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    Phishing Warning

    Using Chrome on Windows 10, I can view the map, my pocket queries, my dashboard. I cannot view any cache page nor my profile. I have the identical problem using Chrome on Android.
  2. Xira

    Phishing Warning

    I'm getting this, too. It happens whenever I try to access a cache page. Doesn't matter if I try it from the map, from GSAK, from history, enter the URL directly.
  3. When I create a new pocket query, I get an error 500. However, in fact, they are being created and are running just fine. Anyone else experiencing this little quirk. I hope it gets fixed soon.
  4. This is not about changing the type of an existing log. It's about the fact that it's impossible to post a DNF log or note on a cache page because the only option for a new log is 'found it'. So far the problem only exists on Firefox when using the 'new look' for logging.
  5. Yes, I have this problem on Firefox, too. I wanted to write a note on a page but I wasn't getting the drop down menu to change away from 'found it'. I tried Chrome and it works there. However, what I actually did was (on Firefox) 'opt out' of the 'new look' for logging and then I could change the type.
  6. It's working again. Yahoo! Thanks for the fast fix!
  7. Me, too! I'm getting this for a cache page. I get this when I try to move from step 3 (description) to step 4 (size and ratings). I noticed that if I click between pages 1, 2, and 3, that the information on pages 1 and 2 are intact. However, the name and description that I entered on page 3 are gone. I'm hoping, hoping for a quick fix for this.
  8. I did my second adventure lab yesterday. I want to provide some feedback. This seems to be the best forum. a) As we get to each location, some text is displayed. There is no question in it. But clearly I need to do something. It turns out the tapping 'answer' is the right thing to do. Somehow, that doesn't feel right. I'm not sure what it should say but something that is more suggestive of that being the next thing to tap would be helpful. As we get more experienced with these, it will become a non-issue, but for someone starting out, it is not intuitive. b) There was a bonus cache associated with the adventure lab. When we got through the five stages in the lab, there was no information about where to find the cache. After some tapping here and there, we eventually found it in the journal, in the fifth entry of the journal. Again, this will probably become familiar, but for someone new, it was a frustrating experience.
  9. Xira

