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  1. Mine was on a sticker on the white cardboard that it came in.
  2. I just got mine, and I have to say...It is beautiful!!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!! I love the icon too!
  3. Thank you! I thought I was crazy, but I marked it in my spreadsheet as having a custom icon. Is there any chance that maybe the icon is not loaded yet? I'm really new to this (I don't even own a travel bug!) - It is listed as "Team DesertEagle Coin"
  4. I am brand new to coin collecting. But I just got this one today. It is gorgeous! But I activated it tonight, and it had the Personal Coin icon. I really thought this was going to have a custom icon?
  5. I recently turned two of my caches into MO caches. It is not because I want to restrict them to people with money, but because I don't have a lot of money to replace them. We had a cache maggot in our area who stole about 15 caches in a weekend. Another one who kills the caches and keeps the TB. I put about $30 into each ammo box I put out. I'm going to take care of them. A friend of mine who is a premium member found it with her daughter, who wasn't. I turned off the premium attribute, and let her log it. I think most folks in the area do the same. We are not being "hoity-toity" We are just doing anything we can to protect our caches, and Travel bugs going through our area.
  6. I got my paypal notice that it was shipping! I can't wait!!!!
  7. I know it probably is, but I can't find where it says that it is trackable? Or has an icon?
  8. My paypal receipt says this: Total Shipping: $1.37 USD Total Handling: $2.00 USD Total: $13.37 USD Item/Product Name: English Geocoin - Limited Edition Item/Product Number: GCS-19 Buyer: My Mississippi one says Limited Edition also
  9. - The problem is that I'm being shorted by one. I ordered one, was charged for two, and it looks like they are sending me one. I've got a feeling this is going to be a mess to sort out! - Actually the way it worked out tonight - I ordered 5 total coins - 1 each of the Limited English and Mississippi, 1 each of the English and Mississippi, and one Anthus Firefighter. And was charged for 6 coins.
  10. I'm just a single user and managed to get both of the limited edition ones that dropped tonight. But I'm a poor person, so I only got one of each. The only problem I had was with the regular Mississipi coin. I'm being charged for two transactions (2 coins + 2 shipping) and The Geocoin Store is only showing that I ordered one (and I did only order 1). I don't mind getting the two, but it looks like they only have me ordering one. I guess I'll e-mail them later!
  11. I'd like to attend. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know. I'm local to the event.
  12. I think we need more rules...so I can break them. It's so hard to be a rebel if there aren't any rules and regulations!
  13. While I have no problem with others logging two smileys for one cache, I don't do it. It has more to do with my stats being correct than the ethics of it. I want 1 smiley for each find. If I go to an event and there are temp caches, I only log the event. The temp caches were just part of the fun. But to each his own...my way is only the right way for me. But I think if I did one naked, anyone who witnessed that would deserve more than one extra smiley!
  14. It is about 45 minutes away. But they are right by the DFW airport if you are flying in. They are beautiful!
  15. I just started caching myself. I was able to find a Geko 201 at Frys for $60. It was a demo and the box was missing. They weren't sure what came with it, so they threw in the PC cable. I think its fine to start with. I want a fancier one, but the one I have, I've found 60 caches with! Add: The PC connectivity is a must for me!
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