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  1. Caches that use the metric system-I'm a silly old American and I was thinking abouts girls that day in class when the metric system came up.
  2. I have a Travel Bug hotel in the Dallas area and it works well in the metroplex I have it set up like a hotel and a reg.cache and a whereisgeorge trading post.That way every one gets some thing out of it and it gets alot of visitors to. GV's Travel Bug Hotel And Cache [This message was edited by GeoVamp on January 04, 2003 at 12:47 AM.]
  3. I take back all the dumb things I wrote-the notice was in my e-mail sorry for wasting your time "Everything's Eventual"-Stephen King "Maybe isn't a answer"
  4. doah [This message was edited by GeoVamp on January 02, 2003 at 09:16 PM.]
  5. doa!!! [This message was edited by GeoVamp on January 02, 2003 at 09:43 PM.]
  6. Would anybody like to adopt a couple of my caches there both there and in fine shape-I would like to share-if you have not put out any caches this would be a good start.Let me know GV Dallas Bound I-20 Cache A Cross In The Road....... "Everything's Eventual"-Stephen King "Maybe isn't a answer"
  7. I have a cache in Oklahoma in a I-35 rest stop it's missing or something-it's a good cache but to far for me to check on-if anybody wants to adopt it speak up and it's yours.GV Texas Bound I-35 Cache
  8. As soon as the cacher takes the pod out of the cache-from then on it's their's..I like to keep up with it like a proud papa.The one Breeder pod that is now a cache...It was so cool to go do the cache and see my pod made into a great little cache that took me 2 tries to find. "Everything's Eventual"-Stephen King
  9. I started leaving mini or mico cache pods in caches for trade.I've only got 2 out there and 2 ready to go out in a new cache I'm working on.I paint them and put log books in them-and a note:PLease take this breeder pod and make a cache out of it and please inform me when you do-I keep a record of them. Do you all think these are a good trade item? "Everything's Eventual"-Stephen King
  10. IS THIS WEIRD Everything's Eventual"-Stephen King
  11. I make mine out of styro-foam,paint,sand and lots of clear finish but I have only made 2.Lots of work-1_I gave away as a prize and the other I have been carring around in the trunk of my car looking for the right place to put it.I'll post a pic. later Everything's Eventual"-Stephen King
  12. Since I started caching I have had 4 rubber stamps made:a log stamp that says CACHED BY GEOVAMP AND MSDARK and the date/a I FOUND GEORGE AT WWW.WHEREISGEORGE.COM stamp/ I make wooden coins to leave in caches and I use 2 rubber stamps for that-so I know a little about stamps and geocaching. Everything's Eventual"-Stephen King
  13. I'll give you the money for a month or two!!!How about that. "Everything's Eventual"-Stephen King
  14. The first time I ever looked on Geocaching there where 101 that was last February. "Everything's Eventual"-Stephen King
  15. I have met alot of the local cacher and some of them replay to the boards-I must say I have met and got to know some of the nicest people.In November my wife and I held a cache event where we renewed our wedding vowels.One of the local cachers even preformed the vowls and the cachers out numbered the family. I would like to meet ClayJar. Our wedding renewl Everything's Eventual"-Stephen King
  16. I cache alone alot-I work 3:30pm-12:00am and my wife and all my friends work normal hours.I also have done 90% of my hidding alone.My wife likes to cache-but I got all that time before work too.On the other hand I would like to find a caching partner to do some hidding with. Everything's Eventual"-Stephen King
  17. So far my Legend has treated me well-it acts confused from time to time but not that often-and I've found 278 caches,3 benchmarks and countless other things.SO CACHE ON "Everythings's Eventual"-Stephen King
  18. ....When you start letting your GPSR think for you...and it does a better job. ....When you take off your shoes and socks to cross a little stream-because your GPSR says"The cache is only 400' away and It don't look that deep to me" but you get wet up to your waist. ....When you get posion ivy so much that you are suprised when it goes away.
  19. WOW !!!Very cool..you da man,Jeremy "Everythings's Eventual"-Stephen King
  20. I got a stamp made at a local print shop just this week.It cost me $8.00 plus tax.I love it-last night at work I entered $1200.00 dollars into the system.I'm planning stamp and enter all the big bills that I come across. "Everythings's Eventual"-Stephen King
  22. I placed a temp-cache near this: If you eat a live frog in the morning,nothing worse will happen to either of you for the rest of the day.
  23. I'm a Harry Potter fan and I'm 37.5 good stuff I like that term....Geomuggle. I'm going to make a cache and call it...Beware of the Geomuggle or something like that.Cooll Thanks If you eat a live frog in the morning,nothing worse will happen to either of you for the rest of the day.
  24. DON"T MAKE ME PUT YOU OVER MY KNEE----LITTLE BRAT---BE GOOD OR NO MORE CACHES FOR YOU!!!!! If you eat a live frog in the morning,nothing worse will happen to either of you for the rest of the day.
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