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  1. We have a local couple who qualify. I'm not sure how long their streak is, but I know last year it was 4 years. They also completed the Texas County Challenge. Texas has 254 counties, and some are pretty desolate! LOL And they are nice folks!
  2. I put attributes on my caches, but I find that people don't read them. It never fails that I get emails with complaints about poison ivy or thorns. I don't look at them on caches I hunt, but I put them on caches I hide just to cover myself.
  3. I will try my best to be there! Even though, I already have MT, I'd love to see more of it! Miss Texas, if you can go to Europe, you can come to Montana Hedge Hopper is on board. I'm betting we will be there!
  4. I will try my best to be there! Even though, I already have MT, I'd love to see more of it!
  5. I got one today too! I was quite surprised. Thank you Geocoinfucious!
  6. While I don't disagree that another reviewer in Texas wouldn't hurt, I have to say that Prime Reviewer does a fantastic job. He has always been wonderful about answering my dumb questions. While I would love to have my caches published within minutes of submission, they have always been reviewed in an efficient manner. Prime Reviewer is a true asset to geocaching here in Texas. He does a great job!
  7. I recently had to archive one of my puzzle caches because he made his home there after I hid it. My Cache
  8. Hedge Hopper and I both got ours today. We are arguing over which one is more beautiful....(mine is....)
  9. I've hosted all the other ones here in Texas, but my theme for this one will be Veteran's Day. I know this is a coin for a world wide event, but here in Texas, I don't think I could host an event on that day without honoring veterans. So I don't know if I'll be in on this coin or not. Depends on the theme.
  10. That worked for me also. Thanks,that is usually the last thing I think of!
  11. I got mine today! They are so cute! I think Hedge Hopper was hoping you'd stuff China in the envelope and ship her here! LOL - Then his cat would just get jealous!
  12. I got two of the hard enamel, but if you re-mint, I'd love to get two of the gold and two of the glitter versions also! Thanks so much!
  13. Maybe I'll see you at GWIX? We aren't going to GW this year. The event in Canada is just too close time-wise, and we really want to go to that one.
  14. I got 200 of the following lovelies in the mail yesterday. They are trackable, and have an icon. Thanks to Mr. Yemon Yime for the design. These are for in person trading only. I will be at both CoinFests this year, and possibly The Best of the Bad event in Alberta, Canada!
  15. not to be contentious, but for 200 coins at $1.50 per coin/tracking code, i think that is about $300, yes? that would have been $300 more for the family. no concrete goods passing hands, just numbers. gestures are fine, but they don't help with the bills of a member who gave a LOT to the community and to Groundspeak. or perhaps my math is off. I'm sorry, but I think it is bad form when someone does a nice thing, to demand something more. Thank you GS for what you have done.
  16. It wouldn't be a bad idea to offer a smaller set: Black Nickel, Silver, Gold & Copper. If you are just buying a few, I would recommend some variation of those metals.
  17. From what we've come to understand, the coin in question is a Greenman coin, which may have been left as swag by Moun10bike. Not a Moun10bike coin.
  18. I would think, since the coin isn't trackable, if Moun10bike left it in a cache, he left it as swag. That would mean that it is yours. I bought about 10 of them, back in the day, and dropped most of them in caches as swag. I have no ownership of those coins. Whoever has them now, owns them as far as I'm concerned.
  19. How can you not remember him. He is still alive!
  20. I'd want a couple. I'm a huge fan!
  21. I was curious about that also.
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