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  1. K so this isn't me - but I had to post the pic because this is one of the caches that I went out to hunt down and find. Based on the pictures, we knew it was well maintained - it's this one: GCMTA9 - and the page at: Gilligans Island Should really be checked out for more pics. Note that the water is ONLY supposed to be between KNEE and ANKLE deep. (special thanks to Damenace who is pictured here and reminded me to rent a paddle boat before visiting) ~Rose
  2. Great question - and I have a two fold answer. In Utah, there's several caches that are outside the libraries. The owners apparently did not have permission to place them. Anyhow, when a few geocachers went in the library looking for them, the librarians felt it was disruptive and rude, and requested that all geocaching activities outside, inside, and round the library be ceased, and removed from the premisis. If they could find them, they said, they would be immediately destroyed because it was "disruptive, rude, and not what the library was intended for". Apparently, however, they do permit the boyscouts, girlscouts, and local school children in there without parents for hours every day after school. (You tell me which is more disruptive....) The key here, is that the geocaches just got cammo'ed better, put outside, hidden in corners of the farthest parking lots, and a note on the cache saying go during off hours. Just some thoughts from the edge. ~Rose
  3. What about going over to the local sherwin williams (or whatever paint store) and getting the empty/unused paint cans with the sealing lids? You just have to hook a paint key to it (or people will need to start carrying them based on log note). As far as resealing, a couple good "bangs" with the heel of the hand/foot or a medium sized rock may work. The paint cans can run between 2-3 bucks, they're pretty sturdy (how many have you seen in trash piles that are rusted out and still in relatively good shape), and easily camo'ed with paint or other stuff. Thoughts? ~Rose
  4. Ok so do you think it's best to do it as a series of multi caches OR as singles? There are some close to each other that could be done as multis, but since the walking covers about 2 mile radius from the center point going around, I was thinking that other than the ones that are up the street from each other (a hotel and a theater that are fairly close and could be "combined" into one cache/story) maybe to do it as singles so people could pick them up as they had time and/or wanted to. Thoughts? ~Rose
  5. ... You wish when looking in the phone book or at an online map they had the gps co-ordinates instead of the address for where you need to go... .... You wonder why the media doesn't give you the gps co-ordinates for the story they're covering... And last but not least... ... You always carry an extra pair of shoes/outfit in your car just in case you get trapped in mud while looking for the latest find...
  6. For Right now, I'm planning on leaving them out beyond Halloween - I think my concern is that they may get stolen, or perhaps that there may be other problems/issues I haven't thought about. These go from urban into residential areas - though I'm staying in the busier parts of town for alot of them... Also, I'm thinking to put some "across the street" from the "haunted" location so you can look at the building, for example, but don't have to actually bother the people whom live there.
