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  1. Thanks!! These are really cool and unique. I like the one with the dragonfly and its on sale. I am definitely getting her one with her caching name on it.
  2. Got ours and love it!! This is a super coin!
  3. For myself, I would like to have a geocaching.com sweatshirt, and a pair of comfortable hiking pants so I will quite ruining my bluejeans. (Hopefully the other Kentuckygirl will see this post and get the hint!! ) These are doable. I would love to have a new GPSr particularly a Garmin map 60. This is not doable but I can always dream. For my neice, a backpack loaded with swag and a geocaching shirt. She loves geocaching with us.
  4. What about the icon?? One for passing the test to find one. ..and one for passing the test to place one?
  5. I can't believe it is still going....What about the icon for passing the test?
  6. My uncle has talked to the park historian several times. I will try to give him a call this week and see if he can give me some information. Thanks to all of you for helping me out with this.
  7. Here are the coords that I got: N37 14.162, W086 10.860. These are not exact. I only took one set since I only needed to get in the vicinity next time I go. Why is it that the gov. took the time to put out this mark with a unique number and have no way to track it. Seems like there should be some way to find out why its there.
  8. My cousins and I were out hiking today at Mammoth Cave National Park looking for some of our family history. Our Great Grandfather owned part of the land that is now the park. The remains of their home is there which is just a few cornerstones and chimney stones. There is also a cave like rock ledge that my grandfather and his brothers used to play poker that is located behind the old homeplace. We found this today!!! Set into the rock ledge above the opening is a disc. It says US Dept. of the Interior C248 NPS. I don't know if it is a survey disc or what. I went to the Dept. of the Interior website and could not find out anything. Could anybody help me? Is there a website that I can go to that will tell me why this disc is there? Any information might be useful, I want to collect as much history as I can about this branch of my family. Thanks in advance.
  9. I would like to order one of each, please!! This is hilarious.
  10. It doesn't matter to me either way. When I first learned about geocaching I would have created an account to find a cache, it would not have scared me away. If I didn't like it then I would have just disappeared but it is apparent that I am addicted!!
  11. I am pretty new at this also. I bought my gpsr off of ebay. It is a Magellan Sportrak Map. It does the job and has some nice features like the detailed map. If I had it to do all over again I would have spent less. But now that I am sure I like geocaching and know what features I want in a gpsr, I want to upgrade. So here is my advice as a newbe. Go with a cheap name brand model. But be sure you can upload waypoints into it. Punching in waypoints is tedious and you can easily make a mistake which I have done on two occasions (before I figured out how to upload waypoints into the gpsr). I've only used the one model, but it didn't take me long to learn the basics, when you start caching more you will learn more. If you have problems you can always search the forums. Alot of stuff I've learned has come from there. Have fun, don't spend alot of money until you know what you want, then go from there.
  12. I wish someone would have taken my travel bug to Europe.
  13. I like the ammo boxes too. We put out one of our caches in an ammo box and it came up missing. Whoever took it left all the swag and the log book in nice ziplock baggies, but took the container. Since then we are experimenting with some cheaper alternatives but we are checking on these more often to see how they hold up.
  14. We like all types of caches. We think they all have their own place. In a highly populated area micros are great as long as you don't have to stick your head in a bush at a resturant that is jammed packed. Just have to pick the right time to do this type. We love challenging hides that gives us time to look for them. Trails, lakes, country roads, historical places are our favorites because they take us to places we have never been before. But as we say, we like the micros too, and will do them when given the opportunity.
  15. Do we get an icon for that? One for opening and another for closing it. I'm in!!!
  16. I think if we are going to implement a test lets really go for it. Make a test that one has to pass before finding a cache. There is obviously many problems in this area also, I read about it on the forums all the time. For example, trade even or up. Rehide the cache as you found it. Do not move the cache to another location, even though you think it's a better hide. Don't put knives in the cache. Don't put food in a cache. Log tbs into a cache. Log tbs out of the cache. Post a note or email the owner when a cache needs attention. Don't hunt a high-muggle cache if it will compromise the cache. And last but not least, always remember the ammo can is not a trade item. I have an idea. I think almost everyone would take a voluntary test if you gave them an icon for it!! Maybe a little diploma or a graduate cap
  17. Yes. Caching is fun! You should do more of it and you will see.
  18. So, you are the one most supportive of a test and willing to write one. What experiance do you have? Please share. Maybe we can learn something. Maybe we should write the test. Ready..set.. go... Oh never mind we're going caching. Time to have some fun!!
  19. So it continues...the Old cachers verse the New cachers. What difference does it make? A good cache is a good cache and a bad cache is a bad cache. We have all experienced both. Right? Maybe we should make the "newbies" take a test every time they want to place a cache. And what other stipulations shoud we place? Sould we have someone experienced hold their hand and make sure they have their GPS set correctly? Make sure they hide their cache like we would? Come on guys...that is what makes the game fun...Everbody is different and they hide differently. And what is considered a "newbie"? One who has found 10, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1,000 caches? And at what point can "newbies" hide caches? After they have found 20, 30, 40 or 1,000? We have done some caches hidden by cachers who have not found very many, but have been excellent hides. We have also found some by people that have hidden many (plus some) and have been very dissapointed. It 's just a matter of opinion. Coords that are off are frustrating, but that is just the way is goes. And futhermore, you choose the caches you want to do. If you think the cache is lame...don't do it!! If you want us to take the test...so be it. Let's all take the test before our next hide. Oh yeah, what about that test before finding one?
  20. It is a game isn't it? I don't understand what "attitude" you are talking about. I read the guidelines. I did the studying. Maybe I don't test well.
  21. I don't want to have to take a test to play a game. This is supposed to be fun. I like to learn new things, but I don't want to have the pressure of studying for a test. I think some people are naturally gifted when it comes to placing a cache and I think others need to learn from experience. Lets just all have fun!!
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