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  1. I realize most of you guys are indepentantly wealthy and can afford five to ten thousand dollars for a first class station, but some of us live on the edge of poverty <g>. For us poor folks QRP CW is the way to go. If you can wield a soldering iron and have a half decent DMM you can get on the air for a hundred dollars or less. One fellow is on record for WAS with a 250mW Tuna Tin 2 rig. Small Wonders Lab sells the "Rockmite" kit for about $35. It is a CW transceiver with built in keyer that can be modified up to about 1W. As for being a "band hog," compare the width of a CW signal with a PSK signal on the waterfall display of any digital software. Neither one compares with a 1 or 1.5 khz MT63 signal or a 2.5 khz SSB signal. I'm not trying to convert anyone here, just stating the facts. I don't think dropping the testing requirement will make any difference in the use of CW on the ham bands. The people who get into home brewing and kit building will always use it for reasons stated in previous posts. There's more of us than you think, just check out the QRP email forums sometime. Bob Baxter AA7EQ
  2. I'll be operating Sunday from a local park as 1B portable. Equipment will be a K1 or KX1 powered by a 4ah gel cell and a 5w solar panel. The antenna is a 40m dipole with tuned feeders for 20 and 15 meters, on a 33' mast. Ain't this fun?? Bob AA7EQ
  3. Bob Baxter AA7EQ/5 in Walnut Ridge, Ar. Flying Pigs #806, ARCI #10428, SOC #419 My thing is Homebrew, QRP, and operating /P in the field which works nicely with geocaching. 72/73
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