  7. Hi all, Ok so I was doing some searching on the internet, and found several listed places around my local area that urban legends (and perhaps not so urban legend-ish when they have EVP & pictures) have it are haunted. For the Halloween season (and if it goes well, leave them up longer), I was thinking of setting up a geocaching walking tour around the downtown area close to where I live (there's about 25 within about a 2 mile radius give or take...) where the site/description has the ghost story/history of the "haunted" house, building, town or whatever is creepy about it, and putting micros with logs on signs/planters/etc close by so that those interested could do all or part of the tour, and well.. maybe be a little spooked. With the "fun" type haunted houses charging $20 per person in the local area for a scare, I figured perhaps the real haunted houses and their stories might be fun for geocachers to do a "self guided" type tour. (Plus it saves gas, is cheaper, and helps people learn local history if the "legends" are partly based in fact!) a) Thoughts on this type of caching setup? (positives/negatives) Would this be something that would work in your town? (I know when I travel, I think it'd be a blast to do a local "geocache ghost" tour - even if they're all just urban legend type things.) c) Further expansion of the idea would be to put some in ghost towns that are farther out and so on.... Note that most of the places/info I've found has been based on searching the internet for local ghosts/ghost stories, haunted houses, and urban legends. Also, I found a few cool ideas (to make up the story myself) in the local paper since we've had some graves moved recently, and the grave of a native american has been found while shoring up a building downtown. Thanks for any ideas/thoughts... ~Rose
  8. Hi Joe! Love the new froggy coin! I've got 1 each extra: Donbadabon (Vageocaching) personal coin Maryland geocoin If you'd like either of those in trade. (I'll email ya too.) Thanks! ~Rose
  9. Got mine today - love the silver one. Blue iis, I ordered one extra bronze one if you are interested in trading, email me, we'll work something out. ~Rose
  10. Filled up on Saturday night for $2.45 a gallon for regular gas in Utah - before Katrina. Have to drive to a funeral 2 hours away tonight, and considering not going - gas jumped to $3.05 at the station up the street. This means that it was gonna be $98 to go round trip, but now is $122. Not including the food I will need while I'm up there. I heard from mom & dad in rural GA today. They said it's $5.15 at the stations in their area. Personally, I think that it's price gouging - $5.15?!? And the administration/states won't do anything about it because Bush is an "oil" man. Especially considering it's NOT the stations raising the price - it's the suppliers. What's wrong with this picture? a) They already have the gas bought and paid for in their tanks. Gulf only produces 10% of the nation's oil supply c) Georgia has a port in Savannah - less than 4 hours from parents house. I'm sure Oil/Gas can be boated in there. d) The roads aren't so damaged in the part of Ga they're from, and I'm sure no where nearly as damaged there as in other places along the gulf. SOMEONE is being a greedy bandit , and all we can do is watch as the Rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Can anyone say administration is disconnected, doesn't listen, and never will? Oh wait. I just did. As far as affecting geocaching? Yep. I'm riding a bike now to get groceries (store is 2 miles away) and return movies and the like. It's better for me and the environment, though I will soon need a new bike (the cost of which I'm sure will go up too.)
  11. Count me in for Two (one for me, one for stalkur). Thanks! ~Rose
  12. These are great guys - thanks! I'm not sure how the challenge goes - what happens there/etc. I just came in 4th with my roommate out of 10 teams for the Utah 5th birthday event where we played a game called the amazing race, but total exhaustion by the end was truly the case. I believe Nanos are micros, only smaller (to me, micros are about the size of a 35 mm film canister). Nanos are generally less than 1 inch long and maybe the width of your pinky around with the log rolled up in side. (Anything from a specimin sample container to a drilled out 2 inch bolt!) Honestly, I'm pretty bad at them, and find that if they're under a light pole and/or in parking lots (generally the case here) I have learned to dislike them. Things I call "good caches" are the ones where you might not have known x existed or noticed before, for example hidden parks, a headstone of someone important in a graveyard, or my personal favorite here in utah is a beautiful waterfall that you drive right by but because the road goes one way and canyon the other, you'd never see it. Ya, maybe you don't find the "box" itself, but the find is more than the box. Re Hikes, I'd say 2-3 miles for Utah is the limit for me, but I think as far as Georgia goes, the mountains aren't so steep (nor is the terrain) so maybe 4 or 5 miles. Thanks again for all the suggestions! I'm sure this trip will be a blast. ~Rose
