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  1. Cash Cache is not bad with 4 pages but most are not an exact match.
  2. End of the Road seems pretty popular. It has 10 pages. edit to fix link
  3. We had 100 minted. We have a dozen left for trade. We will not be producing more of this same design. Our coin is for trade only so if we had not told people we would only mint 100, it would be okay to mint more.
  4. We are sad to here about this. God give them strength. We will pray for the family.
  5. tossedsalad, I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with the thread you posted. But for someone to post a SBA on one of your caches because of that is just plain childish. I hope they track down the account and ban them.
  6. Thanks for the heads up! We are needing a few so I will try to check it out tommorrow.
  7. Hi! We went to an event last fall where they played a game someone had made up called geoconcentration. They had several ammo cans and in each was a different item and the participants had to remember which item was in each can. We had to leave before they played so I'm not real sure about all the rules. There might have been two of an item and you had to find the match. Either way, it would be a good indoor game that is somewhat caching related.
  8. We had our first run in today. We have a fairly new GPS that we were having some issues with as we got close to a cache. It was everywhere and we couldn't figure out why, so we pulled into a parking lot near the cache to read the manual. Thought we had it figured out so we got out of the truck just as a cop pulled up. We hunted for probably 30 seconds or so and we saw that he had some interest in us. We stopped hunting and walked toward him and said hello. He responed in kind. He then asked us what we were doing and we told him. He smiled and said Great! and then asked us if we had seen anybody behind the buisinesses near where we were parked. We said no (the truth). We showed him where we were parked and told him how long we had been there. He thanked us and wished us good luck. In the mean time 2 other patrol cars pulled up so we decided to let them do their jobs and stay out of their way. We said our goodbyes and we left. We were near Nashville, by the way, and we were impressed with the police officers. I hope if we ever have an encounter again we run upon as good a guys as these.
  9. We start with a phone call and try to set up a meeting and give them a brief description of geocaching and what we want to do on the property. Sometimes a phone call is all thats needed. If they want to meet we bring a printout of the guidelines and some sample cache pages with hides similar to the one we want to hide. We also bring along the gps with some caches loaded in it and give them an overview of how it works. We usually try to give them a reason why it would be beneficial for them or their business to have a cache there. This is just the way we do it I'm sure there is many ways to go about it.
  10. Note in the future please use proper geocaching etiquette and email the owner of the cache before contacting the authorities . It was my own cache. The voices in my head talk regularly. I see no need for an e-mail above and beyond that. Okay, my mistake. As long as you notified the owner you shouldn't have anything to worry about. . (I was only joking and trying to get in on some of the fun )
  11. Note in the future please use proper geocaching etiquette and email the owner of the cache before contacting the authorities .
  12. One winter me and my sister got a pretty bad case of PI when we burned some logs with some vines on them. We did not get it in our lungs but we had it everywhere else, even our eyelids! We were miserable for quite a while.
  13. We would certainly do this type of cache unless it was say 50 foot up or something. We don't worry too much about getting wet. We did a cache similar to this last weekend. We took off in the direction of the cache and came to a pretty substantial drop-off. There were several logs that spanned the drop off but it was like I said a long ways down so we turned back and found a way around that went through a stream that we had to rock hop to get across. Luckily didn't have to get wet but we would have . It was a fun cache. I say go for it!
  14. Thanks for the quick response. I guess that explains why I counldn't find it.
  15. Where do you go to get the activation code for the Indiana geocoin?
  16. Congratulations, malandro95!! Thanks for the update, alot of people have been wondering who won.
  17. For us most of the time its the journey, not the destination. If the hide is a challenge at the end of a hike then thats just a bonus!!
  18. Nice to hear from all you new cachers. Welcome and hope you have as good a time as we do! Keep up the positive attitude!!
  19. Hi, welcome to geocaching. The D=Difficulty. The T=Terrain. The higher the number the more difficult the hide is and terrain. The rating system goes from 1-5. Hope that helps.
  20. Our first hide took longer to be approved than the rest so don't worry. It was nerve racking wondering if we did everything right. You'll be fine! We have been caching since May of 2005 and have only met one other person at a cache. Like you, we've been ahead and behind some others. If you really want to meet people look for some events in your area. We've gone to four and they are a blast!
  21. Congratulations on your find and welcome to the hobby. We have also used geocaching to get some execise on some occasions. in State parks and the larger city parks you can really rack up some miles in a day. Good luck and Happy caching.
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