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  1. LMAO!!! :lol: I am nominating that for the Annual National Hyperbole Award! Reading TFTC logs is like observing a wounded pygmy dwarf ferret with a fracured femur, limp along, wailing in agony, while leaving a trail of blood, puss, and fecal matter until finally losing complete interest and getting consumed with scanning QR codes.
  2. Well, we still dont know which cache it was, or even the username of the person.
  3. I've become a fan of using mechanical fasteners (bolts, rivets, whatever), and then using an adhesive as a sealant. But with that said, I've had pretty good luck with JB Weld, even repairing car parts with it (which then survived regular use for years until I sold the car). I would expect that a layer of JB Weld going all the way around the preform would bear a strong resemblance to a mechanical fastener. It doesn't seem to adhere to the plastic on lock n locks, even if roughened up. It comes off of the outside of kayaks also, although I've found that if used on the inside of the hole, while melting the original plastic to the outside, works fine. It's a solid material, but often doesn't adhere to plastic well.
  4. I use the old time package with the two toothpaste type tubes....mix an equal amount & apply. I've attached all sorts of magnets to all sorts of containers. Isn't JB Weld just another epoxy? I suppose there are all sorts of trade-offs that can be made in the manufacture of epoxy (for instance, the quick set formulas are not as strong). Personally, I try to never use any adhesive as the primary method of attachment, just as a furniture maker would never rely purely on glue for a wood joint. A mechanical connection is your ace in the hole. The adhesive is just for backup and to hold that mechanical connection together if necessary. An example would be to attach the magnet to the preform with, say, nylon zip ties, then cover that with epoxy so that the zip ties don't slip out of place. Yes, it is another epoxy - but a dadgum good one. I have not had a single epoxied magnet failure, and I am here in weather fluctuating New England. Agreed.......I've used a lot of epoxy's over the years and some just don't harden properly every time. Now I ONLY use J-B. JB weld often breaks loose from plastic, from what I've noticed, although it dries rather solid. I'd prefer to buy the magnets with holes in them and bolt them to the container with JB weld acting as a gasket/sealer.
  5. It looks like there is one traditional near a bridge and 15 wherigos in the general area, which are all possibilities.
  6. Its rather sad news. He fell off a bridge? Which cache was he looking for?
  7. Yes it could, because they did not complete all of the challenge requirements, which was to place a note. Although that qualification would prevent it from being published today, it is grandfathered and part of the challenge. It really isn't a challenge anyhow if you don't have to do anything other than prequalify. Many of these challenges exist only to pad stats with high D/T combos for not doing anything at all. An LPC is suddenly a 5/5 because of existing stats?
  8. It's so you can appear to be an experienced cacher without doing much at all. Most people will notice your find count, but not notice how you got it.
  9. I'm not sure why this is an argument that the event as listed on geocaching.com must last 30 minutes. If you are getting a group together to go on a hike, you would probably list a time when you should be at the trailhead. You might say "We'll leave from the trailhead promptly at 7:05 AM so be on time. People will likely show up early. Some may even arrive more than 1/2 hour before the start time. As you got closer to 7:05 more people would show up. Perhaps at 7:00 the group leader will say a few words about the hike or take a head count. Maybe a 7:05 some car will come driving up the street. The group will wait a few minutes while the late comer parks their car and joins the group. At 7:09 they start the hike. Now let's say the organizer would like to post this as an event on Geocaching.com and invite the geocaching community to go on the hike. Way back in the day they would post this as an event. Overtime TPTB have decided to narrow the defintion of what an event could be. At firs they said, "If the primary purpose of the hike is to go find caches, this is better done using social media than as an event listed on GC.com" Of course, if the event was a picnic, you could have activities where people find temporary caches at the picnic or go out and look for permanent caches which the reviewers would publish on the day of the event. But the primary purpose of the event was the picnic. A hike seems suspicious. Is the hike the primary purpose or finding caches? No problem, just have a "event" prior or following the hike. Back in the day, we'd meet for breakfast at McDonald's and call that the event. When the idea of a flash mob event came along, it became even simpler. Set five minutes right before leaving on the hike as the "event" and it could be list on GC.com, With the new rule you have to put aside half-an-hour befor the hike. Most hikers are not going to show up half-an-hour early. They'll show up for the hike and if they are not too late, they will log their attended log. My guess it that some people would like to go back to the workaround of meeting at McDonald's instead of the trailhead. I find it all artificial. People are forced to create meaningless "events" just to list their hike on GC.com. Making this artiface 1/2 hour instead of 5 minutes base ond some personal belief that you need 1/2 to make meanigful connections is, IMO, not a very good reason to make a change. Plenty of people show up 30 minutes before a hike to chitchat, and if they don't? So what? They can always show up 5 minutes before and claim their smiley anyway. I don't see the problem here.
