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  1. I'm Mark and also a geocacher.---- HI Mark. i don't think i have a problem. i'm just here to get my wife off my back. in fact i think i will cut this short and maybe hit a cache on the way home. denial? what's that.? remember folk's you only have a problem if YOU think you do. cache on.
  2. yes they are! i was out over the weekend and felt a tingling on the calf of my leg. finally i looked back and the little bas-tod was diggin in, it was easily removed. return them to the wild, what are you crazy? a few less tick's and we would all be better off. oh wait a minute i think i get it now "tick's are people to". tree hugger.
  3. Ihave an e-trex venture and it work's fine. i bought it for geocaching. what i'm curious about is whether other reciever's are more sensitive, that is to say will one pick up a stronger signal than the other under the same condition's. the reason i ask is while out caching the other day in medium to heavy tree cover my gps would be pointing in one direction telling me i'm getting closer then all of a sudden it would swing back the other way and it had me going in circle's. there was someone there with a differant type of unit and i ask them if they were getting good reception they repled yes as they walked straight to the cache on the first attempt.
  4. i think i understand the object of this idea. however i don't think that it is such a great one. sooner or later the cache's that are listed on the pay to play site will make there way to non-paying geocacher's. so what's the point.
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