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  1. I just made 4 cache pods out of PVC pipe and plan to make more I love the stuff you can make it any size and any shape,you can paint it easy enough if you ruff up the surface first.As far as looking like a bomb I don't think they do like you guys said before why would some one want to blow up a tree or a bush. I would follow my GPS to the gates of hell if it pointed that way.
  2. A multi-cache on Boubon St. during Mardi Gras only the best and the brightest could pull that off.
  3. Rember to start off on the path or paved road or trail that veer off and bushwack to the cache instead of the other way around and lose a gallon of blood because my GPS said to not follow the path first.
  4. It was a Under Dog pin I was so happy about my first cache I wore it all day at work
  5. Well my walking stick that I made for my self out of a branch of Texas ceder it is the best woked on it for a week it has a forked tip adds a lot of support.My back pack and my sun glasses a must.
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