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  1. Oh...im the fellow austrian Cacher Cezanne mentioned This request was after publishing of a forgotten Cache in Oregon ...not so far from Seattle A List of some challenges of this style sortable by date
  2. Its like anything else, it depends on how it is written. I believe that while a challenge cache should be challenging, it should be doable. The one or two that I've published, I believe, have been point valued forgotten caches. I'm making the number up but I would publish it: Forgotten Challenge: Must have 100 forgotten points. 3 points for a cache unfound for 3 months 6 points for a cache unfound for 6 months 9 points for a cache unfound for 9 months and so on. The longer the cache is unfound, the more points it is worth. Again, this lets people work on the challenge at their pace, does reward people for finding unfound caches where as doesn't hurt people after the unfound cache is found. I've seen older ALR caches (pre-challenge), where they were near impossible for people do them because once the 2 year unfound cache was found, you'd have to wait over a year and hope the next one wasn't found before then. The other issue I have with strict forgotten caches challenges, instead of letting a missing forgotten cache die when they should, some would replace them quietly to be able to say they found it; even if there was a string of DNFs. This never sat well with me. Challenges should encourage you to play the geocaching game, not do sketchy things just to qualify. As the Owner of the rejected Challenge of the initial post. : I read the Challenge-Guidelines well before send to publish -and aware that there are many Caches with similiar tasks- (also of that pointstyle you mentioned above) As there stand in the GL: The reviewer advised me to appeals as he didnt think that such style follows the guidelines. The answer was: I didn't see there any possible suggestion to change my listing (as the listing get locked for me -i have to bring up hundreds of listings with different tasks...points/years/amount of caches...until maybe one get the right amount/style at appeals ). In my understandings (as not native englishspeaker) this answer from appeals (also send to the reviewer) says clearly that there is no chance ever to publish such caches (except the responsible reviewer acts against the current guidance) Edit...back to the topic : the 'reasonable amount' was only mentioned in the reviewernote/forumthread ...not in the answer from appeals - there was only mentioned that this would lead to a competitive race like a first to find.
  3. as Jayme H said. The answer i got to a once wrong entered e-mailadress is a answer to my or a Reviewer-request per mail i think, not the automatic site. So- the from me entered Ticker (twice dissapear, so have to open aduplicate ) was deleted because answer was sent per mail ? - or as Cezanne mentioned sometimes get lost?
  4. In the answer to me is meaned of generally no challenge with this topic (forgotten or lost Caches) - not if 300 days unfound (425 today in Austria - for 180 days there are around 900...without any Caches in the surrounding Countries (..germany is around 30 miles from this hideout..)-or spreaded all over the world ) - or whatever else. So this means that hundreds of Cachers will hunt for this Challenge (from zero on...neglected all the thousands that maybe need only some of this stuff....i myself have 23 over 300 days ... - without hunting for them (except since the idea to this Challenge...intersting that such Caches often nearby PTs ... but neglected ,as there are maybe the foundrate in a hour drops to one ) For the USA the statistic at project.geocaching.com topped out by #10000 at 866 days unfound (i didnt know how accurate this statistic belonging to the API is really).... the US are 2 1/2 times bigger then Europe...so in Europe maybe #10000 would be for sure over 300 days. (as GC hosts the Data...maybe someone can view at it )...and there really have to hunt many people for this Caches to lower it , as every day other Caches are unfound for a long time. What is few...curious. As there is a Challenge to find at least one Cache in every state of the US- so counting Caches in a much smaller area like Europe is reliable. Not that i think there would really ever be on a Challenge like this be more founds as at my whole other Caches .... i think i need a bigger logbook
  5. here the Link to my Request (a Copy of my Request). in another (austrian) Forum Qualiflyer (quoted reviewer) allowed me to use Quotation of his Note. The final Sentence is NOT a Quotation of the answer from Groundspeak... its my Conclusion - they are concearned that hunting for such long unfound caches would lead to a Competition.
  6. Thx! It's not a reply to my mail or my Request i think (the mail was sent from the correct adress) - so there somewhere in the database exist a wrong e-mail (i sometimes mistyped it - but on my profile only the real are visible). For the Question about the supportform im this case this is also the answer (get deleted while the case was closed before) - or is there a bug? anyway... so my final sentence of the intro is fact : '....any (edit:Challenge-)Cache who deals with Caches not found for some time is for now on against the Guidelines)' thx npg
  7. I checked the Spamfilter in the last weeks. Maybe it was lost as i was in Germany and offline for some days at 22 to 24.110 So, re-sending would be nice. thx npg
  8. I do not have personal experiences with the appeal process, but with using the contact form. In July I sent a request via the contact form channel and made the same experience than you. For a few days the request stayed in the queue and then it had suddenly disappeared (same type of error message you received). I then wrote an e-mail (this works much better in my experience) and was told that apparently my request got lost and that this happened to others as well. They asked me to send my request again, but I was then too lazy to type everything again (and I did not save a copy which was a bis mistake). When did you send your mail to appeals@geocaching.com? You typically need to wait for a few days at least, in complicated cases it might take even longer. Cezanne The email was sent on Sunday 20.oktober - same day as the Reviewer advised me to contact appeals. After not getting any reply (that the email reached someone there) I see the contact form - and both Requests dissappear after 3 or 4 days. You got also an answer to your e-mail - something like: your email was received... or only the final reply to your Question? T.D.M.22: I got never a email - the Quote with the accesskey only appeared on the contactform with my request (i saved the second one as i have the intuition that this will happen also with my 2.Request) - so if this get lost i think nobody ever know that the Request ever exists (Maybe works like the Reviewerqueue - if disappeared nobody ever read it). So entering a 3 Requestsite would not be of any chance to reach someone. If after 3 weeks no reply to my email ...i will send another one.
  9. After not getting any comment on 2 Requests and one email to appeals@geocaching.com i think its time to ask if someone have experience therein ? One of our Reviewers (austria) told me to contact appeals as he think that my Listing (a Challenge Cache about long unfound Caches - similiar to this Challenge ...i have only uped the days to 300 in my listing) did not appeal (i dont know if he mean attract in this case - for sure its not attractive for Cachers who have to find 2000 or more Caches a year...to timeconsuming ) and is not for a reasonable amount of Cachers. (whatever this term means). So i filled out a Request on the support site and get this message with my request: Thats the second request after my first will be deleted ..or moved? ...after some days and only 'This access key is not on file' appeared on the so told bookmarked site. Same Procedure for the above Request, who disappeared yesterday. So this could be a bug...or is a Request -or answer to a request only applicable for Premium Members ? Or should this mean that the answer of the reviewer to my Listing is all i have to know (also means, as i not restricted in any of the Parameters ....any Cache who deals with Caches not found for some time is for now on against the Guidelines) Oh: Its nothing in my Spamfilter - and the (automaticly filled in) emailadress is correct.
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