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  1. 5 of mine ran today (as they have been every Wednesday for months), but only 4 got emailed to me. It wasn't flagged as SPAM. I use GMAIL. This wasn't a request that could generate a huge amont of results - just difficulty 2 caches within 45 miles of my home coordinates.
  2. Huntcliff

    Lost History

    Are you logged in? I'm betting everyone got logged out during the outage
  3. If you make it a PMO cache and select the audit option, does the ability to read the audit log go away if you later open the cache to all regular members?
  4. Try using the coordinates of your home or a nearby cache rather than a postal code
  5. I'll play - took 1 minute to do Traditional: 12 Multi: 4 Puzzle: 4 Virtual: 0 Micro: 2 Small: 7 Regular: 11 Large: 0 Unspecified: 0 3 disabled.
  6. I like the Cooliris feature. Can it be enabled on the photo galleries as well? It works great on the cache pages.
  7. Nope - it "was" broken., and I am a Firefox user. Checked again just now and its fixed.
  8. I don't use that method but i tried it and had the same problem. Looks like a bug to me.
  9. There are NO print options supplied on the Benchmark Description pages. ___ The only option is doing the "raw" print method. ____ See for yourself by visiting this page CLICK HERE That is true - for Benchmarks you would need to cut and paste (Edit - Select All, and then paste) the page into a document or email to get it to print, until Groundspeak loads a fix. At least you can still get out there and play!!
  10. I don't have an issue as I use FF but I did bring up an old IE6 version and saw the problem. However, using the supplied print links worked fine - the simple print as well as the PDF options. Those are the ones you are supposed to print with, not the raw page. If you have to have to have the "raw" page, you can do a workaround by cut and pasting the page into a document (eg MS Word) and printing it. I'm sure the issue is being worked on but to me it doesn't look as urgent as some of you are making it.
  11. Bump - No email received for my TBMZBN. I like to know where this one goes as it contains info for a puzzle cache
  12. Huntcliff

    PQ problems

    Me Too - When I display my list of PQ's, the link to preview one of them is broken.
  13. Did you bring the cache container along as some means of self defense? It wasn't me, I am the cache owner. I assume they didn't have time to rehide it!
  14. This is a log from one of my urban caches on Vancouver Island http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...c7-778084465ae5
  15. If you access the cache a different way from what the cache page suggests, which it appears you did (according to a note fromn the cache ownerafter your log) , your points about terrain rating and stinging nettles are probably moot.
  16. I'm available to help - Sorry I missed today, just found this thread now. I live close by and can make it most times. Is Sunday still happening, or are we going the CITO route? Maybe post this on VIGPS forums as well?
  17. Here is a log from one of our local caches: "I was happily walking up the trail and was about 400 feet from the cache, when I saw this guy ahead of me. He was fairly tall, slim, probably in his late 60's, and was wearing a faded green jacket. The first weird thing I noticed was that he had his right hand splayed on the back of his head, thumb on his neck, little finger on the top of his head. Ummmm...ok. And he was hiking with his hand there. I though he must have hurt himself. As I got closer he started looking back at me suspiously, but kept walking. When I rounded the corner, I said "Are you ok?" ....."Are YOU ok?", he retorted. We then had a strange staring match for a couple seconds, at which point I sheepishly smiled and said, "I thought maybe you were hurt, because you had your hand that way." So he says, "You're one of those *#^*$% meatheads that's been chasing me, aren't you?" "No", I said, "I'm just....hiking." "No, you ARE one of those ^&%#&%$# #&*$^#&$&*^ $&*^#*$@&^; well, if you're hiking, keep on hiking.", he said, gesturing sarcastically up the trail. I decided this was a potentially dangerous situation, and turned around and headed back down to the road. "I'm not chasing you, man" I said as he continued to mutter swear words and stuff apparently aimed at whomever he thought was chasing him. I did not like having to have my back to him as I left, thinking any moment he might pull a gun or knife. But he didn't, just kept going up the trail after a while. I won't forget that paranoid angry stare that guy gave me. Either he had mental issues, or he was a convict who was trying to keep away from the law, and my bike helmet, all-black outfit, and GPSr spooked him. I feel pity for such a person, anyhow. *** I don't recommend anyone try to hike up Bear Hill today until this guy is out of the area. A friend did phone the police and as I waited at the Sayward bus stop, I saw two police cars turn up Sayward Road together toward Bear Hill. *** "
  18. Huntcliff

    Visiting BC

    I'd recommend Kinnikinnick (GC136XR) in East Sooke Regional Park. Awesome multi along one of the most scenic trails I've done to date on the Island. You can pick up a couple of other caches while you are out there as well. I second the vote for Sick and Twisted, great trails and even greater hides, but I believe stage 3 is currently out of commission and correspondence with 1dan is required to finish the cache
  19. Congrats!! Darts and Rounders???? Just kidding - I'll go with Sailing and Equestrian
  20. Bump - Can we PLEASE get this fixed, or can you provide aqn update? - it can't be that difficult!! It's been over a month. The system clock is 12 hours off and it is annoying.!
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