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  1. hey, i found a TB today (it's my first week of geocaching too!) and I put that I "retrieved" it on the site and everything, and maybe this has already been answered, but I am wondering how to put a picture up with the TB? The TB has a bunch of pictures up on its site and I just don't know how to post a photo for the owner. Thanks!
  2. Today was my first day geocaching and I found 3/4! I will be going back to search a little more for the fourth one; it got too dark to continue looking. The biggest thing I learned today was to not stop right on the coordinates, but find the coordinates and look in that general area. Also, don't always assume it is on the ground or in a tree! My 3rd find today, "ninja", was actually in a cement telephone pole. It looked like the pole had a reflector on it and when I touched the reflector, it pulled out and was a bottle with a log in it. So neat! So think out of the box when looking for some caches!
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