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  1. Kentuckygirls - 100 numbered but not trackable.
  2. Just got through reading all ten chapters and I am hooked. This is a great story!! I can't wait until the next chapter comes out!! I really want one of these coins!! How cool!!!
  3. We are also waiting on a New York coin. I contacted them a week or so ago and they are waiting on the manufacturer. It is going to be December. We also went through the same problems with our personal coin. We started making trades a few weeks before we got our coin, but the weeks turned into months. We felt really bad about this. New York is using the same manufacturer that we did. They are slow but they do really good work. Has anyone heard anything about Maine? This one has gone on so long that I forgot I purchased one and purchased another one .
  4. Forgot to post last night but we received a Dances with Moose coin. This is one nice coin.
  5. We contacted them and he said that it will be in December. I think, but am not positive that he said the first part of Dec. Early Christmas present!!!
  6. We would love to trade our personal coin for one of yours. If not we will buy one. This is a nice coin.
  7. Good day today!! Wildwood Bob and the Moose Damenace KirklandExplorer
  8. All of these are great. We can't wait for their next adventure.
  9. We would like to trade our personal coin for an Ohio coin, New Jersey, and a Pennsylvania Keystone coin. If interested send us an email.
  10. Still looking for a NWPA keystone coin and an Emerald Dragon. We have our personal coin to trade.
  11. We got Kilted Cachers coin today. Nice coin.
  12. Email sent. Messed up on the first email. Sent second email. Email sent. Thanks.
  13. We are looking for a NWPA Keystone Coin, Emerald Dragon, fire elemental, and Pepper. We have to trade: Our personal coin, Washington coin, South African, Dallas Fort Worth, SilverMarc, and a Maryland (unactivated). If interested email us.
  14. Hit the jackpot today. We got 5 coins. New Mexico, pdxmarathonman, Sgt. Stitches, Northwest Pennsylvania Geocachers, and GBOTS. All great coins.
  15. I once left my hiking staff at a cache. Put it down to write in the log and forgot to pick it up. Walked about a quarter mile from the cache before I missed it. Had to have it , has way too many miles on it to just give it up.
  16. We were expecting a really big day today but alas we only got one coin. Just an old Moun10Bike coin . We love Mondays!! WooHoo!!
  17. I vote for a cat coin too. All of the above would be great. We also have two cats. One will play hide and seek with us and she can sit on command. The other one would play fetch when she was little but not anymore. She's not real bright but she is sweet. Also the canine cachers coin is an awesome idea. The second one is going to be beautiful. Can't wait to get it and the next two.
  18. Yesterday we got Silver Dragon/Hammer Jane and the Mt. McKinley. We were very happy. Can't wait til Monday
  19. We also have some of these plus a silver version.
  20. To get the TB to show up in the cache you dropped it in you have to go to the cache page for the cache. Next click on log your visit. At the bottom of the screen (under the part where you write your note) is a paragraph that says Dropped off any Travel Bugs. Under this is a small window and the name of the TB should be in this window, just click on it and then hit submit entry.
  21. Off Topic: The first light pole cache we ever did, we thought it was the most awesome hide ever. Since then we have found several and the new has worn off, but that first one still stands out in my mind. I do not boycott them, if some one hides it I will try to find it . I like them all!! On Topic: My advice would be to contact your approver and ask him what could be done to make this cache doable. Our reviewer has always been receptive to questions.
  22. We are definately going to watch it. Thanks for the info!!
  23. Does anyone know where to get a kids geocaching sweatshirt or longsleeve tee? Thanks in advance!
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