    BUG: 404

    This has happened a few times in the last few days but over the last hour, it's been happening a lot. I'll try to access a cache page, or a list, from GSAK, and it may or may not work. Then I try coord.info/GCxxxxx and it may or may not work. Then I try from the map and it may or may not work. It seems to be quite random. So far, the only consistent thing is that refreshing the page has never worked.
  10. I can't. It's been fixed. There's nothing unusual to see anymore. The extra 86 points are gone so I'm down to the 81 points I earned for caches found on March 22. Before that I'd had 167 points which got me the Saturn souvenir. I still have that. When I log my finds for last weekend, then it will legitimately be mine.
  11. Thank you. I didn't know that. Yesterday, I logged 5 mystery caches that I found on March 10. It wasn't until this morning, when I logged the first traditional I found on March 22, that the notifications for having earned 5 souvenirs flashed across my screen. When I look at where the points are coming from, it shows today's date for all caches, even though I logged some of them yesterday and all were dated with find dates prior to today. It's giving points for caches that I found before PP started (yes, I logged them afterwards but I did date them correctly). Even more strange, the points earned on those 5 mystery caches are 16, 18, 15, 19, 18. None has more than 4 favourite points. I thought it wasn't possible to earn more than 15 points per cache. The whole thing seems to be broken in several ways.
  12. I'm about 3 weeks behind in my logging. A few moments ago, I logged a cache for March 22, being the first cache I've logged since PP started. It was a trad with no favourite points and I dropped 2 trackables into it. How did I end up with 99 points?
  13. I'm creating a Wherigo using Urwigo. One of the structures I'm using is an array of 10 functions. It works fine in the emulator, on webwigo, and WhereYouGo on Android. It doesn't work on apple devices. The test Lua code is provided below and I've attached output screenshots. In the code, vProgress is a Urwigo variable initialized to "xxxxxxxxxx". What seems to be happening is that, on an Apple device, the only entry in the function array that can be accessed is the first one. What the player sees are 9 Lua Alerts that say "Don't know how to call '<null>'". I've tested a simpler array using the same constants. The entries in that array can be accessed just fine so is it a problem with having functions as array entries? Can anyone give me any insight into why this is happening? Thank you. ====================================== cBench = 4 cBlocks = 7 cCavity = 3 cSquirrels = 2 cGap = 9 cReturn = 1 cRoot = 5 cRoad = 10 cWart = 6 cWeird = 8 CR = [[ ]] function DoTest() -- this works on emulator, webwigo, and android. it does not work on iphone GetX = { [cBench] = function() return tonumber(string.sub(tostring(Player.ObjectLocation.latitude),6,6)) end, [cBlocks] = function() return tonumber(string.sub(tostring(Player.ObjectLocation.longitude),6,6)) end, [cCavity] = function() return tonumber(string.sub(tostring(Player.ObjectLocation.longitude),7,7)) end, [cSquirrels] = function() return tonumber(string.sub(tostring(Player.ObjectLocation.latitude),5,5)) end, [cGap] = function() return tonumber(string.sub(tostring(Player.ObjectLocation.latitude),4,4)) end, [cReturn] = function() return tonumber(string.sub(tostring(Player.ObjectLocation.latitude),4,4)) end, [cRoot] = function() return tonumber(string.sub(tostring(Player.ObjectLocation.longitude),7,7)) end, [cRoad] = function() return tonumber(string.sub(tostring(Player.ObjectLocation.longitude),2,2)) end, [cWart] = function() return tonumber(string.sub(tostring(Player.ObjectLocation.longitude),5,5)) end, [cWeird] = function() return tonumber(string.sub(tostring(Player.ObjectLocation.longitude),7,7)) end } debugstr="" for i = 1,10 do debugstr = debugstr.."i"..i.." " x = GetX() debugstr = debugstr .. x.. " " newStr = string.sub(vProgress,1,i-1)..x..string.sub(vProgress,i+1) vProgress = newStr end -- a check to see if the constants actually have the values I expect them to have local Cstring = cBench.." "..cBlocks.." "..cCavity.." ".. cSquirrels.." ".. cGap.." ".. cReturn.." ".. cRoot.." ".. cRoad.." ".. cWart.." ".. cWeird local outputstr = "The constants: "..Cstring..CR..CR outputstr = outputstr.."debugstr: "..debugstr..CR..CR outputstr = outputstr.."vProgress: "..vProgress Wherigo.MessageBox{Text = outputstr} end
  14. Nice feature! To respond to some comments: - Keep the checker optional. - One field entry of full coordinates is preferred. - I don't use corrected coordinates so please make it optional. I'm fine with it on by default just so long as I can turn it off.
  15. I'm using Urwigo to develop a Wherigo cartridge. I've discovered a weird little quirk. If a zone name get changed, the player's latitude gets incremented by 0.00001. The longitude doesn't change and it doesn't happen if an item's name is changed. It doesn't happen if the name is changed to the existing value. It only occurs in the Urwigo emulator. It doesn't happen in Webwigo or WhereYouGo. To verify this, I created a cartridge with the bare essentials. It contains one counter, used to toggle between two strings one zone two items, a dummy that does nothing, and one with two commands: ChangeZoneName and ChangeItemName. one Lua function The zone, counter, and dummy item were given identifiers for use in Lua. The Lua function is: function ChangeObjectName (TheObject) vCounter = vCounter+1 if vCounter%2 == 0 then TheObject.Name = "aaa" else TheObject.Name = "bbb" end Wherigo.LogMessage(vCounter .." " ..tostring(Player.ObjectLocation.latitude).. " "..tostring(Player.ObjectLocation.longitude)) end To test, call the ChangeZoneName several times in sequence, then ChangeItemName several times in sequence, and then examine the log. The latitude increments when the zone's name is changed but not the item's. Is this a known problem? Can it be fixed?
  16. I agree. I'd like to know what the problem really is. So I did a whole lot of testing with a fake Wherigo that will never be made public. I established pretty quickly that it wasn't the number of entries in the dialog but rather what they contained. Eventually, the culprit was identified as a double hyphen, though obliques were suspected, too. I was eventually able to reproduce a problem. I don't understand the error but I can fix it. The text Wherigo consisted of a dialog with a single entry in the On Start entry handler. It contained the following text (not including the equal signs). Obfuscate strings must be off. As is, it can be downloaded. Remove the last line and it can't be downloaded. Change the double hyphens to single hyphens and the problem goes away again. Basically, the last line can't start with a double hyphen. ====== Some text is: -- item one -- item two -- item three Some text. ====== I applied the fix to my original Wherigo. It downloads just fine now. Can anyone explain why this fix works? But there's a quirk here. Early on, I realized the error had changed to the following: System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request. ---> Length cannot be less than zero. Parameter name: length at System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol.ReadResponse(SoapClientMessage message, WebResponse response, Stream responseStream, Boolean asyncCall) at System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol.Invoke(String methodName, Object[] parameters) at Wherigo.GSPCartridgeService.CartridgeService.GetCompiledCartridgeWithMetaData(GWZMetaData gwzMetaData, String CartridgeFileName, String CartridgeId, Int64 PlayerId, String PlayerName, DeviceType deviceType, String CompletionCode) at cartridge_download.btnDownload_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) But once I got that problem dealt with, I went back a bit. My first tests had been on a version of the real Wherigo, stripped of most objects and media to speed up the upload time. It was getting the original error. I added a single dummy line of text after an instance of a double hyphen line and the problem disappeared. I have no idea why the two test wherigos were reporting different errors. I can't put any more time into this. Add a bit later: Fixing that problem introduced a new one. I'd been using the double hyphens to format lists. That worked fine in the emulator and the .gwc produced by Urwigo. The Wherigo compiler treated them as comments. Nothing displayed on the screen. I simply changed everything to single hyphens.
