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  1. Not sure how this works, but I hope that you aren't all saving at the same time?!?
  2. <giggles> Ok so, any bets on how fast (once rec'd) someone will put this up on eBay?!? I know I'm keeping mine if I'm on the confirmed list, but just thought if not, I'd be checking there for sure.
  3. same here for both me and roomie - thought maybe I missed something, but neither of us found a place to put in geo-nick - sending email.
  4. I got two... now roomie is trying...
  5. nope - y'all gotta go to the website at: http://travelbugracer.com/2006_LimitedEdit...in_preview.html to get them. Good luck!
  6. Bites her nails and makes sure she has everything ready to go....
  7. twiddles thumbs eagerly waiting (and refreshing) the two pages so she can order... My oh my, what am I coming to? LOL
  8. Ok Ok so if there's nuts to go with the screws, I guess I want 4 screws and 4 nuts instead of just the two screws above. (that'd be 4 total screws and 4 nuts) This is simply too good to pass up! Thanks! Edit: Ok ok nevermind I'm totally blank here. Please leave me on for the wish list for 2 silver. I'm gonna go in with the COOL group to get the other 4 regular screw coins & nuts. Sorry for confusion on my part. ~Rose
  9. Woo hoo! Screws are still available?!? Edit: see post below.
  10. Ok, so since everyone is saying I should log the miles for the TB, I will be happy to. LOL I guess they went all that way (even if it wasn't with me) they should at least be credited for the miles (at the airline expense of course!). Now... I just wish the airlines gave me airmiles for the side trip my baggage took. In the meantime, I am working on fixing the box TB that I have - the key was in the lock for the box, and even though I'd already been through security, the stupid Security people had to break into it. Hello.. the key was in the lock?!? These people are brilliant, but at least from what I can tell, nothing was taken from the box, they just wanted to "be obnoxious". TB is here if you're wondering what i'm talking about: Geldspeicher I'm thinking since it's close to halloween, maybe I can find something at one of the party stores or at oriental trading that I can then "lock" up the treasure. Oh well, I suppose that all things considered, if this is the worst that happened, I SHOULD be grateful. (If it wasn't this, it'd be something else!)
  11. Thank GOD! The airline just called, and should have my bag to me in the next hour and a half. Apparently, it went on the flight out of Phoenix to somewhere in California and then to Washington, Idaho, and back to Salt Lake. I suppose that these bugs got some serious travel time today, but I'm just glad to have this ordeal over with. I would have been really angry had the bag with the bugs lost with those being non replaceable. Yes, I'm waiting on a voucher from the airlines toward free travel. I don't know how much it will be, but let's just say I didn't sleep well last night dreaming of what I had in that bag flying around the country, and have been pre-occupied all day wondering if they'd find it and in what condition. Will post more when I see my bag, and make sure everything's ok. In the meantime, thanks all for keeping my spirits up. I'm glad to know that I'm not alone in the incompetence at the airport, and that LEP and planet still have their sense of humor.
