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  1. Hohoho!!! Finally, I have been waiting for this mission. Me and my daughter think it is so much fun putting this missions together.(almost to much fun ) To get the name and do the research and try to find anything nice for the persons we have. We don´t have much time to get coins from everywhere since we live in Sweden and will have to send it out soon so let´s hope I have something in my box that is right. Please give so much info you can about yourselves when you sign up, it makes it easier to get nice stuff to send along. Thank you again! grodan Karin mission 1: adults grodan & fiabus (grodan Karin & fiabus Björn) Signed up: oct 26 Name Received: (Date) Package Sent (Date) Package Received: (Date) mission 2: kids HunnyBunny1 (girl, turns 9 january 20) Signed up: oct 26 Name Received: (Date) Package Sent (Date) Package Received: (Date)
  2. Great!! I am in for a christmasgiftmission, or an ornament mission. I have been waiting for this mission to get going but I do not have the time to host it myself so thank you!! God jul!! = Merry Christmas from Sweden and grodan Karin
  3. Shameless bump to page one again. grodan Karin
  4. Order has been sent, 125 coins will be made this year. grodan Karin
  5. GOD JUL means Merry Christmas in Swedish. grodan Karin
  6. Well, it is time to announce this years GOD JUL coin. Trackable at geocaching.com, own icon and GF-prefix. The metal is going to be gold like the two previous GOD JUL coins I have made. I haven´t set how many to make yet but minimum 100 probably more. Are you interested in one please send me an email through my profile since PMs never reach me. Price depends on weight, number made and postage from Sweden but it should be reasonable I believe. The picture shows the first artwork, there will be some small changes but you get the picture at least. Hope you will like it. Thanks! grodan Karin
  7. I still have some of these left. I also have some left of my AE for GC & PC december 2010 clubcoin. An angel with black hair and greenglitter dress, pin included. Thanks! grodan Karin
  8. So we have moved to our new home, still some boxes to unpack and there are still kangaroos left. Please help me get some room in my coinbox again and get yourself a nice kangaroo or two. Thanks! grodan Karin
  9. I am making some room in my coinbox and found out I still have some of these left. Interested?? please send me an email through my profile since PMs never reach me. Thanks ahead! grodan Karin
  10. Congrats to you all receivers of this coin. Seems like a real nice one. Hope to see one in Sweden some day and have updated my adress in the gogglesheat since we have moved recently. All the best. grodan Karin
  11. I haven´t got anything in my mailbox since the River Cacher memorial coins and now we are moving so I have made an update on my adress in the geocoinforum user adressbook. We are moving north to the place where I (grodan) grew up. Will be so nice for the kids. So from june 18 we have a new adress. All the best to all and have a nice summer. grodan Karin
  12. I can clap and whoop and jump for that result!! grodan Karin grodan is swedish for (the frog)
  13. bumping these back on the first page. grodan Karin
  14. I have got the coins and are really happy with them. We had 100 made and I have 25 of them to sell to other countries than Sweden. Price is $15 including shipping and handling. Payment through paypal. Please send me an email through the profile if you are interested. PMs doesn´t work for me. Thanks. grodan Karin
  15. A Swedish turtle came to me today. I won him in the namecointest and I love him alot. So cute and nice. Thank you. grodan Karin
  16. Order in for one of each. Thanks. grodan Karin
  17. I got my coins yesterday. I got one nickel with two white legs but they both look good. Thank you for caring for the cats. I will give one coin to a real nice catlover I know. Thanks again. grodan Karin
  18. I like this fellow, how cute. grodan Karin
  19. I have updated our adress because we are moving north this summer. From midjune we will be living in Lima, Dalarna, Sweden. There is a cache nearby if you like to check it out. buchers Residens GC19DGK grodan Karin
  20. Coins are ready to ship to Sweden. Turned out really nice. I will find the picture later. grodan Karin
  21. Found my nerds and snet you an email. grodan Karin
  22. Glad you liked it. All coins are design by me. The frogs are in because grodan is swedish for the frog. Jenny Nyström (who painted the silver egg) is a famous swedish artist known mostly for her santa pictures. The chicken make sqeeky sound if you hold it in your hand. I got one like it in my mission too. grodan Karin
  23. Shameless bump for my latest design. Send me an email if you are interested or post here. grodan Karin
  24. All overseas order has been shipped. Thank you very much all. Please let me know when you get them. grodan Karin
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