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  1. Wow! That’s a collection I would like to see!
  2. My first guess was AtlantaGirl too. But then I thought about Marky and GoJaybee. And what about Moun10bike?
  3. Thanks. I was thinking more like M or GJ
  4. Just curious…Who has the largest geocoin collection? (including trackable and non-trackable coins)
  5. Sugar? Sophie? Merry Christmas!
  6. That really bites. Thats a place we really want to go. Thanks for posting here it gives us a heads up. We will take the advice of others and not pack valuables in the car.
  7. Shhhhhhhh! I thought this was to be kept secret until the handshake was given??? LMAO! No!! The grand scheme by TPTB: The location of the grail was to be found only by the geopuritans and kept in a secret location possibly here (French Peak). I have ascertained this by much research and some deduction.
  8. The logs are the trigger for the instant notification feature. Also, anyone can tell which reviewer published the cache by looking at the log. That information was only available to the owner before the published log was added. I wondered why they started doing that! Now I know. You can learn things by reading the forums!
  9. After having three ticks a piece all ready this year we bought a can of Permanone. We haven't tried it yet but after reading this thread I feel pretty good about it. If we go out this weekend I will post my opinions of it here. I hate being a tick magnet!
  10. You are going to get lots and lots of answers to this I would imagine. I will go very general. Be sure the GPSr unit that you buy has the ability to accept downloads to a computer and be sure you get some kind of software that will give you detailed road maps. We use a Garmin GPSmap 60C, which I love. We have also used a Magellan SporTrak, which we also loved. You could also do a search of these forums and find lots of info. about different units and cost. Most of these guys know a lot more than me!!
  11. 1. Log the event once. (Although we didn't feel this way until recently) 2. No. 3. No. This is just one of many threads this week that has addressed the same issues. One of the results of at least one of these threads was archiving and locking some caches. I'd say that you have your answer to that one. As far as multi-logging events (for temp. caches or whatever), I have yet to see anything being done about it. The practice has been going on for at least a year so I would assume (yes, I know what they say about assuming anything) that Groundspeak is not at this time going to do anything about it. That's just my take on it. Maybe TPTB are having the same debates that we are having or maybe they just don't care. It seems to me if they felt as strongly about some of these controversial issues as some of the people here then they would have taken care of it already. But it would really be nice if we could have some sort of ruling by TPTB. Even if they say they just don't give a darn! I could live with that.
  12. The movie was great, it got me in the mood to cache for sure. Something else you might enjoy, DaVinci Code Webquest, check it out.
  13. Oh, absolutely. I have no doubt they are eating this up. Still, it's only a matter of time before we know who it is. Hope so!!
  14. By talking about it here, he, she, they are getting way more attention than they deserve .
  15. Already done. Huh? Look at his profile of finds! Edit: BlueDeuce beat me to it!
  16. The coins or the icons? I'm sure I know that YOUR answer to that is the former, but to so many others, it's the latter. Icons don't attribute to your find count. No, but they increment your Trackable Count AND, more pertinently, your Icon Count. There's a new game going where folks compete over how many Icons they get. Since there's no way anyone can realistically compete with the CCCAs of the world on total Found It logs, this is a way folks feel they can compete on something they can actually "win" (for whatever they think THAT's worth!) I've seen this madness at more than one event. Sigh. I guess we view this in a different way. I have never thought of comparing our icons to someone else's. I don't see it as a competition. But I can see where you are coming from. On the other discussion going on in this thread, we would not care if the stats being shown were optional. Sounds like it would create less hostility. But it would also take some of the drama out of the forums !
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