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  1. I've also noticed it's not working.
  2. "Draconian" springs to mind. Mutter, mutter. See my previous comment about the muscle-flexing.
  3. What about one of these? http://www.mantality.co.za/stuff/solar-eco/powertraveller-powermonkey-extreme.html
  4. Milnerton flea market. Stall number C12. I can't seem to upload an image so I will email a pic to you.
  5. This looks like a 3-phase electrical outlet. Am I on the right track?
  6. Trevor, I am sure once you have found 'that' cache, you are allowed to mention it as often as you like
  7. I had some contact with them recently, via groudspeak emailing, regarding my "blooming" embarassing DNF. I see they last logged in 27th January, but they were responding to email before that. They did send me a friend request which I accepted, would this help regarding contacting them? I have no idea what 'functionality' a Groundspeak friend adds, could you maybe shed some light on this? Slightly off topic, check the western cape geocachers FB page regarding a floating target for your potato cannon
  8. Could also be worth mentioning that geocachers usually cache in very small groups. I know TMNP has an issue with large groups (20+), their concern being that people will walk side by side and not stick to the paths and trample the vegetation.
  9. Thanks for taking this on Capedoc, you're a brave man indeed. TMNP can be quite irrational at times and will flex their bureaucratic muscles when given the opportunity. "Wealthy" seems to have hit a few nerves :-) so perhaps change that to educated. I think you have covered all the important aspects but I would stress the CITO more i.e. we are actually beneficial to TMNP as we pick up some of the litter left behind by the cretins. Let me know if I can help you with this in any way.
  10. The pocket query worked fine for me, have just tested it now. However the stats images on my profile are not showing. I use mygeocachingprofile. Not sure if the problem is with the profile site or the pocket query.
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