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  1. Hi Blue Jackal Try geostuff.com.au
  2. All done from Australia. We gave our perspective and that of our teenage son. Look forward to reading the book one day
  3. I had one published today.... Thanks for the idea. I'll be interested to see how it pans out! Here is the link to my cache
  4. There is one that I have found here in Australia...traffic control no1 where the finder has to move it to a new set of traffic lights, there is also number 2 and 3 which are on roundabouts and stop signs. They are a lot of fun and you have to be quick to get them.
  5. I am sorry to report that they are still not working for me.
  6. I have noticed I can't see the avatars any more either! Well just a select few on the logs on the cache page or in the forums.
  7. Well, I am pleased to know it is not just me. Hopefully Groundspeak will realise soon and rectify the issue.
  8. Hi everyone I have noticed this morning that I am unable to load images from the cache page. If I click on the gallery they just show me the broken link symbol and if I click on the picture in the actual log, or indeed in my own gallery I get this message...."The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later." Is this just me?? or is it happening to others? I hope it is just a glitch as sometimes you need to view the images if the cache is a tricky one to find. Many thanks Sat down Edited to fix typos!
  9. G'day I'm an Aussie cache and use OSM. Shonky maps are meant to be really good but I have not tried them out. If you post in the geocaching Australia forum, which most Aussie cachers use as opposed to the ground speak forum you might have more luck. The link is http://forum.geocaching.com.au/ Cheers and happy caching. Enjoy Oz
  10. Sorry I did offer to help but on 2nd thoughts it would not be very practical. May i suggest that you post in the geocaching Australia forums... link http://forum.geocaching.com.au/ make sure you make it clear it is a geocaching.com cache and not a geocaching Australia cache that you want. 2 different sites but most Aussie cachers use both.
  11. It's not just the avatars, the spoiler pictures on the cache pages are gone too!
  12. I don't mind helping either. Just south of Sydney, Australia here. Message me if you are interested!
  13. Probably this one...GC2KR13 called Chirp @ half the price
  14. Here in Sydney, Australia we have a few canoe caches (link to canoe event cache). In fact last weekend, in the middle of winter, we had a great turnout to a canoe and cache event on the river...I would say it was fairly popular. It gave a lot of people the opportunity to get together and find a few canoe caches
  15. The difference between Shelter lll and Bifrost is that the one one the shelter was published in 2006 and is a micro and our good old Bifrost has only been out 5 weeks and is a SMALL container. I've looked for it. It'll be interesting to see how long it is before someone finds it. I can't imagine there is anywhere left to look.....
  16. This one is certainly the hardest one around here. Hasn't been found yet 128 DNF's to date and it's only been published a month. GC38N6K Bifrost cache
  17. Hi Fairview Hunters I hope I can help as I recently had the same problem. I am assuming you are with gmail, as I am, but even if you are not it may be the same with other email addresses. Recently there was an upgrade and since then all the find logs went into my spam folder in gmail. Have a look in your spam, hopefully they will all be there. Just create a filter allowing them to bypass spam and go into your inbox. My filter has the word owner, as it is not just finds, but DNF's, maintenance logs etc that were being missed. Hopefully this helps you too. Cheers Sat Down
  18. Same thing here. Either a gmail or GC originated problem. Would like to know which, but at least can get it fixed now. Thx cachers !! Thanks I have been having the same problem, but just had a look and there they were in my spam folder! Thanks for finding the solution!
  19. Happy to help. I'm in NSW and fairly new to the game myself
  20. Thanks again Highland Horde. This was indeed my problem. I saved another one over the old one today and it is updated beautifully. My problem is solved!
  21. Thank you Highland Horde, I think that is where I have been going wrong. I always given it a different(updated) name.I shall try keeping the name the same and let you know if this works.I am sure it will. Thanks again for your help!
  22. Hi all I am after a little help here. I have a garmin dakota 10 with 1000 local caches loaded on to it. Every week I get a pocket query of the ones that have been updated in the past week, new logs, notes etc. When I receive the PQ I get it as a zipped file. I have tried 2 ways of uploading the latest logs to my GPS, one by copying and pasting the unzipped file straight into my gps by directly putting it in to the F drive (garmin dakota) by opening the folders there, clicking on garmin, clicking on GPX and dropping it in. The other way is by opening easy GPS and sending it to my device from there. Neither way seems to update the logs in my device and the only way I can update them is by deleting all my files from the gps and running a new PQ of 1000 caches near home. Then they go in my empty garmin fine. Can anyone enlighten me as to what I am doing wrong? There must be an easier way to update the caches already loaded? Or do i just need to continue what I am doing? Many thanks in advance for your help
  23. I dont really mind the new site except for one really annoying flaw... since the upgrade I am unable to put in the correct log dates as here in Australia we are a day ahead of you ( for the most part anyway). My personal settings are set to Sydney time, but when I log it defaulted to yesterdays date and when I changed it to the 6th (it was still the 5th on the server) it would not accept a day in the future. Please could this be rectified or all my log dates will be wrong?
  24. I don't really mind the new site but have discovered a really annoying flaw. I am in Australia, and my personal settings are set to Sydney time GMT+10. I have found that because the server is aday behind us ( for most of the day) I am now unable to make my logs show the correct date. Today (the 6th here) I was logging and it defaulted to the 5th (the server time). I changed it to the 6th and it showed an error stating that I was unable to put in a date in the future. Does this mean all my logs will now be a day behind? Surely, as this is a worldwide hobby, the new website should be able to cater for all the different timezones. The old one did. Any way of rectifying this?
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