  12. I had lots of travel bugs inside. Phoenix, We have a problem. There were about 10 travel bugs that unwillingly got checked in my baggage (they were forcing us to check all carryons flight side b/c flight storage was full) and viola - the full moon took over. Worst flight ever (they overbooked and had too many animals on the flight - and took over an HOUR to fix the problem, causing me to barely make my connections) and yes, they lost my bags - complete with all the travel bugs inside - someplace between Atlanta, Phoenix, and Salt Lake. I did call and complain to the airlines who said: "Oh you should always bring a carryon and not count on your bags to get there with the passengers if there's close connections." DUH. (What part of they forced me to check MY CARRYON did they not get? ) and then "if we find your bag, we'll try to get it to you within 11 days". (11 days!?! *#$%) Hopefully the airline will find the bags and I'll be able to get these on their way, but I was more than a little irate to say the least. (Including the missing travel bugs, there was about 1000 worth of stuff in that bag - counting gps and digital camera!) Gee.. ya wonder why they're going bankrupt? Best as I can figure, I guess these travel bugs wanted their own adventure without me - and they're getting it. Maybe I can ask the person if/when I get my bags where they went to and log the miles for the owner? GERR... At least I was going home and have clothes/shoes here... and um.. a spare GPS to keep my cache count rising while I wait on the travel bugs to get back from their non cacher trip. Please someone give me some good news here. I really need a laugh. ~Rose
  13. Hi! Mine's made from sculpty, but I'd love to trade one of mine for one of yours. Thanks! ~Rose
  14. Hi! Someone named Bob - cascasdepkr - contacted me re an Oregon coin for GONE. Since you have MSN, and I have Yahoo, they don't like each other. Do you have another email address, or can you contact me via geocaching.com? I'm game for the trade - just won't let me reply without bouncing. Thanks! ~Rose
  15. Hi all! I MUST get one of these - I've been placing ghost caches all over Salt Lake City and the Salt Lake Valley for about a week now (the idea was in the forums a while ago). Anyone want to trade? My Coin Trading List Thanks! ~Rose
  16. Hi PCFrog - I have to say that this is one of the coolest coins I've seen - I can't wait for one in person (ordering via COOL group). Can you email me with who you're going through to produce this? Thanks! ~Rose
  17. Hi all! I have the following for trade: GONE (Geocachers of North East)geocaching 2005- 1 Maryland (gc.com special icon) - 2 Michigan MIGO 2005 (regular) - 1 North Dakota Summer 2005- 3 Washington - 1 <b>PERSONAL: </b> Camp Explorer - 2 Donbadabon (Va geocachers) 2005 -1 Federation - 1 Greenman - 2 Joy of Geocaching - 2 Token of Love - 2 I'd like anything not on my list here. ~Rose
  18. Yep, It's official, I'm gonna be here. I'm dragging my dad and step mom too! I'm bringing a bunch of coins to maybe trade, some signature items, and TB that had to head East. SO, I guess if anyone has TB that need to go west to Utah, this would be a good time to think about having them at the event... If anyone wants to see what coins I have to trade, please check: My geocoins Look forward to seeing you there!
  19. Darn.. I was hoping.. Oh well.. maybe I'll try for the one on eBay. ~Rose
  20. Hi! My coin trading list is at: http://www.utahgeocachers.com/GeoCoin/GeoC...play&OwnerID=71 and has been updated tonight with coin issues. ~Rose
  21. Hi, If one of the orders falls through for the civilian ones, I'd love 1 please. Thanks! ~Rose
  22. Ok so here's what I have so far: a) I'm picking up haunted spots (according to urban legend), for example, we have two haunted mansions that are about 10 blocks from each other. These would be individual caches, each with their own seperate specters haunting them because they're not related to each other. (One has photo evidence from survellance cameras, and the other video) Of the haunted spots, one is a hotel which a lady threw her children off the 12th floor balcony - and the husband subsequently ran across the street to a theater (after realizing that his children were gone) hung himself and started a fire which killed the theater's caretaker. This would be multi cache with two stories (related) and pointing out both buildings, one giving the co-ords for the other as you "follow in the father's footsteps" you find out more of the story. c) The last ones (individual I'm thinking) would be the cemetary hauntings - we have a gravestone here where the lady's headstone says "here lies so & so" and then under it, it says "A victim of the devil's 666". It's got urban legend with it though no one really knows whom is buried there. There's also a mosuleum where you supposedly can run around it 3 times and peek in the window to see the "crypt keeper" himself... I'm not sure how this will be - individual or multi yet - depends on how far they are apart in the cemetary... The more I find out and the more I get into the research, I'm totally thinking to make these permanent - and later in the year, I can add to them some of the west desert ghost towns and stuff. I'm a little concerned over the ghost towns (old mining towns - complete with open mine shafts - so I would put a warning on them and make sure to place the cache in a place that's as safe as possible - building footing remains for example). That way, you can do the urban and the not so urban ghosts of Utah's past. As far as building up a story from cache to cache - that may be a possibility for later on as I'm able to get more creative with the idea. Thanks!
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