget website is maintained by a Czech community. You can use integrated Google translator. It is not a perfect, it is funny instead, but better then nothing. And you can ask freely on GoogleGroups, where three main supporters waiting for your questions. It is not a problem to add some next English pages to the web too. But I cannot create full English web by myself. It is waiting for bigger English community, what does not exists yet.
  10. Sorry, just a Windows. MacOS is very rare and expensive platform here. (No flame, please!)
  11. Go to library and ask here for the list of all their books. You probably got a list, if it is very small library only. But only crazy man ask this in the Library of Congress. However I not ignore your criticism and I preparing some improvements into next version. It help to novices how to work with program.
  12. I forgot one interesting advantage - exists offline geocaching application PocketDrake for Windows Mobile. It using same database format as Geoget. Synchronizatioun between PDA and your PC is extremly easy - just copy one file with database. It is fast and easy! PocketDrake knows to display geocache information, find nearest one, navigate by a GPS, display caches and waypoints on the map (include offline one), create field-notes, and more. Before a few days one developer on the forum reported the start of the application development for Android too. (Same way - using same database as Geoget.)
  13. Well, I made an English discussion group for Geoget support now! See: https://groups.google.com/group/geoget Of course, it cannot replace four years old Czech discussions, however when you have some questions or wishes, feel free to subscribe to this new GoogleGroup. Thank you.
  14. Database conversion tool is not good idea, because you must reflect all database changes in both sides. However conversion is easy. Export data from the GSAK into standard PocketQuery GPX and import it to Geoget. It transfer standard geocache information. For export you handy-made information go to http://archaikum.cz/gc/gc_prg_gsak.php and download rsc_GSAK2Geoget macro. It create special GPX with your User Notes, User Data, User Data 2, User Data 3, User Data 4 and Corrected Coordinates. Import this GPX to Geoget. And you are done. rsc_GSAK2Geoget is easy. It have three fields on the form. First is output directory. Second and third field defines what will be exported and how to store it in the geoget. (Tag name...)
  15. 'View' button in 'import result' dialog is not designed for large updates. Click the OK and then hit F5 for filter from the full database. It is much faster! This is one of thing, what is different from GSAK. Here is not live view into database! You allways working with some subset of database. These subsets (called lists) allows you to do lot of interesting operations! You can merge two lists into one. You can subtract one list from other. You can change order of caches in the list. You can save list to the disk and load it back later. Exports working with current displayed list. Caches are processed in same order as is in the list. List is basic tool in Geoget.
  16. It is pretty easy. Want to search some point? Use one of search buttons. Want to filter database? Use filters (F5). Default filter show all except archived caches and except event style caches. You can easily switch saved filters on the toolbar. If you want to see all, then made a filter for this. Just change two empty checkboxes on the main filter page.
  17. I know, but Geoget have much better support for this. If you import 'false' PocketQuery (GPX with information in same structure as Geocaching PQ GPX), then you can use your own custom values as CacheType or other fields. Etc. For example, try to import to the GSAK some point, what have 'Ukulele' as CacheType. And then try to filter it, export it... all working fine? You can import other GPX formats, like simple or normal Waymarking GPX, 'free opencaching' or 'Garmin opencaching'. They are using incompatible custom GPX formats. You can import very simple GPX too. (Without any gecocaching specific tags inside...) Not javascript, it is PascalScript. However Pascal is easy language designed for learning. Is easy to customize existing scripts or is easy to create your own. Scripts are compiled at runtime - script are very fast. Here are next advantages. GSAK have some problems when you are using non-english letters. Yes, you can tweak fonts to display it correctly in GSAK, I know. Datas are stored (maybe was stored, I not know current situation...) in ANSI codepage. So, you have a problem when you want to store information in various codepages. It is maybe not too important for geocaching now. But it is a problem for custom point databases. Geoget database is based on the unicode. Geoget is designed on non-english enviroment and it working on non-english systems very well. I know, this is not a problem for someone in the USA. But it is real problem for us in the Europe.
  18. Why migrate, if someone is satisfied with GSAK? Geoget is just another alternative. Having a choice is good for people. Everyone can choose what suits them best. BTW: Geoget is not a new software. It starts at year 2006. It have at least same popularity as GSAK in our national community now. Exists GSAK macro for transfer user data from the GSAK to Geoget, because people want it. But nobody want tool for switch back! So, some people probably leave GSAK and using Geoget instead. However still is true what I wrote on the begin: Choose software what you want and what is best for you. Everyone has different needs and different requirements. It is hard to say by me. Geoget and GSAK doing lot of things differently. I start with Geoget just because GSAK not satisfy me. Most major differencies are (But I probably forgot some important...): - Geoget can be fully localized to any language. Localization can be made by anyone without my interraction. You need to have standard GetText tools only. - Geoget can be easily used for manage of any geographic points. Not just for geocaches or waymarks. - Geoget have more modern GUI then GSAK. - GSAK is widely used, Geoget not yet. Of course.
  19. Leave the decision to moderators. Do not be self-appointed judge. If the moderator decides that this discussion does not want here, I will not bother you.
  20. Yes, pretty easy. So, why you not wrote your own multiplatform GSAK-like application yet? Again, Geoget is designed for windows and cannot be compiled for other platform. No way to change it. If you wish to native MacOS application, you must ask someone else. Sorry.
  21. Question is - why you have a care? For example: I know 4 Reviewers and all have 0/0 finds on his accounts. How they can be a reviewer? Back to reality. Geoget is really free. No hidden costs, no advertisments inside, no advertisments on the web. Geoget is support tool for Geocaching. So, I made a support for Groudspeak's business for free! No reason for feel bad. Why be afraid of minority freeware program?
  22. Multiplatform development is not about compiler only. Big probvlem is a GUI, what is designed for windows. So, be multiplatform costs a lot of work on GUI redesign. It is not economical for me now. Sorry.
  23. Sorry, it is a WIN32 native application, no way to compile it for Linux or MacOSX. However some users using it under WINE fine. SQlite is used as database engine.
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