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  1. Some update, coins are paid for and in production. Hope to have them first week of december, then let us hope the mail goes fast over the pond again so you could have them before christmas but I honestly thing it will be tight. Please let me know if you change your mind and do not want the coin. I will update as soon as I know more. Thanks! grodan Karin
  2. Progress so far, I got the first artwork back today and it looks nice really. Now I have made some changes and sent it back so now to wait for it again. grodan Karin
  3. Front side also sent in so now I just have to wait for the artist to make my pictures Can´t wait. Still not sure how many I will have made but somewhere around 125 -150 I guess. So you can still reserve a coin if you would like. I am not taking any money until I have the coins in hand and I am ready to send them out. Thanks so far. grodan Karin
  4. Progress so far, back side design has been sent to work with, now for the front side. Still time to order if you would like this years GOD JUL coin, it is Swedish for Merry Christmas. grodan Karin Thank you!
  5. Hi! It is getting colder here in Sweden and it is therefore time to start thinking of this years GOD JUL coin. Do you want one this year too?? Please post here if you would like to buy some. The design will follow previous years but of course new pictures. It will hopefully be trackable, own icon and my GF-prefix. I have sent for a quote but for now I don´t know how much it will be each since I don´t know how many to make or the current dollar verses SEK yet. So this is only a post to find out if there is any interest in this coin. Please let me know. Thank you all. grodan Karin
  6. Got my invoice today and sent the money right away. Let the turtles swim! Thank you Tsun for making these coins and others. I find them very beautiful. grodan Karin
  7. june 3 would be my guess, thank you for the cointest. grodan Karin
  8. Reservation mail sent. Thank you very much for another great turtle. grodan Karin
  9. Congrats top you on a very cool coin. Nice message it brings too. grodan Karin
  10. Your coins have been mailed so please let me know when the reach you. Thank you! grodan Karin
  11. Hi! I have got the coins and are ready to send out paymentinfo to those who ordered. There are still a few left if anyone want to get one. Just let me know. The cost is $20 each including shipping for 1-2 coins. Payment through paypal. The artwork says glitteryellow and glitterblue but a misunderstanding made it without glitter, still looking nice I think so I will let it be. grodan Karin
  12. ohh, hope I have something you would like to trade it for. grodan Karin
  13. Still waiting on the second artwork so if you like one just let me know. Still time. Thanks. grodan Karin
  14. Got an artwork today and it is going to look great!! Have to make some minor changes but I think it will turn out just nice. Still time to make a reservation. Thanks. grodan Karin
  15. I really like the antique silver so put me up for one please. grodan Karin
  16. Here is last years coin, I might have a couple left, need to check that. but this years eastercoin from me would be more like this: but with easterthings instead. grodan Karin
  17. Time again to think of this years Eastercoin from grodan & fiabus. I have already sent in a first draft and waiting on answer. I will most likely make 100 of these or maybe just 75 to match last years eastercoin. This years coin will look alot like the GOD JULcoin but of course with easterthings instead. I don´t know the cost yet, but a qualified guess is about the same cost as the GOD JULcoin. If you are interested in one or more please send me an email through the profile and/or post it here. PMs doesn´t work for me. Thank you all! grodan Karin
  18. Let´s make a try to put in some pictures of our missions. grodan & fiabus mission from Dorsetgal and geodog: HunnyBunny´s mission from Amoolia: Thank you!!
  19. Glad it made it over the pond. Funny is that my daughter received her mission from Amoolia. Thank you very much! grodan Karin
  20. This is a mission for me. I try to do this in every mission so I would like to play, please. grodan Karin
  21. grodan Karin (adult) Card Sent:yes and has posted received Card recieved: yes, dec27. Thank you TeamEccs21 fiabus Björn (adult) Card Sent:yes and it has been posted received Card recieved:yes,Thank you team Romeo. HunnyBunny Card Sent:yes,and has posted received Card recieved:yes, Thank you SuperfunHunters. SimonLimon: Card Sent:yes and has posted received Card recieved:yes, Thank you drneal! MattiFnatti Card Sent: yes and has posted received Card recieved: yes. Thank you MagKirk!! 5 missions sent out and all reached its destinations, 5 missions received also. Thank you for hosting this. Happy Holidays from Sweden! grodan Karin
  22. I have the same problem. Thankful for help. Need to check what adress I have there since we moved this summer. grodan Karin
  23. "what is the dog coin from please?" The round coin is our Hot Dogs event geocoin. The last 5 years we have been hosting a small event where we gather to talk, have fun and eat hot dogs. This year was 5year anniversary so I made a coin for it. So my design and prefix GF, 100 made, antique bronze Link to this years event: The Hot Dogs in Lima 2011 Last years: The Hot Dogs in Lima 2010 You are all welcome to next years event, probably the first saturday of august. grodan Karin
  24. mission 1: adults grodan & fiabus Package Sent dec 08, has not posted as received Package Received: We got a great box of christmas spirit from UK today. Thank you Santa X. Two duffs, 2 ornaments for the tree, some pathtags and some chocolate and 2 lovely coins. Think there were more also but my mind is malfunctioning sometimes. Thank you very much!! mission 2: kids HunnyBunny1 Package Sent yes and has posted as received Package Received: yes Thank you for hosting this. grodan Karin
  25. grodan Karin (adult) Card Sent:dec 07, not posted here Card recieved: not yet fiabus Björn (adult) Card Sent:dec 07 , not posted here Card recieved:yes HunnyBunny Card Sent:and has been received Card recieved: yes SimonLimon (kid, turns 5) Card Sent:and has posted received Card recieved: yes MattiFnatti (kid nearly 3, january 13) Card Sent:dec 05, not posted here Card recieved: yes Thank you for hosting this. Happy Holidays from Sweden! grodan Karin
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