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  1. I'm just trying to say that there is alot of inaccurate generalization going on in this thread. I'm not saying anyone is lying. I believe everyones stories. I just don't think you can blame all the beer cans, needles, condoms etc. solely on one group of people.
  2. I don't think you meant this the way it sounded, but it seems you are lumping all these activities together with being a homosexual. I truly doubt that is the case. That being said, if these areas are just cruising sites I would have no problem at all visiting them. First because gay men typically mind their own business. Second, gay men are typically nonviolent. If there was sexual activity going on it should be turned in. No one has to put up with that from homosexuals or heterosexuals. If there is drug use going on that should also be reported. No one group should have exclusive use of a public park. It is there for everyone to enjoy. There is a park near where I live that is a known gay cruising spot. I have been here for other activities and in no way felt threatened, nor was I followed or watched. I tend to worry more about the heterosexual teenagers than I do homosexual men. This is just my opinion, I am not trying to flame anyone or start trouble.
  3. When we switched GPS units we had the exact same problem. It took us two caches to figure out what was up. On both caches we hit ground zero in the middle of the road. I knew something was up so I read the owners manual a bit and figured it out. I have a Garmin map60c and it has two different navigation modes a follow road or off-road. You absolutely must have it set on off-road to find a geocache.
  4. We have never had these probelms with the plucker/spinner combo. I use the instructions found here geocacher-u But to each his own, I guess its whatever you get used to.
  5. I think it sounds like a fun event. I would love to try something like this. You should probably think through some of the details a little further, though. If you have a neutral person with each group then if the turnout is large then you are going to have very big groups or have lots of volunteers to help. Maybe you could have teams call you for the answers. If they get them right then you give them the coords, if they are wrong then you penalize them for say 10 minutes before their next call. You can have several different categories for winners. Maybe most right answers on first try, least amount of time to complete, or least mileage overall.
  6. Not sure what kind of reply you were really looking for in here. It looks like to me that you really didn't want an answer to your question but wanted to call someone out. I'm with him. Go find some caches, if you like it fine, if not that's fine too. As for the Topic of this thread, "Did I Join the Wrong Sport?" Well, if you haven't even tried to cache then you haven't joined anything. Honestly, I don't care if you join or not, the decision is up to you! If you decide to go out geocaching, well then welcome to this hobby,sport, addiction. If you don't join for whatever reason then I guess its not for you. So far you are looking like a troll and if so maybe you are in the wrong sport cause they don't last long round here.
  7. Go to the cache page itself. In the upper right hand corner there will be a list one of those says log you visit. Click on that and then the next page should be easier to handle. Hope this helps, good luck.
  8. Ours have and always will be for trades or for caches. We really want to make a 2006 version. Jsut haven't finalized a design yet.
  9. I find HTML very interesting. I am trying to use some new aspect of it everytime I create a new cache. I am getting better. It has been alot of fun trying to learn something new. I always go here first: The quick and dirty guide to bad HTML for your cache page. Most of the time it helps me out. If it doesn't google is always my friend.
  10. I agree with Team Cotati on this as I have actually seen one of these markers. It was in Memphis, Tennessee and the guide that pointed it out said basically the same thing that Tean Cotati said. These are the "official" Ground zeros in a town. If I understand it right I think the op is wanting to know what ground zero is on this website. If that is the case then the op has several good suggestions already in this thread.
  11. If you felt like it was the right thing then go for it. I don't know that I would log a second find myself but I wasn't there and don't know all the circumstances either. I certainly don't think you cheated yourself or anyone else in any way. I probably wouldn't have thought twice about it had you not brought it up in the forum.
  12. I think it is slang for the word ever, just like I think you meant I am.
  13. Yes, Airmapper we thought you had lost it!!!! . But it worked didn't it?!
  14. Thanks!! We will certainly check this out.
  15. Yes, ours is done, but it is also in Access '97. Thats all I have at home. It is also very specific for our needs. There is nothing fancy about it. Your Access 97 database will convert to any newer version of Access in a matter of minutes unless you have code written, it may need tweeked a bit. That's good info to know. Thanks for posting that. I have no codes written. Wouldn't even know how to write code .
  16. Yes, ours is done, but it is also in Access '97. Thats all I have at home. It is also very specific for our needs. There is nothing fancy about it.
  17. Well, I have created a workable Access database. It works well for me. It would not be what Anthus would want. I did not include info on # minted, etc. This one is simple and is primarily used to show us whats in our collection and to keep trades organized with addresses. I can also keep track of what we bought, who we bought it from and the paypal transaction ID. I can run reports on coins to be mailed, trackable coins with tracking #'s (handy to take to events if you are so inclined), coins that we are waiting on, a list of all of the coins in our collection, a list of people we need to email to tell them that we have received their coin, and a list of people that I have traded with. From reading this thread I might add a field for the price of the coin if its something we bought. I don't know if one can truly create one database that would suit everyones needs.
  18. You can analyze an access database in excel. After getting the data into excel you should have no problem printing address labels. Just found out you can also analyze in Word, so I think that would be the way to go on the address labels.
  19. We decided that if we ever did another coin, that access is the way to go. Both of us are decent with access and I love to create databases and play around with it. I will see what I can come up with (if I can find time). What version of access are you using? We have an older version. Don't know if this would be a problem or not.
  20. I cleared the memory. Still no lock. So, here's another question. What is firmware?
  21. We bought a Magellan Sportrak Map off of Ebay in May of last year. We have never had a problem with it until about a month ago. When I turn it on it will search for a satellite signal forever and never lock on. I have reinitialized it and still no lock. I had already bought a new GPS before this happened but was planning on using both until I got used to the new one and then reselling the older unit. Anybody have any ideas? Is it worth trying to get it fixed to resell or should I just trash it? Any help would be appreciated.
  22. Other than events we have only met one other cacher. It was on a FTF hunt and neither of us was the FTF. We had fun though! We have followed other cachers to several caches in a day. This has happened on several occasions. Its weird how we never met up.
  23. We agree with this statement. Another problem we have run into is that more and more people want trackable coins. Our coin is not trackable and we have found that some people veiw ours as less "valuable". Maybe our post belongs in the whinning thread.
  24. We are pretty lucky that everything in our area is pretty much brand new. We hid a few when we were new and they aren't the greatest hides, but our area cachers enjoyed them. Most of us are new to the sport. Now as our area is getting more experienced we want to hide more difficult caches and would like to archive some of our old cache hides. I hate to archive them because they are good for beginners but when more experienced cachers do them their logs indicate that they aren't well thought of so we are stuck on what to do. I guess the logs on these caches are a sort of peer pressure to archive them. The logs aren't rude but they aren't great either. On the other side, I think we have been leaving sub-par logs on some caches and we will try to do better. Thanks for this thread and making us aware of this.
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