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  1. K so.. Just trying to get started with this - so I only have one coin to trade - a Texas one you already have. Any chance I could buy one off of you or if we could work something else out? Maybe something from salt lake/idaho/nevada area? *crosses fingers* ~Rose
  2. Ohh Blazerfan, don't be offended. Had I have seen it I would have paid more.. speaking of.. do you have any left ?!? ~Rose
  3. Nurse Dave, found a way to make sig items out of sculpty clay, and have one of mine and one of roommate's reserved just for you. Dropped ya an email if you'd care to respond so I can get these to you. Thanks again! (if anyone else wants one, I'm more than willing to trade - drop me an email and we'll see what we can do.) ~Rose
  4. I think this looks LOVELY! I do have one question though? Maybe not this design, but later, can we get a way or a place to put the MISSION on the TB? I have seen so many that don't have any mission stated, pick them up, then go home to log it - ONLY to find out that it wants to go in a completely different direction! I have found that the plastic "ID BADGE" sleeves like I use at work do help - I put the info on paper and then slide it on the item itself, but it's still a beast since most people aren't doing this. Thoughts?
  5. Ok so a Wooden Coin it is. I'm coming up with a design - and since it's cheaper I'm thinking for now of ordering a "stamp" to stamp the logbook with and also just getting blank coins and stamping them. I can then take some perm markers to color in the logo/number etc. Nurse Dave - that's a great collection - thanks for tons of ideas on design and things like smooshed pennies that I hadn't ever thought of. I may wind up going that route eventually - I've never seen any of those in UT - but it's possible they're not in the caches I've found. When these are done, I'll email you and contribute one to your collection if you'd like :-D. ~Rose
  6. Hi all, I just got started geocaching after a month of waiting on a GPS to get here from seller on eBay. I have to say, I'm loving it totally! Now comes the couple questions I want an answer to. I've started seeing a few signature items in some of the caches I've located. Most seem to be the pin type buttons or labels on old poker chips. My thought was having a custom designed wooden nickle for my signature item, (I can do graphic design and custom art) because they're relatively inexpensive and I can design it. Have you found these hold up well? Do cachers like them as much as the pin back buttons? Do you suggest numbering signature items or simply getting them and not worrying about the numbers? Is/are custom signature items truly worth the investment or is it better to keep trading other things like I keep seeing in caches (ex. matchbox cars, mcd's toys, etc.)? What have you found are the best/worst signature items in caches? Thanks! ~Rose
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