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  1. I own a moving micro-cache that is required to stay within a (large) park area and use the "finder places a stick teepee in the location the cache had been" thing to prevent any problems with trashing the woods. I got the idea from one called Riverside Moving Micro. Not sure where it originated. But there seems to be no problem based on posts of both finds and DNF's. The Commissar
  2. Mopar, Thanks for putting that picture at the top of this thread. It makes me proud every time I look at it! To everyone else, a big WELL DONE! Searching The World, For Fun!
  3. Yes they still offer Official Cub/Boy Scout knives for sale in the catalog. The Cubs can only use knives once they are properly trained and have earned the Tote-N-Chip. Not sure if there is an age requirement or not... I too would rather see a cheap multi tool in a cache than a McWhatever toy. I carry a Schrade "TOOL" and "Chip". Between the two I can McGuiver(sp?) almost anything. So my vote is put the multi-tools and small knives in there...you do not have to take one if you don't want to.
  4. So...have we hit it yet? If not I claim May 27, 2003. I will be too busy between now and then to hide my share!
  5. I forgot to answer the question...YES! Why not?
  6. This is outside of my normal preference for a cache, but I have enjoyed the mental challenge. Although I have spent ~6 hours on the puzzle, thusfar I have been unsuccessful. It is a very tough code to break! I challenge you to give it a go...first one there wins! I'm sure I have about 25 hits on the page so far Soon, Tin, soon...
  7. Come on! Mine drives as well as I do and she can't see over the dash!
  8. quote: I still had a few pithy comments to add. I can't believe that it got shut down before you got them in! I just knew they would be worth reading the thread all the way through page 2...
  9. I like to do the cache myself and form my own opinion. I try not to post a negative comment but will generally post a longer log for a better adventure which may or may not reflect the quality of the cache... Reading the logs is part of the fun for me.
  10. Forgive me for boiling down too much, I agree that they just work there and are managing a resource that belongs to the public. I intend to respect the rules they post at our parks and if I disagree with the rule and it interferes with what I want to do (Geocache or whatever) I will try to work through the proper channels to change the rules. Not just ignore the rule and do as I please. After all, there may be a very good reason for the rule that I am not aware of... But...No rule prohibiting Geocaching or hiking or similar activity on public property...I'm gonna go and I'm not gonna ask. That being said, I am also going to place the cache such that the impact to the environment is minimized or eliminated where possible.
  11. I think it is commendable that you have a good track record for asking permission and as I said, I would in a State Park because they welcome us. But I do not think it is necessary to ask every time we place one in a city park or other public place. I think you would find that most of the caches in our area save those in State Parks and private property were done without asking. For the record none of mine were given permission prior to placing them. I hope that does not mean folks will stop hunting them. If they do its their choice. I can also say I have enjoyed hunting each of your caches and hope to continue to do so weather or not they have permission!
  12. I think that if a park or other public place lists out specific prohibited activities and Geocaching is not listed, its fair game. After all, I am playing by their rules since it is their park. As for State Parks we have been well received in SC and I would give them the courtesy of asking if I wanted to place one there. Just curious if you asked permission to hide Earlwood's First or Mejas #1 which are not in state parks?
  13. We did it before -> With the REAL ORIGINAL CACHE CLEAN-UP EVENT! http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=37783 Maybe we can do it again! Anybody In?
  14. We did it before -> With the REAL ORIGINAL CACHE CLEAN-UP EVENT! http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=37783 Maybe we can do it again! Anybody In?
  15. Environmental Enforcement Officer (Air Quality) for money, Geocacher for fun!
  16. Best Buy has a Sandisk reader w/128 SD card for $50. How can you pass that up...I got the entire SE USA on a 128 card for my MeriPlat!
  17. If you want to ADD a map with the card you can do that without having to do them all over again. You may have to trade them out if you run short on space but it is as simple as any other file transfer in windows through windows explorer...
  18. The way to go is to use a card reader and the latest software (ver 4.06 beta or 4.02 released if your using a MeriPlat or MeriGold). I have a MeriPlat with 4.06 and a 128MB SD card. I have virtually all of the southeastern USA on one card. To switch between detail TOPO maps all you have to do is go to a drop down type menu and pick the one you want. It still takes time to generate the maps but only seconds to transfer the info via USB to the card. Best Buy had a 128MB Sandisk card and Cruzer (reader) pack for $50. I dont think the customers realize that it includes the 128MB card which they are selling for $75 on the ajacent peg?! Such a good deal I might get another just for the card!
  19. As compared to 3.08 firmware my MeriPlat with 4.06 does a much better job of pointing at my engine (while driving) than it used to when on the compass screen set on magnetic north. Not sure if this is good or not?!
  20. Some love 'em, some hate 'em, and some don't care... I love 'em! But I like ammo cans too !
  21. I think you have to take out the SD card to get a good load. I made that mistake too. Also did you "clear all" again after you reloaded? Then reinitialize...
  22. I tried it. Its been running two days with no problems. Seems to grab sats quicker than the 3.08 version I replaced...the 3.12 upgrade sent my last unit to Magellan Heaven(or Hell, not sure which)
  23. I have continued to have no problems running the modified topo's(~16 hours total). I have not bothered to change any detail settings because with this set-up I don't have to ! I did keep a stock version of the map I use on the SD card (128 mb) just in case...cheap insurance against the evil but better than nothing base map.
  24. After a couple of geocaching trips, and some driving to the store for no reason except to bask in the joy of the new screen on my GPSr thats all I have to say... Now, where can I get more of these TWEEKS!
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