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  1. In Firefox: Menu -> Tools -> Greasemonkey Click on "Preferences" next to GME Click on "edit this user script"
  2. Still fine here using the key in GME, Neongeo & Locus Free,
  3. http://www.nearby.org.uk/coord.cgi
  4. Increase in web traffic leads to increased value of the business. Just saying.
  5. Unless you get a Bing Maps key, it won't work in any app.
  6. You probably need to clear your browser cache.
  7. Taken close to the start of, and a couple of days before finding http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC3KYFF_follow-the-rat
  8. Taken while doing http://www.opencaching.org.uk/viewcache.php?cacheid=394
  9. Just got a trial API key from Bing, & it works fine with &key=MYKEY appended to the URL in the previous version of GME as well as in NeonGeo. Only got a trial key as Bing are very vague about the potential costs.
  10. While placing a cache - http://coord.info/GC3M7MA
  11. Really? I wonder what percentage of users choose to have plain text and HTML. If the majority actually like to get HTML then this might be the answer as to 'why'. GS, would you like to comment? Looks like they wouldn't. ;(
  12. One of my comments making a serious point seems to have been deleted. My input doesn't seem to be wanted,so I will leave the subject alone now.
  13. To be honest though, I've altered my scripts so that the incoming emails are trimmed to just the info they had before, including distance and direction, with no useless crap. Shouldn't really be necessary, but I've worked around it.
  14. I have that, but shouldn't be necessary really. Complicates shell scripts which munge the emails too.
  15. +1 to plain text email option. I also use a plain text email client, it's therefore more difficult for me to read html emails. All my publish & archive emails are munged by scripts which are now broken. They will have to be re-written, this will take longer for html emails. Every time you experiment with a new email layout I will have to rewrite my scripts, so please settle on a format that you will stick to for a while.
  16. Totally disagree. If you like it, hide some caches! Go for it. This is the reason there's so many cr*p caches out there now, people hiding when they think that's what all caches are like. Find a good few & you'll have more idea about good & bad hides.
  17. I've had this happen when I have multiple caches open in different tabs. The location the map moves to is the location of one of the other caches.
  18. Most useful ones to me are SSSI, ancient monuments and National Trust.
  19. Same here. Magic map site has changed completely, so might not be an easy fix.
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