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  1. The coins or the icons? I'm sure I know that YOUR answer to that is the former, but to so many others, it's the latter. Icons don't attribute to your find count. We bought the coins basically for collection purposes. But I choose to share them with people at events, that is the "trackables" mission. They are our travel bugs to do with what we choose. We do not log travel bugs at events just to log them! But if that is the TB's mission (to be logged at events) then we will log them.
  2. Of course they don't own them. I don't recall saying that they did. But I did share them. The site does not transfer ownership. I will agree to disagree on this point !
  3. I have really appreciated most of the discussions on stat-oriented threads. We were logging multiple finds on events because we thought that it was appropriate. We have since learned that it is looked down upon and we know its not right. (Thank you to all those in the forums that made logical arguments against this practice.) We corrected this in our stats. We cache for different reasons. Some days we just want to get out in the woods and enjoy nature, some days we want to see how many caches we can find. I don't want people in the community to look at my cache finds and say yeah they've found 500 but... So we appreciate all the threads about Not found=Found and multi-logging events, etc. Anyway, more on topic! I agree with everything that you have mentioned except for (3) and (7). (3)- This does not bother us in the least. We bought these coins because we wanted to collect them. If we can share our collection then that's what it is meant for. Stamp collecting is not in the spirit of the original purpose either. As far as (7), you do say that it is not cheating (It is not even close). We cannot go back. I feel that there is also an abundance of lame micros, but there is also some great ones. There is also an abundance of lame requlars. Again we cannot go back. We can choose which ones we want to hunt. We like variety. We do not feel that our stats are cheapened because they were post 2004.
  4. I think that everyone signing a notebook with their special message and dropping off trade items to send to Iraq is a wonderful idea! BUT, I don't think you should reward yourself with a smilie for doing a good deed. The gesture should be from the heart not about logging a find. Logging cache and supporting our troops have nothing to do with each other.
  5. I would like to add that the hide tecnique is probably the same for each of these. Once you figure out one, the rest will be easy to spot. We have a series in our area that is like this.
  6. I sure can't help you but this is the site I use when I need to do something with HTML. I just don't understand it at all. Found this little jewel in the pinned topics of the getting started forum. Hope this helps.
  7. After reading this we got curious as to how many caches were being logged this way. Didn't take a lot of time to figure out there are several of these. But Mopar is doing a pretty good job of sniffing them out!
  8. Normally I don't care what people call a find. Its their count and they are the ones that have to live with it. The topic is I assume about the record run made at GW4. If this record is to stand for the geocaching community as a true record then the rules should be acceptable rules for the community. I read in a previous post that one of the rules was that the participants had to sign the log/canister. To me there is too much that can be read into this rule. Therefore the team did nothing wrong according to the rules of the record run. But, I do not accept this as a find that should stand for the record attempt in the geocaching community. I do not wish to take away from the hard work and planning that went into the run nor do I wish to detract from the fun that I am sure that they had. But for something represent the community as a whole then it must be able to withstand the scrutiny of the community.
  9. I love reading posts like yours. It brings back all the excitement of our first day out geocaching.
  10. The other type of logging requirement has nothing to do with finding the cache or verifying the find. It is simply a artificial obstacle to providing the proper feedback. If you've signed the logbook in the cache and it's your first visit to the cache, then the proper log-type to use is "Found It." However, some owners--a very, very small percentage--have chosen to deny reporting a found cache with the proper log-type if you don't do some arbitrary action not related to finding the cache. I see what you are saying here, CR. Our cache is differnt. It is not a logging requirement it is more of a hunting requirement. I would like to have the option to flag it some way so that everyone would read the page before they hunted it, though. Might save us some trouble in the long run.
  11. You know, we were just discussing this topic alittle further amongst ourselves and we have a cache with an additional requirement. IF you read the cache page, it tells you what to do before hunting the cache. It says that you must check in at the visitors center before attempting to hunt this cache. Do you have to check in, YES! If not, you are probably going to get in trouble. Why would you not read the cache page? So, this can be considered an additional requirement.
