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  1. I use the Magellan eXplorist GC and love it! It is perfect for me.... but my hubby on the other hand... can not see the screen, it is too small. Can anyone suggest a GPS that has a larger screen, that is still accurate, easy to use and not outrageously expensive? Thanx Susanne (Webber of webberpalmer)
  2. We went and fixed up a cache that hadn't been maintained for over 6 months and the owner hadn't logged a find for over 3 years. We went about it wrong. I have found out since that we could log the cache as needs archived and then after a long while if the owner hasn't taken care of it, it will then be archived for someone else to take over the area. Now that it has been found a couple of times, I am not sure if the local person will consider it as needs archived. The owner has not replied to the two messages we have sent him either. Oh well... I don't even know how to contact the local person. Does anyone know how? Susanne
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