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  1. I thought norm of conduct was posting appropriate logs and allowing reviewers to use that information to make decisions? Hasn't it always been that way? I didn't realize that I was suppose to be hunting these criminals down and seeing they are duly punished? That was a joke but for some not far from the truth. Are there loopholes the can be reasonably closed that GS doesn't know about? Armchair loggers take advantage of the fact that most cache owners don't check physical logs with the paper logs. Do we need to get rid of finds because of this loophole? That's another silly joke but not as silly as thinking that GS could somehow make Geocaching bullet proof from cheaters and rule breakers. Here's where I go off the rails. The General Laws of Massachusetts has 5 parts. Part 2 has 3 Titles. Title 1 has 16 chapters and chapter 183 has 69 sections. This is just the general laws. Point is you can't legislate morality. Geocaching has a set of guidelines. What do you expect? I guess the question is, dose providing an incentive to cache owners worth it knowing that some will Inevitably try to take advantage of them?
  2. I do? Didn't I say "If you see something wrong fix it or report it and move on. " The move on part is what I'm trying to emphasize here. It's amazing how many "examples" of bad caches and bad cache owners have been posted here. I'm guilty of it myself on these forums but only to make a point. I get the impression that some actually go out of their way to keep track of such things on a daily basis and obsess on how to best fight these injustices. I'm for playing the game according to the guidelines and if I see something that I think is not right I'll make it right or post a log that will make the problem public. What I won't do is obsess about it and spend countless hours documenting examples and complaining about unfair practices. Back on point. I haven't seen anything negative in offering cache owners some sort of perk other than fear some among us will use it to cheat the system.
  3. That too but my doctors tell me I'm much better now.
  4. I've been in reality brother. All this right here is imagination.
  5. If exaggeration is a cheap shot this is an outright low blow.
  6. No not blind. Obsessed. For you and others it's become a cause. To rid the Geocaching world of slackers and cheats. As if you could. I hate to break this to you but you can't. You can't! They're going to continue doing so regardless of how much you kick and scream. Now you're ready to crucify those that rule bend? I can think of a dozen times I've had the power to bend the rules and did so for the right reasons. It's bad to dwell on things like this to the point you forget to actually have fun caching. It's ok if a cheater has 5000 more finds than you do. It's not the end of the world if an owner doesn't maintain a cache. If you see something wrong fix it or report it and move on. Have you had your blood pressure checked lately? I'm beginning to worry about you.
  7. I believe it happens all the time everywhere. I don't think it represents the majority of people out there playing and I don't think we should be dismissing ideas because we're afraid the vast minority will abuse something.
  8. Maybe your right. Maybe my 100 mile radius of Geocaching experience is unique to the world. I'd rather think that your past experiences has blinded you to everything that's good about Geocaching and your so focused on who's getting away with what you fail to see those that are having fun playing the right way. I truly hope I'm wrong on both counts.
  9. Not trying to be rude. I just don't believe that the majority of cachers you know would grossly abuse the guidelines. If that's true I feel sorry for you because that's not what I've seen. Not even close. I've seen many instances where someone has broken the guidelines because they're new and didn't understand them. People spend all kinds of time thinking of way to game the system and for what? I'd rather not waste my time trying to stop them and use that time for more constructive things.
  10. Everybody can play their own way......There's plenty of room to do that within the guidelines.
  11. And how many people is that? The majority of the people you know are untrustworthy?
  12. Keep in mind there's a difference between making mistakes or not understanding the right way to play and intentionally ignoring the guidelines. In my experience there are very few of the latter.
  13. Let's say I pick up a trackable and a couple of days later I go caching again. I may not find a cache suitable to leave the trackable in but I'll mark it as "visited" that cache so the trackable gets credit for the mileage between where I picked it up and the cache I just found. It's ok to do this until you find a cache that your comfortable leaving the trackable in or a cache that's may be specific to the trackable's goal. I don't "visit" the trackable at every cache I find before I drop it off. For example If I go caching in an area where there's 8 or 9 caches I'll only mark the trackable as visiting one of them so it gets credit for some mileage. Another reason I do this is so the trackable's page isn't filled up with "visited" logs. A visited log also lets the trackable owner know it's still active. The key is not to hold on to it for too long. Try to drop it in a cache within a week or two. Another feature is the discovered log. If you find a cache that has a trackable in it but for whatever reason you don't want to pick it up. Write down the tracking code and log it as "discovered" on the trackable page. This lets the owner, and other cachers, know that the trackable is still in the cache and waiting to be picked up. It also adds it to your list of found trackables. I have a travel bug I carry with me that belongs to a little girl. She doesn't want me to drop it off in another cache. She asked me to keep it with me and "visit" the various caches I find and take pictures of her TB so she can watch it travel and see it in different places. Many of the pictures I've taken with the TB are from places and things that have nothing to do with Geocaching.
