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  1. Country File, Sunday March 1st, BBC1, Is advertised as having Michaela Strachan trying Geocaching.
  2. "Think Christmas Tree" in a small wood of fir trees.
  3. I have 2 friends and fellow caravanners who know it's one of my hobbies to go for a walk and solve puzzles en-route. They sit in their caravan on a nice day doing word puzzles, and they think I'm odd. tedwin
  4. Thanks for all the advice. I use the old yellow Etrex, so I think I'll just upgrade to the H version then I'll still have the serial connection to my Ipaq. I need this when I go on holiday as I take waypoints and tracks for walks and cacheing, far more than the gps itself will hold. Tedwin
  5. I'm tempted to buy one of the Garmins on offer at Tesco, will the Garmin usb talk to my Ipaq usb as they are both regarded as devices by a PC. Tedwin
  6. If you use GSAK there is a macro ( AddOSGridRef.gsk) which will do your whole database. Tedwin
  7. Why not try the canal series starting at Bottom Lock GCVT7G near Warwick Parkway
  8. Brilliant, many thanks, it's just what I needed. Tedwin
  9. Is the site down again? I just get the header and error messages. Strange it's back now at 06:05
  10. Great work Teasel, nice to have GCUK back and running.
  11. Walking Demon publish some nice books of walks for UK and Europe, all the walks are fully waypointed and they also have a cd from which you can download the waypoints and trackpoints for all their walks. www.walking.demon.co.uk/index.htm
  12. Nice article, pity it refers to the geocacheuk website which appears to be down again . Sorry Teasel, I know it's not your fault. tedwin
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