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  1. Do you know what I need to include if I wanted to filter on a specific cache type? Thanks
  2. I have tried from several different browsers and different devices. I too am getting the Error 500 on each of them.
  3. That is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
  4. Let me start by saying sorry if this is not in the right group, if it needs to be in another group let me know. Question: When I go caching with a group of friends most of us log as we go, some however do not. Those that do not log as we go, would when they return home go an view the caches found by someone in their group. then from the view download those into a GPX file and turn around an log them there. We could do that in the old view of a users found caches, by sorting by find date of that cachers, download the caches in groups of 20 into a GPX file then, then using some method log those caches for themselves. In the old view is was easy to do this when looking at a fellow geocachers finds, the list used to display in groups of 20 and you could page through that list 20 at a time. If you wanted the whole page you could select all of them or if you only wanted a few you would check them off individually. With the update to the web page when viewing the list of geocaches it is just a continuous list of the caches that were found by a user. It appears that the only way to get a GPX is to continue scrolling down the list until you have all the caches listed then add the caches to a list With no option to create a GPX file. The only option is to send it to "My List" which I then can create a GPX file. I was wondering if there was any way to view a persons finds using the old list view and opt out of the new view? Also if anyone has any better suggestions as to how they ensure that their group has logged all their finds, please let me know. Thanks!
  5. Just wanted to say that I have a friend who is also trying to create a PQ and when its been submitted it never runs. We have created standard PQ's and even tried to create one against a list and neither worked. My PQ's however seem to be working just fine. Is this a known issue, and if so does HQ have a time frame for when it might be fixed? thanks!
  6. Not sure if this is a problem but when I click on dates showing events on the dashboard calendar, I am not seeing all events within my area. No sure if this is an issue with just me or is there some feature I have not selected. It seems that I can only see one event on those dates showing events when I know there are more.
  7. I actually liked the formatting bar that was on the previous version and would like to see that come back if possible. Also when putting in coordinates, the system can't parse coords when lower case letters are used. For example it will not parse N 40 50.000 w 080 05.555 but will parse N 40 50.000 W 080 05.555.
  8. With regards to the new drafts page. Will there be an option to select a subset of draft and delete them, like we were able to in the previous version?
  9. I have a question for other cache owners. Before the changes to logging. If a cacher found my cache and said that it was in bad shape or needed maintenance but they didn't log a "Needs Maintenance", I would typically go in an post the "Needs Maintenance" so I wouldn't forget. This way when I did my maintenance runs I could just sort on my caches that needed fixed and off I went. Now its a little harder, so I am looking for so options as to how others handle this. Thanks, and happy caching!
  10. Just a quick question since I am having a hard time finding the answer in the help section. Does anyone know how far an event has to be from a mega event to NOT be considered a satellite event? Thanks
  11. PQ's and Project-GC are all well and good as a way to get information, but I would like to know what GroundSpeaks time frame is to when the option to select a subset of my search results will be available. Even though the new search works quite well, the old search had the functionality to click on the result set and down load them in bulk. What is the ETA on this feature being restored?
  12. Sadly I knew that was going to be the answer I got. Hopefully they will that feature in quickly.
  13. With the new search feature, is there a way to download the result set? I cant seem to find that option.
  14. I too would also like this feature restored. It was a quick way for me to unsure that I didn't double log anything.
  15. The GC code for the cache I did not get notified on was GC571MC. The GC for the one I did get notified on is GC56JPP. Both caches are traditionals the only major difference is that one is a premium and the other is not.
  16. Question about notifications. Yesterday a cache was published and I never received the notification. A few things about the cache, its a traditional and a premium member cache. It is well within my notification area, since I received a notification of another cache that was published at the same time and it was further away. I checked my notification settings and don't see that I am missing any required information. Checked my email spam folder just in case it got routed there. this led me to ask other cachers in the area, and they too did not get the notification of the newly published cache. Wondering if anyone else has this problem.
  17. I see that the mailer is still limiting the number of events (10) and new caches (20). I have not seen any reason posted from GS as to why this change was put in place. I see people speculating as to the reason but nothing from HQ. Since I used this mailer to look for upcoming event, now with it being limited to only 10, I can not see events that might be happening next weekend or even the middle of next week. As a premium member I have the ability to run a PQ of events around my area, which is what I am going to resort to doing. I feel bad for those users who are not premium members and will might miss out on any cool and interesting events because of this limit. In my option I would like to see the limit of event set to two weeks out not to the 10 next upcoming events.
