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  1. I had the same problem. I finally broke the contact by bending it, so be careful. I gave up trying to get a replacement contact and sent it in and paid for a replacement GPSr. I tried aluminum foil as an emergency fix and that worked for a little while.
  2. I too am looking for a Garmin GPSMaps 60 series for parts. The part I need is the contact for the batteries that connects the positive and negative ends of the AA batteries on the lower part of the battery compartment. Anyone?
  3. I'd also like to use my iPad more like a PC / laptop and hook my Garmin up and download to it. I use PQs before a trip but the iPad has spoiled me and I like the portability. I'll talk to my brother in law who writes apps and see what he can come up with!
  4. Since this was posted two more have been added: GC2W9QB Protecting the Magic #3 by the Magic Kingdom north of the Grand Floridian GC2XRF3 Protecting the Magic #2 by Disney's All Star Resort. Parking at the McDonalds. That completes the series!
  5. Well, you're not missing much. That's why I advise people against getting a 60csx for geocaching, but there is a very loyal group of users who feel differently. You can run pocket queries, and then use another application to transfer those waypoints to your 60csx. A pocket query returns up to 1000 caches in a single query, and has a much better way of filtering caches. You can use a GSAK macro to create custom POI entries for your 60csx. That enables you to get some extra info, but I find it cumbersome. You can also use GSAK so that you get a minimal amount of information on your waypoint name / description. I added size / difficulty / terrain to the name, and changed description to hint. But to get all the information, you need either a paperless GPSr, or another device (a Nuvi, a PDA, a smartphone, iPod Touch) OK....Thanks for the great reply. Thanks to this one forum I've been able to get free topo maps of Florida and they downloaded nicely into my 60CSx! This will be great for all the hiking I'm starting to do with my son's boy scout troop! I've got a few PDAs (I even have a Handspring Visor with a Magellan GPS Companion) so maybe I can add those to my caching bag to further my efforts to reduce my paper consumption! I'll look at the GSAK software next to see what that does. Thanks to this forum, I've also figured out how to get Garmin's Mapsource software loaded and updated for free! Looking at my pile of old PDAs, I've also got a Toshiba Pocket PC! That seems like a good option to go paperless! Your thoughts??
  6. OK....so I've got a Garmin 60csx and upgraded to premium membership. I can now do a pocket query, and it seems to work fine. I'm a little disappointed though, because I was hoping I would get more information on a cache than a simple download when I was a free member. Looks pretty much the same. Am I missing something?
  7. Nope...we are two different cachers. Just need to know how you would like to get payment. I've e-mailed you.
  8. I'll keep checking my e-mail today. I have to run up to Lake County this afternoon so I may not respond until this evening. Thanks for staying in touch.
  9. I like the airshow photos! Nice work! I just got into geocaching and I'm still learning about all the various models. The PN-20 looks pretty neat. Wish I was ready to upgrade, I'd jump on it!
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