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  1. I got a really good set of directions from Geocahers U. On the geocaching home page click on resources then go to geocachers U. They have a really good tutorial on paperless caching.
  2. We receive a monthly magazine from our electric company, called Kentucky Living. Some months we read it, some months we don't. We happened to read it the month they had an article on geocaching featuring several Kentucky cachers. Sounded so cool, we immediately went to the website and signed up. We looked for caches in our area and actually found our first without a gps. We looked for the second and had no luck. We immediately got on ebay and bought a used gps and have been caching fools ever since. By the way, we found that second cache with no difficulty with the gps. We are hopelessly addicted and all things caching are never far from our minds.
  3. I know you didn't mean it that way. I'm making fun of myself. No offense taken.
  4. We're one of the dummies that didn't read the rules closely. We photoshopped our July picture and entered it and then about two days later I ran across the rule. So it was alot of wasted time and now, no chance to win. Oh, well it is a good picture and we had fun. But anyway maybe some other folks didn't read the rules too closely either.
  5. Paypal payment sent for two. Thanks!! Love the pop-up.
  6. Thanks for your reply. That is why we asked.
  7. Thanks for the replies. We decided not to attend the event. Went caching instead and found a WJTB the hard way.
  8. Since we have not been around the geocaching curcuit long, we need to "phone a friend". We are asking because we are attending a celebrati on tomorrow. We are new at this and have been looking at forums discussing this topic. We don't understand the logging in and out of travel bugs and coins. It appears to us that we can log several TBs and Coins, but we are reluctant to do so, unless we can take them or the TBs have a goal to meet other people. As far as the WJTB go, we didn't find them so we have decided not to log them unless we can take them with us. We want to remember how we found our caches and the area we found them. So...What should we do? Any advice you can give us would be helpful. Thanks! Kentuckygirls.
  9. I would like to put in for one!! Great coin.
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