  10. There is no problem. A new cache exists elsewhere because some people did not listen to the owner, and believed that there was nothing he could do. Insisting incorrectly that they were his rules, or that there are two hides, is absurd. The cache is now replaced elsewhere. Yall didn't expect that to happen, so archival is requested?
  11. Am I the only one not familiar with the term "flood cacher"? It's like a chicken catcher, but with more moisture.
  12. No comment about misleading us about the circumstances? We first envisioned the cache owner emailing you out of the blue, but then discovered that you emailed him first for a hint. That kind of alters the scenario, as I doubt that he would email anyone else who posted a TFTC.
  13. I think this person is mad because it's the second time their grammar was corrected on a cache title... Grouchy - I find it interesting that you would even take the time to correct the grammatical error, to be honest. They may have edited the qualifications to make them more precise, but they did not edit out the apostrophe in the title. Wonder if something like that would disturb someone enough to post a Needs Archived.
  14. A new icon that is not exclusive to Seattle? I recall a few people were upset that they couldn't travel there for the icon. Making a new icon that appears everywhere to pacify them is a little silly. Will it be everywhere, or more like the Adventure Maze exhibit? This is only speculation but what I envisioned was something like an international geocaching block party weekend. Sort of like a mega international geocaching day, but instead of a small events created for the purpose of providing a quick and simple way for a few people to acquire a souvenir, there might be a bunch of mega-events occurring simultaneously all around the world. With the use of various social media platforms there could be real time interaction between geocachers in many different places. Something that I have proposed in the past was the ability to set up a temporary webcam cache at mega events. Suppose there were live streams of webcams from all over the world that went to a single site where one could watch the activities going on at different block parties. The idea is to *really* bring the international geocaching community together rather than just those that can travel to one specific location. That sounds like a good idea, although the satellite events could certainly run alongside of the block party but with a slightly different icon.
  15. And with 1 pi, you merely need the Diameter. 2 pi is a round number. Unless it's pi squared. Pi squared day is September 8th, celebrated precisely at 6:09am with a compass and square.
  16. If you had simply listed your qualifications and went out and found it, you probably could have gotten away with it. However you explicitly mention the loophole, which indicates that you at least suspected that it was something that the CO did not intend.
  17. It seems the options are to archive it and republish a new one with the edit, or simply edit it. The spirit of the intention of the challenge is more important than any loophole.
  18. A new icon that is not exclusive to Seattle? I recall a few people were upset that they couldn't travel there for the icon. Making a new icon that appears everywhere to pacify them is a little silly.
  19. I think a nice game camera inside a birdhouse and placed 10 feet up a tree may do the trick.
  20. Wow, a very bad joke, complete with an image of someone using their fingers with the symbol of devil horns to convey it.
  21. Canceling the block parties? I can't see how this is something positive.
  22. Excellent! Would you mind if I copy and pasted that a few hundred times? I think this thread has reached a crescendo much higher than the original participants reached themselves. Perhaps we should all become unhinged and demand that people conform to Narcissa's belief to stop all of the ridiculous emails?
  23. I see you live in Denmark, but occasionally visit Norway and Canada, have 9 finds from 2013, and 9 from 2014. You own one hide, as well as a pair of black knitted gloves, and will move the occasional TB. Nothing too interesting that I'd be concerned about.
  24. So wouldn't that include the "unsolicited e-mail" from the OP to the CO asking for a hint? And should the CO have ignored that e-mail? Or is an e-mail OK only if the recipient likes the message? Perhaps the CO should have responded with something like IANHTLBTT (It's a normal hide; try looking behind the tree.) If CO's are out of line for expecting more than an acronym, why aren't finders out of line for asking for more than they are willing to do? That' what I see as the entitlement here - the OP wanted the CO to do MORE than the OP themselves was willing to do. JMHO, Mrs. Car54 That was quite rude, for the finder to harass the hapless cache owner with an unsolicited email, and to berate him about the hint being too short, or not good enough. It is irrational to believe that asking for a hint is enough reason to bother someone with an email, which is quite an overreaction!!!
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