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  1. When I put in the to and from and press search nothing happens, no map appears. I also tried a saved search along a route to see if I could edit that but it would not let me edit that either.
  2. I am having the same problem. When I get to the map I can't change the position of the start and stop flags, only the map moves and not the flags. I have tried it in Firefox, Chrome, and Explorer with the same outcome.
  3. I have been following the discussion here and I think I will try this with my GC. I have a question about the maps, can I just reinstall the map from the GC files I saved or do I need to re-install them with Vantage point? The file looks like it is call map.dat and is in the mapdata folder. Thanks for all the help. lonepinemax
  4. On her end, she did not have her profile page set to except friend requests.
  5. The problem was I had asked my sister to be on my friend list and every time she tried to put me on it would not let her.
  6. The problem is solved, thank you.
  7. It would help enormously if you could tell us exactly what it says. Without that, we're just guessing what the problem might be and probably won't be much help.
  8. Thanks for the help. I searched this topic on the help page but could not find any answers. Thanks again.
  9. Can you give me some direction on how to do this?
  10. Hi, I have tried to go on the site where it says "click on the link below to either accept or decline this friend invite" but it keeps saying you are not authentic or something and won't come up with the accept or decline button. This is the message that the person I sent the friend request gets,do you have any clues? Thanks
  11. I know how to add an image to a found cache but is adding to a travel bug log page the same?
  12. New to this TB thing and have a question. When you find a TB and you log your find, can you attache a photo to your find so the owner can see some country of where it was placed or found? I didn't see any way of doing this. Thanks.
  13. No because we usually use both gpsr at the same time. I use one and my wife uses the other but we have learned to keep walking and get a fix, usually at right angles to the cash then change direction and walk straight in if possible. It is not as nice as the 450 but like I say for the price it is very good and a good unit to start with. I have also seen on some forums that there is a way to convert this unit over to a 310.
  14. Thanx, do you find the lack of an electronic compass is a big drawback? Compared to the 450
  15. I have the GC and an Oregon 450 and for the price the GC is a very good unit. It has paperless caching, comes with a very good map and is easy to use except the joy stick can sometimes be a pain. Also just found out that if you turn the smart arrow off and use the standard arrow it seems more accurate when you get close to the cache.
  16. Thanx I will look into that one. Does it provide paperless caching?
  17. All I know is it works and yes i did type it on the card exactly as it appeared on the gps although I don't think it would matter if it was upper or lower case.
  18. Just so people know, I made a folder on the card called garmin with a subfolder called gpx
  19. I moved those pdf files to a different card and that seems to work fine. I also found that I can put my gpx files on an sd card and that also works fine. Now when i go somewhere on a trip I can just put all those gpx files on sd cards and should never run out of storage again as I can just delete them or buy another card for a few dollars. Thanks
  20. I have my maps on an sd card but it tells me that garmin card only has 7kb left on it, there is lots of room on my sd card.
  21. When I check my Oregon 450t on the computer it says there is only 7 mg left on memory, but I see a bunch of pdf files that look like the owners manuals in about 30 different languages. Can I safely delete these files to make more space? Should I move them to the micro card or just delete them? Thanks for any help.
  22. You go to waypoints, push enter, menu, add waypoint, coordinates, enter, use the joy stick, up & down to change cord numbers, push enter when finished. You can also use the joy stick to highlight and change the name of the waypoint.
  23. I came to that conclusion now also and have changed my caches to premium members only.
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