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  1. We have never cached in the snow so here's our opinion for what its worth. We think that the available in winter attribute means that it is no problem getting to the cache with snow on the ground. Meaning that the road or trail is passable without special equipment or it won't take a half day to dig out the cache. Hope it snows here soon so we can test this out .
  2. Our Magellan went out yesterday too. Never could get a satellite signal on it. Tried again this morning and still nothing. Coincidence maybe?
  3. Believe me you do not want to know what a geocoin is. They will glue you to the computer and suck away your life and your money. Run, away as fast as you can before you get sucked in. Pretend that you didn't even ask that question. GO! GO NOW and never look back. .
  4. Congrats on your find. Your going to love this hobby (addiction )
  5. Congratulations on your hide. We love reading all the logs people write. Hope someone finds it soon.
  6. This is just one opinion, but I think its ok especially if the caches don't get visited very often. The whole fun of having a travel bug is to watch it move, so if I was the owner I would appreciate it. Just don't hang on to them too long.
  7. I'm going to guess "Jeep help everyone" because it looks like it would make a good commercial.
  8. I lurked for quite awhile in this forum before I posted anything. I have seen posts to new cachers questions that I thought were rude, but for the most part everyone here seems helpful. I know everytime I have asked a question most people have gone out of their way doing research to give me a good answer but I've also had a smartxxx or two put their 2 cents in. I just ignore them. But even one or two rude posts can scare away someone new. It is very intimidating coming onto this forum and I guess any forum when you don't know anyone. I felt like this was a big club that I wasn't a member of and just didn't fit in. Its not as intimidating anymore and I'm still shy but you guys can't help that. And since I know some of you a little better now you really scare me .
  9. Merry Christmas everybody!! Now I need to go and wake everybody else up because Santa came and left bunches of presents. See you guys later, hope its a great day for everyone!!
  10. There is a strange song called the Llama Song (link), and somehow or another llamas have become an icon in an attempt to defuse angst by posting the silliniess that is llamas. Make sense? No? Good, then you are of sound mind. If it DOES make sense, see a doctor. It's all for fun. Sometimes gentle poking, sometimes sharp. Thanks for explaining. How funny! I love the song! It reminds me of that I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas song. I guess the best of 2005 for us was reading the article in Kentucky Living that introduced us to geocaching. We started in May of this year and it has been one great ride. I hope 2006 is even better!
  11. That's awesome. Great job. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!!
  12. I read the madmarty thread, it kept me entertained for an hour or so. But it really got me curious about the llamas. Could anyone explain the significance of them? I love the picts. but it seems that its a joke somehow and I just don't get it.
  13. From bushwacks to trailheads they search big and small...Now cache away, cache away, cache away all. Thank you Santa. What a nice present!
  14. You might consider Land Between the Lakes. I know there are several caches in the area. They also have hiking and you might even see a bald eagle while you are there.
  15. 71 metal 4 wooden 1 poker chip expecting more metal coins this week.
  16. Recently we went to a cache that had some inappropriate items in it (in our opinion). We did not remove them but I wish we would have. The cache was in an area that had no parking and it was a quick grab on our part. I wish now that we had traded for the offensive items but instead we TNLNSL. This was someones first hide and they were still really new to the sport so we opted to send them an email instead explaining why the items needed to be removed. This person was new and we did not want to discourage him. We got no response for a while and another cacher found it that was offended by the items. Hind sight is 20-20 I guess but from now on we will trade out items that we don't feel appropriate and send an email.
  17. We would definitely love to trade one of our personal coins for a black nickel. But will take whatever. Cool coin. It would look great with the holes cut out.
  18. Weird story. About four night ago we were waiting for our log in time (4:47). We would try to log in early and just hit refresh until the official log in time. Well we refreshed and the time was 4:44:44. Well we ooohhed and aaahhed over that and joked about it being and omen, just stupid stuff like that. Well, the next night we were doing the refresh bit again and got close to 4:44:44 so then we tried to get it and we did!! Well now it was a ritual. I missed it one night by a second. But tonight I hit it again. Well we high fived and made jokes, probably only funny to us. But anyway, guess what coin we got, #44!! How cool is that!!
  19. Congratulations to Epiduralgirl and GBOTS. Way to go!!
  20. Graylling Dancingfool Kansas Lightning Jeff Dhenninger Thanks everybody!!
  21. Hit the jackpot today. Nine coins. Germany Ladybug Kids Mt. Everest OGEO Cav Scout Lori Darlin Joe Frog Mauison Ohio
  22. Great day! Tennessee Pewter Prairie Partners Fire Elemental Portland Oregon No mail tommorrow.
  23. This game is so much fun!! We have looked at your games before but have never been able to play. Thanks so much for creating a wonderful game that everyone can enjoy!!
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