  14. I'd leave the caches out until they develop a problem. In the mean time I'd look to see if I could find someone who would adopt them or agree to do maintenance on them if the need arose. If the time comes when a cache needed maintenance and your unable to fix it yourself or find anyone to do it for you, I'd archive them and try to figure out a way to retrieve the containers. Adoption would be the best route. Finding someone who will help you with maintenance will work as long as your willing to monitor the caches and post the Owners Maintenance Logs when repairs are made.
  15. We can't reject good new ideas based solely on those who may decide to scheme them. We're always going to have people trying to fudge the system. Why not look at ideas based on people playing the right way, which is the way most players do?
  16. Why dose it cost a bazillion dollars to run a commercial during the Super Bowl? Because there are a bazillion people watching it and will see that commercial. I'm sure GS makes money on adds but the amount of money depends on the number of people who will potentially see it. The more members they have the bigger the advertising dollars will be. As usual I've found a way to get off topic so this is my attempt to get back on. There should be some incentive given to good cache owners who place quality caches. What that incentive(s) could be I'm not sure but with this push for better cache maintenance I'd think that some sort of incentive would play well with that push. Giving favorite points to cachers who don't have any because they spend most of their time developing new caches or maintaining existing ones makes sense to me because I'm in that very position. What other ideas could be used?
  17. If they come to the conclusion that my caches are no longer of any value I'll archive them myself. That being said I'm not to worried about it. It's been my experience that as long as you're up front and honest about following the rules and maintaining your caches there's not going to be a problem. As of today I haven't seen any changes to the guidelines that make me want to move on.
  18. Each and every cache is part of the whole that is Geocaching. This whole is what causes people to become members as well as premium only caches and various features, so indirectly GS makes money on your cache and mine. And I'm fine with that.
  19. Thanks for sharing this idea with us. I think it's worthy of discussion. I'm Actually in the same boat as the person you mentioned. Life's been busy and most of the caching related time I spend is on cache maintenance. As of today I don't have a favorite point to give even if I wanted to. It would be nice to acknowledge good cache owners is some way. I don't see anything wrong in offering some sort of incentive to place better caches.
  20. How is it I can pick up my cache and archive the listing any time I want to if GS owns it? Their listing site, their rules. When you click that submit button your agreeing to all those guidelines, regardless how stupid you may think they are. If new guidelines are implemented and you don't agree with them, your free to archive your cache or move it to another listing site. Bingo! The guidelines are known. Your willingness to follow them are not. Because of this ownership & Liability has to remain with the individual.
  21. The fact your even asking this question is encouraging. It tells me your thoughtful and care about how your actions are portrayed. Three cheers to you. Like Keystone said. "Permission is a awesome thing". It covers all persons involved. Keep in mind that getting permission to do something doesn't always make it the right thing to do. This is where you need to use your own good judgement to make the right call.
  22. I don't get it either but for whatever reason they enjoy armchair logging. Find numbers mean little to me and I don't place caches so that people can pad their stats. Don't waist your time and energy worrying about them. Focus on more fun and creative endeavors like finding another cache or hiding one. There's also nothing wrong with reporting suspected "fowl play" to GS and let them take it from there.
  23. I personally don't see anything wrong with your first paragraph. That being said I'm not a reviewer. Despite popular belief reviewers are flesh and blood human beings. Like all people they read and interpret things a little differently than your or I. How you handle this situation will go a long way toward developing a good rapport with your reviewer. I had the same situation and with a little tweaking I was able to satisfy myself and my reviewer. Try incorporating your first paragraph into the history portion. Sometimes a little creative writing will get you to where you want to go. Good luck.
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