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  1. Happy to see the Coin arrives around the world.


    The picture on the Coin is a picture of the Little fireshed at our fathers cache GC1EQ1H, it is a place where the hunters gather to start off the days Hunt for Moose. In our area that Hunt takes place around second monday of october.

    We go there some Times' to grill some sausages and have a swedish "fika"! Drink some coffe and eat some cookies and/or sandwiches.

    A really nice place.

  2. The geocoins has arrived and they came out great. Sorry though to say they are a bit more expensive this year but I hope you Will still want them.


    I Will ask someone to post a picture here since I can not figure out how. It is out on Facebook so please fel free to go there and post it here.


    Cost Will be $25 shipping included. Payment through paypal and please remember to check the square to avoid the fee.


    Just give me a message and you Will get the payment info.

    Thanks ahead.

    grodan Karin

  3. All exept 2012 has been 1,5" there was a misunderstanding 2012 so that one is 1,75. So it is not this one that is smaller, it is 2012 that is larger.


    I usually don't show the blueprint until the Coin is done, sometimes I give sneakpeaks but not the whole image.

    The design follow the other years so you have the idea, just other pictures.



    grodan Karin

  4. I decided to make a God Jul 2015 Geocoin and I am now taking reservations.


    The coin follow previous years style but New pictures. :santa:


    Trackable with own icon

    GF -prefix


    Goldmetal like the others


    I Will most likely make 50 pieces, at most 100

    I do not know the Cost yet but I do believe it Will be reasonable.


    No money involved for now, just reservations and you pay When I send the coins to you. Paypal is easiest .


    So please let me know, post here if you like to buy one or more.

    Thank you very much.

    grodan Karin

  5. I am selling almost My entire collection. I Will keep some but almost all Will go if the price is right. You can look in My profile grodan & fiabus to see what coins I have. All coins are activated with logs that I hope and ask the New owner to keep.

    Give me an offer for one or more or all and I might take it or not. :)

    Please keep in mind that I live in Sweden so shipping Will have to be added.

    I don't want to part with them but for now I need the money more than the coins.

    Thanks ahead and all the best. grodan Karin

  6. Is there by chance any south america or bike themed coins in those grabbags?


    Oh, no idea. Do you have any names, pictures or links to coins that would be of interest? To Hard to tell without name or picture.

    grodan Karin

  7. I will buy or swap any trackable with the code GM4633 - if its out there


    Email me please


    I am sad to say I don't think there is a Coin or TB with that number made yet.

    If you search for trackable by number it says, "the travelbug you requested does not exist in the system"

    If you search it and there is one but unactivated it Will say "This Trackable (Glad Pask 2014 Geocoin) hasn't been activated. Activate it now.

    Glad påsk was just an exemplets show the answer.


    All the best.

    grodan Karin

  8. Glad you like them. This years Coin are all sold out, I have already some names on waitinglist but I doubt any of those left to pay would change there minds so I Will not add any more to the list, sorry.


    drneal, I write you a message on Facebook, please take a look there, but I can send you an email also.


    Thank you all.

    grodan Karin

  9. Wohoo, the coins arrived yesterday.

    They came out real nice actually, I had My doubts but they are nice.

    I have started to send out paymentinfo so keep a look if you have ordered.

    Thank you very much.

    All ordered coins are taken so no available for now, maybe if someone changes their minds.

    grodan Karin

  10. It would be very nice to have you deliver the missioncoin yourself Claire, but I am sure it would take even longer time before I get it then so, I am happy to tell that MattiFnatti has finally received her mission.

    Thank you very much and I sure wish I knew where the other went??


    grodan Karin and MattiFnatti

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