  13. Hi all! I'm a Utah geocacher whom will be headed to Georgia sometime the first week of October. I'll be running between Carrollton, Duluth, and Atlanta area. Looking for good geocaches. Any suggestions? (As few Nanos as possible please - hoping for geotreasure spots!) Also hoping to make the 3rd annual GGA event challenge, but depends on family plans that weekend. (I'm the only geocacher so I *might* have to drag them and get them started ) Thanks for all the suggestions/help! ~Rose
  14. Hi! I will be in Georgia some time in October and hope to make this event. Since I'm in Utah, and was in Georgia last 10 years ago, can someone give me directions from Duluth? Also, is there camping near here? Thanks! ~Rose
  15. As far as the Utah coins go - try going to the Utah geocachers website at: utahgeocachers.com and post in the forums. I know that there are people whom have multiple Utah coins and are happy to trade for something they need. ~Rose
  16. Just wondering what ever happened with this - I'm in Utah, and just scouring the boards for more coins to add to my collection ;-) ~Rose
  17. Got my coins today - honestly, I think this is the best packaging job I've ever seen! Thanks so much for not damaging the plastic package around the coins and for the coins themselves - they're beautiful! ~Rose
  18. Hi, I emailed you today to see if there were any left over. Thanks! ~Rose
  19. HI, The other feature that's needed is a way to filter out what I've already found. Yes, it's great to see all the "pink & checks", but I'm caching in an outward motion from where I live and/or locations that I frequent (I work an hour away from home) it would be helpful to check a box to have these removed - and just be able to grab the new ones in the area as I'm on my way to the farther ones out. Also, can we please sort by direction? Ex. I put in my co-ordinates, and it says 1.25 E of you.. all of these are intermixed. Well, if I know I'm going in an generally Easterly direction, it would be helpful to sort by those caches east of me (or whatever) so I don't have to mentally think nope, that's out of the way, nope, that's not where i'm headed and so on. Either of these would save me tons of time which.. in the end.. allows me more time to geocache. Thanks!
  20. Can't wait for a design on this one! I hope it'll have some sort of trout or fishing type reference since this is my favorite thing to do when I visit.<br> Of course.. if sound is able to be applied, we need some older person like my grandma to say "you betcha" a couple times. I do so love the Minnesota accent on that phrase!
  21. Ha ha ha ha. Considering our favorite "state" caching hide location here happens to be in/around Russian Olive trees, I haven't seen/heard of any nekkid pictures in caches yet. But then again... I'd bet it's because all of the caches with cameras I have found are related to the said trees which have thorns that average an inch long and most of the time are longer. Did I mention the only other one with a camera I've come across was about 5 feet from a stagnant pond in chest deep thistles and had a fire ant hill in front?! Between the thistles, fireants, and the mosquitos at the pond, I think most people grabbed it, logged it, took a pic and RAN. I guess the advice would be strategic placement. If you place it where it would be rather Uh.. uncomfortable... to remove clothing, I'd bet you wouldn't find many if any that were questionable in content.
  22. I'm relatively new, but I do try to replace the caches where I found them and make sure that they stay dry. I've even been known to replace caches that have been muggled on occasion. (I think that in the next couple weeks I'll start carrying around an extra "cache" in my car to resolve this faster in the future!) I will say I hear your pain about improperly sealed/maintained caches - but I live in a desert so more to our issue is a) dirt, rattlesnakes and bugs in the "rock" hidden caches, and c) heat taking its toll. If you'll allow me - re the cache re-hiders/movers - We have 2 cache owners in my area (they know whom they are) who aren't careful about the co-ords - and it drives all of us newbeez crazy. They're off by sometimes 50 to 500 (in one particular case) feet - and they know it. However, they don't bother to go back and re-check the co-ords before submitting to the site. For newbeez, it's discouraging because we have to go back and recheck all the logs where we find maybe 3 pages before someone has put in the new (more correct) co-ords and then go back and find it a second or third time. After a while, you just learn NOT to do those individual owners caches, or to try and post better co-ords/average the ones posted in the logs. Just to make note, sometimes it may not be the "cacher" moving the container (not saying it never happens...), but instead, the gps being off due to time of day or the number of satellites active on your GPS. I've learned with alot of reading that you have to take the co-ords at 3 different times of day and average them, but I can't convince others how important this is to making sure the numbers are as accurate as possible. If you're doing this, and the finders are replacing them properly there should be no problem. If not, then it's possible that this could be why you're finding them "moved".
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