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  1. At Goocaching.com click your user name in upper right corner. This takes you to the page with last 30 days caches. Click caches where is has Show All Logs For. In the resulting page you may sort which caches to show. Right click a blank area in center of page and select Export To MS Excell. Im using Vista and office pro 2003. No need for GSAK or creating pocket Queries.

  2. I received a very unique Christmas present today. It was a Christmas card with the cords to the real gift. I love the idae and some of my friends will be hunting next year or even for birthdays during the year. What are some other Geogifts received?

  3. I see no problem logging TBs or coins but for accurate miles use your GPSr. I use an auto adapter and a Garmin 60CS and leave it on driving or walking from the time I leave my house until I arrive home. Logging bugs will keep track of miles in a direct line whereas the GPSr will keep track of miles accually driven.

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