  12. Wow!! I've been reading this thread from the beginning and I must say that it is one of the most well-behaved threads that I have ever read. Now as far as my opinion. I have always read the description of the cache before I hunted it and I am a paperless cacher. I don't really understand why people don't. It can cause tons of problems if you don't have the proper info, such as times the cache should be hunted, whether it is ok to enter private propery, access from which roads, etc. There is lots of info there that could give you or geocaching a bad rep if it is ignored. I do understand that it is a challenge to go without reading the description, but to me it is not worth the trouble it could cause. If I hunted the Poetry cache, just for an example, it would be no big deal to write my log in the form of a poem. For goodness sakes it ain't got to be TS Eliot or Robert Frost. Its not like its asking alot. I would do the cache and log in the form of a poem. Now if the owner was asking me do something I simply can't do or would be uncomfortable doing then I would ignore it. It does not bother me. There are lots of caches that we have chosen not to do for now and some that we will never do. Not every cache is for everbody but I don't sweat the ones that I choose not to do for whatever reason. I am not advocating additional logging requirements but I'm not going to get up tight if there are additional logging requirements on a cache. Do I think there should be some way to identify this type of cache? Yes!
  13. Hey, Airmapper. We have a Palm Zire with a color screen. It is great PDA but I don't know if its the right one for geocaching. It has lots of memory and a slot for a card which we have never had to use. It has two drawbacks: it is really hard to read in the sunlight and it has an internal battery that can be a real pain. It is a great unit for storing to do lists and calender entries etc., but probably a little much for geocaching. If you haven't bought anything by the next KTAG event let us know and we will let you check it out.
  14. Since you are moving to the area you might like this website:Geocachers of Kentucky They are a great group of people and I'm sure they can answer any of your questions. Welcome to Kentucky!!
  15. We are also finding this to be true, although we use 2000mah batteries. We bought an off brand at Wal-Mart that had 4 batteries and a charger for 16 or 17 dollars. We've been using them in the GPSr (Map60c) and the camera for about a year now with great results. As someone else in this thread brought up it might be that your charger is faulty. Maybe you could try a different charger.
  16. You know we really appreciate that post. But our personal opinion has changed about our find count. Like we said this doesn't affect anyone else but us. Everyone else can do as they choose.
  17. My caching partner the other kentuckygirl of course!!
  18. This topic has pretty much died. Sorry for dredging it up again but I feel that we must do what is right. Our find count is important to us but our reputation is even more important. We have multi-logged some of the events that we have attended. When we first started we were told that this is the way it was done with temporary event caches. We know ignorance is no excuse! We thought this was normal, what everyone else does. We also felt that it was justified because we truly "worked" for some of these caches. I think we hiked about seven miles that day and almost all the coords were awful. After reading some of these threads about this and other types of logging that is considered cheating, we agree that this practice is not right. We will be deleting the temporary caches that we have found. I know its silly but our find count is important to us and we will delete an event find for every future cache find until we are down to one attended log per event. That is just pure ego on our part, but it will get done. It gives us an excuse to do alot of caching on our vacation to make up for the deleted logs. It took us some time talking about this practice and reading threads of this nature to bring things to light. We want to say that it really doesn't matter to us what anyone else counts as a find or attended. We are not passing judgement on anyone else. We are just doing what we feel is right. What someone else does is no concern to us. I hope everyone enjoys the game as they see fit.
  19. I didn't know he stopped sending them!! I guess that explains the long wait on mine! That's not really fair. I think some of our FTF's are grandfathered and we should get the trophy. I will await an official response!
  20. We didn't do much over the winter. I wish now that we had! No leaves to interfere with the GPS and no bugs!! We've had two ticks a piece this year already! I can't stand ticks.
  21. I agree 100%. I think I will bow out of this topic now.wmas1960 said exactly what I was trying to convey. I could not do it any better.
  22. I'm a Lesbian trapped in a man's body, so I have no use for a man!
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