  17. After weeks and weeks of tweaking and testing, I finally got a Wherigo working just the way I want. I uploaded it and submitted the associated caches two days ago. A couple of hours ago, I decided to download it. I couldn't!!! The error is: System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request. ---> Exception of type 'System.ApplicationException' was thrown. at System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol.ReadResponse(SoapClientMessage message, WebResponse response, Stream responseStream, Boolean asyncCall) at System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapHttpClientProtocol.Invoke(String methodName, Object[] parameters) at Wherigo.GSPCartridgeService.CartridgeService.GetCompiledCartridgeWithMetaData(GWZMetaData gwzMetaData, String CartridgeFileName, String CartridgeId, Int64 PlayerId, String PlayerName, DeviceType deviceType, String CompletionCode) at cartridge_download.btnDownload_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) Happily, I found some discussion about this in this forum. I tried every strategy I could find but nothing worked. There were frequent references to text lengths, especially on startup. That gave me an idea. This cartridge is similiar to another I created a few weeks ago that downloads just fine but the start up dialog has a few more parts to it. Were there too many? I remove 3 of the dialog parts. Hallelujah! I could finally download it. I tried adding a part back. No dice. I had lucked out and removed exactly the right number. So, I don't know if it's the number of parts, or the total length of text in the dialog, or something else, but trimming the dialog sequence in the cartridge's On Start event handler cleared the problem. I don't need any response to this. I'm just posting this here so that if anyone else encounters the same problem they have another tactic to try for solving.
  18. A short while ago, I assigned 2 favourite points. #1: using Internet Explorer, connected to WEB04, on GC1ZN9T #2: Using Chrome, connected to WEB03, on GC1YW6F Neither of these stuck. Let's see if they show up in 24 hours.
  19. I've discovered that the server changes every 5-10 minutes. So, I got busy experimenting. What I've discovered is that the problem happens on some servers and not others. While I don't have much data yet, each server seems to be consistent. I've tried it 20 times over the last 2.5 hours and gotten the following results: successfully allocated favourite point: WEB09 - 1 WEB10 - 1 WEB11 - 1 WEB17 - 1 WEB19 - 2 Failed to allocate FP WEB03 - 1 WEB04 - 2 WEB06 - 3 WEB07 - 2 WEB16 - 1 WEB18 - 5 It would be great if other people would contribute some data. That would give Groundspeak to start with to fix this problem.
  20. Well, well, well. After posting my previous note, I did another WHOAMI. Interestingly (to me at least), I was now on a different server (WEB09), though with the same IP. I pulled up a cache, added an FP, refreshed the page, and it had stuck!!! I checked with another. Same thing. I'm going to go add the rest of the FPs now and see what happens.
  21. I just discovered that I am experiencing this problem, too. I logged some caches in three bunches over the day. After processing each bunch via GSAK, I went to the cache page and added a favourite point. The FPs on the first and third bunches didn't stick but the second did. Very odd. The only reason I discovered it wasn't sticking was that I wasn't sure I'd done one so I checked it and I hadn't. So I checked another and another and was surprised at how many it looked like I'd missed. Except that I hadn't. I'd add an FP, refreshed the page, and the FP wasn't there any more. I found this thread and the request for info. I wondered if I could get myself onto another server if the same thing would happen. Just logging out of geocaching.com didn't have any effect, unless I just happened to get the same server. Then I shut down my computer, cycled the modem, and started up again. That time, the WHOAMI told me I was on a different server. I had been on WEB16, now I'm on WEB18. Sadly, there was no difference. No FP I add now will stick. I sure hope this can be fixed soon.
  22. I wish I was on that other server. My regular PQs have old data. Two test PQs have apparently run but there's nothing available to download.
  23. I recently posted a 'discovered it' log on a trackable http://coord.info/TB5275 The CO deleted it because he's not allowing that type of log. I can understand a "discovered it" log being deleted if seems that I didn't really discovered the trackable item. But I did see it, I touched and admired it while attending http://coord.info/GC59H5Z and I said so in the log. I logged that event. My found logs show that I found other caches in that area on that day. Should CO be entitled to delete logs that don't suit them?
  24. Yesterday, I logged two of Signal’s Time Machine caches. Both logs are now gone. I got a log deletion notice for one, but not the other. My find count is now incorrect, but only by one. On my profile page, on the geocaches tab, the count for each type is correct, but the total is incorrect. I am not going to do anything wacky. I’m going to wait for a bit to see if the system catches up with things. If it's still off in a day or two, then I'll email Groundspeak to get them to fix it.
  25. Yes, I have had the same problem! Some time ago I noticed my "logs until next favourite point" was out by 1, meaning I needed one more than I expected. When I asked about it in this forum, I got the response about having deleted a Found It log, although I can't remember ever having done so. Two days ago, I posted a note on a new cache to let other cachers in my area know that I was claiming an FTF, but left writing the Found It log until the next day. I deleted the note. I don't remember if I deleted the note before or after writing the Found log. Today I logged another cache and noticed that my "logs until next favourite point" is now out by 2! It could only have been deleting the note that did it. I'm glad to see that someone has noticed this, too. I totally agree with the premise that duplicate logs shouldn't count toward favourite points. What I have trouble understanding is why deleting a log eliminates that cache from being counted toward favourite points. The statistics tab has no trouble telling me how many 'distinct' finds I've made. Why can't the favourite point calculation be based on the same thing?
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