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  1. Calif State Parks are under attack again! This time, both Cuyamaca and Palomar are on the list of park closures. Your help is needed in letting the legislation understand what a bad idea that would be and we don't have much time. They meet on Tuesday the 2nd of June. You can help by sending a letter to the legislation. The California State Park Foundation has made this very easy with a letter all ready for you to sign. Just click on http://ga3.org/campaign/budget_may09 Print this out, sign it and send it off in the mail. Thank you all very much, Nedra Martinez, Superintendent II California State Parks Colorado Desert District Montane Sector - Cuyamaca Rancho SP/Palomar Mountain SP 760-765-3019 760-765-3021 - fax nmart@parks.ca.gov
  2. Firstly, there is a cache probably closer to the nest than the one I tried to place. There was no way this cache would disturb nesting raptors. And, as I said, it wasn't what they said just how they said it. As if I'm *trying* to have people disturb the hawks. As for the other 100+ caches, just a knee-jerk emotional reaction, that's all. No justification for it. Just me being stupid.
  3. I hated archiving the IHOs. But TrailGators had to go as the fountains went and they contain the clues. Maybe I can make that one a stand alone. As for IHO: Toby's Gang no one found it since the last finder posted a nasty note about it being off the trail and the signs posted about don't leave the trail. So I thought it should go too. I've always tried to do things right and make caching fun for those who like hikes and those who have kids and want some urban caches. First I had to learn that everyone hated my Biblical hints so I canned those. Then I learned that my Homers were blatant commercial caches even though my DH didn't even work there anymore. When I got lost trying to find Pongo (you can get very reasonable coordinates even if you solve the puzzle wrong) I saw a hawk nest in a metal power pole. I thought it was so cool. One hawk soared above me "talking" to me and the other stayed on the nest. It was so tranquil and beautiful. I wanted to share the beauty with other cachers. So I returned, planted a cache, and posted. The nest is 200' or so high, surrounded by barbed wire. The cache was 400' or so from the power pole. I put some "trivia" about hawks on the page and said where to look to see the nest, etc. Bad. Bad. Bad. I got a chip for being accused of intentionally bringing people out who could harm the raptors or cause them to abandon their nest. W/o even contacting me first the reviewer archived it with this note: "I have finished reviewing your cache and have archived it. The problem with your cache is that it appears to intentionally entice cachers to visit an area with the specific intent of viewing nesting raptors, their nest, and any potential offspring. Raptors are protected by both State and Federal laws, and harassing, them is illegal. Even the possession of raptor feathers without the proper permits may result in heavy fines. Even if there were no laws protecting these birds, the tenets of geocaching have always included protecting nature and the environment. Leading a string of geocachers to a spot with a pair of nesting raptors, and possibly disturbing them to the point where they abandon their eggs or babies is a reasonably foreseeable outcome of placing a cache in this sensitive area." I do respect the geogods in their decisions about cache placement. Sometimes I disagree but who cares, it's just a game. And it's their game. I just felt so awful. Yes, most of the caches are still out there. I don't get around too much with work, homeschooling, and my DH out of work again. Just wanted you to know since you all asked. That was a nice surprise.
  4. There's a notice at the Village Store today that a mountain lion had been spotted consecutively for two days, two weeks ago in the greenspace at Wikiup and Watt. The lion has been stalking homeowners' dogs--big dogs 100 lbs or so. It took down someone dog right in front of the owner according to the flier. Be safe!
  5. Yeshua's Girl #1 and I had a good laugh when we finally found this cache. You could hide an SUV down here and the cache is the size of a bandaid box! Good luck finding it. I don't remember that it was metal.
  6. Yeshua's Girl #1 and I had a good laugh when we finally found this cache. You could hide an SUV down here and the cache is the size of a bandaid box! Good luck finding it. I don't remember that it was metal.
  7. Thanks for all the congratulations and encouragement. I'm not sure about Cat's Training ... we were very careful to make Cross With Honor at Mt. Soledad our #1000. I think some benchmark logs may have confused things. But we sure appreciate your kind words!!
  8. Warning! Woman hiker attacked on Iron Mountain (UNION-TRIBUNE BREAKING NEWS TEAM 1:49 p.m. August 11, 2006 POWAY -- A woman hiking alone was accosted by a man on Iron Mountain Trail on Monday afternoon, sheriff's deputies said. The woman, who is in her 20s, was on the trail near state Route 67 and Poway Road when a man approached her and tried to attack her at 3:30 p.m. She was able to fend off the attacker, who then fled on SR-67. The woman went on her own to a hospital late Monday night or early Tuesday morning, said sheriff's Detective Dan Meyers. She was not hurt, but hospital staff alerted deputies of the attempted attack. The attacker is described as a white man in his 20s, about 6 feet tall with a slender to medium build. He was shirtless, wearing grey sweatpants, a baseball cap and sunglasses. Deputies said they believe the attack is an isolated incident but urged hikers to be careful as a precaution. Deputies recommended people hike in pairs whenever possible and remain alert of suspicious activity. Meyers asked anyone with information on the incident to call him at (858) 513-2800.
  9. Thank you everyone. I'm sure that is it. I'm sorry for opening a whole new thread. If anyone knows how to delete this, I'd be grateful. Carol
  10. After finding FATTBOY's FIRST cache along the Father J road through MTRP, we stopped and grabbed "Raparian something or other" cache just up the road a bit. We parked on the right hand pullout, walked across the path and scored the M&M tube container in the guard rail. The nearby info poster/sign talked about "Raparian" stuff. Came home to log it and can't find it listed. I already deleted the listing from the GPSr so I'm not sure who it belonged to. Anyone have any idea? I searched for "Raparian" and went through every listing in Calif but couldn't find it. Thanks and sorry to be so late to the BBQ (24 hours to be exact... sigh). Carol
  11. Looks like those tricky Russians have been taking lessons from Dan-oh and others! http://www.breitbart.com/news/2006/01/23/D8FAJ98O9.html
  12. Anyone else having problems with some "new" (at least to the area) cachers not reading instructions and/or telling area muggles about caches???
  13. I would like to thank those who organized the GeoPicnic in Santee yesterday. It was our first face to face geo event and we had a wonderful time putting faces to trail names. Having the play area right next to the gathering was great. The little YG's had a wonderful time. They were especially excited to meet Mr. Wind who we seem to follow through caching land. Thanks for your efforts. CarolRae
  14. Who snapped the picture of us on our fountain in front of our Ramona homestead? Maybe someone can edit a photo of Duncan!, John&Jess, and Chuy finding a "Tranquility" cache in prison garb! Thanks to all of you for your patience with us newbies as we learn the ropes Yeshua's Girls (I "tooted" at someone snagging the Tooth Rock cache a few days ago and a white pickup at Dos Picos Overlook. Really, that should be Passing Wind's job ).
  15. Is there a way to take waypoint coordinates and have a program "map" them with zoom/pan capability (similar to finding a geocache)? I know if I am on a geocache page and I click on "map" I can pan and zoom. What I want to do is be able to enter coordinates and get the same featuer. Thanks! We're still new at benchmarking!
  16. While out letterboxing today we found a geocache (we're new to this sport). Wanted to let the owners know that their cache needs attention. We put something in the cache, signed the log book and rehid it as best we could. I didn't have the sense to write down the name of the cache I don't want to post a spoiler here. I tried to list the caches around the area but couldn't match up where we were (south of Lake Hodges) to any of the posted clues. The Ramona Girls (with 2 geocache finds under our belts!)
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