  18. I wanted to voice my option regarding the format of the weekly news letter. Mainly with regards to the upcoming event and mega events. In this weeks mailer, the list of events are only for the upcoming three days. Before the change I was able to see events that were weeks away. There are two issues I actually have with this. I don't know about anybody else but if I was planning on attending an event, I would sure like to have more than three days notice. As I said before, in the old mailer I would be able to see those events weeks ahead of time, so I could make the necessary arrangements to attend one of those events that might be 180 miles away. In line with that, for an event that IS 180 miles away, that is out of my notification range so I would not see this unless it was included in the mailer. The guideline for getting an event published is to have it submitted at least two weeks before the event date, so why cant the mailers notifications go out that far? If I was a host of one of these events I would sure like to get the word out as soon as possible. Is there any plan on moving out the notification range of events to a more broader range of dates? As for mega events, I again did not see Geowoodstock listed in the event column, yet I see the Block Party, which is only 900 miles from my home where as the Block party is over 2000 miles. Again, I don't know about anyone else but I use this mailer a lot to plan my trips to events and would sure like more than a three day notification of them.
  19. I am trying to hover over the map icons and am not getting any response. I am using windows 7, and the browser is chrome. I switched over to IE just to see if there was a problem with chrome and I have the same issue. Is there anything I need to do? thanks!!
  20. In looking at my weekly news letter, I see that the list of events and caches have been really reduced. Trying to research my issue, I see I am not the only one with an issue regarding the listing of event and caches. I agree with those before me that mention upcoming events and mega events. The first question I have is what is the filter criteria for what events get listed. I personally have an event scheduled from June and that event was listed on last weeks mailer but not this weeks? Also on my mailed I dont even see GeoWoodStock. I can understand the reason for attempting to tweak the mail with last weeks WWFM the mailer was much larger but I dont see any reason to change the way the mailer functioned. It will make it harder now for the user to search out caches and events that they would have otherwise seen in the mailer.
  21. I wanted to pose a question to everyone. I recently submitted a challenge cache for review. The message I received back stated GC's rules on what a challenge cache is and some of the guidelines for getting one published. To quote GC: "Challenge caches vary in scope and format. All challenge caches must be in the affirmative and require that something be accomplished. Challenge cache owners must demonstrate that there are sufficient available caches to meet the challenge at the time of publication. Reviewers may ask the cache owner to demonstrate that they have previously met the challenge and/or that a substantial number of other geocachers would be able to do so." Now let me be clear I have no issue with what my reviewer posted, heck they are just doing their job. And the reviewers in my area ROCK!!! Although it did get me thinking a little. I want to address these points individually. My cache is in the affirmative. I just ask cachers to find a minimum number of caches on a each day of the month. All cache type counts, I don't ask that you change your caching style, and there is no date cut off e.g. the caches have to be found after X date. The second sentence states that there must be sufficient available caches to meet the challenge. In my area alone there are thousands of caches. So thats not an issue. Onto the last sentence, and to my question. I personally am a new cacher and do not have the needed caches to qualify for my own challenge, I also am unable to find a substantial number of geocachers who qualify. What is a substantial number anyhow, 2, 5, 10? Now to my question. Why does there need to be anyone at the time of publication who can qualify for the challenge. Isn't that the idea of a challenge otherwise we should call them Accomplishment Caches. More importantly why should my newness to the game be a limit to the type of cache I can put out. If I had the number to qualify then it would be no problem and the cache would be published. So I am punished because I haven't cached as long or as much as another person. There is a word for that! In short, my challenge cache is not so difficult it can not be done but it does require one to get out and cache. Which is why we do this, right! Love to hear everyone's thoughts.
  22. I would like to note that I have the same exact issue. I too have verified my password and it is correct. However, I am unable to get Topo 9.0 to login to GC.com
  23. I would like to say that I paid for the Geocaching app for my HTC Thunderbolt and have had nothing but problems with it. When I try to look at the details of a cache it continues to force close on me. The only time it seems to work is when I am not in 4G service. All I can say is for $9.99 and not wanting to break the TOS I will suffer through it. Because what else can one do.
  24. I installed the Geocaching app the other day and now everytime I attempt to look at the details of a chache the application force closes. I have uninstalled - rebooted - reinstalled and it worked for two caches and now it is back to force closing. For a paid application I am very disappointed. I don't feel that in order to fix this I have to uninstall - reboot - reinstall the application only to have it fail on me again. I own the HTC Thunderbolt if that makes any difference, which it shouldn't.
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