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  1. I ran the PQ again 24 hrs later and it all came out OK. Just a gremlin in the works?
  2. I've just downloaded one of my PQ'S but it's not what I expected, it's about 100k out. I thought that I must have entered the wrong figures, but if I look at the preview page in the email instead of the Zip file then the caches are the ones that I wanted!
  3. I tried this but I get every cache that has been altered by the addition of a new log.
  4. I have the reverse problem, how can I keep track of caches that have been reinstated or altered?
  5. If you use an ereader like the Sony, you may need to convert the format. Calibre(free) does this well but rather slowly, 4.5 min for drsolly's epic, I wouldn't like to try it with War and Peace!
  6. Almost always country. There is a supermarket film can less than 100 yards from our house that we cant be bothered to look for. But we do rather like the "Town trail" type of multi.
  7. Thank you, that all looks like common sense, I just got so tired of reading all the claims, counter claims and backbiting, that I missed the important bit.
  8. With all the aguments and discussion here, I've rather lost track. Could we have a clear and unambiguous statement of just what the currently applied urban cache guidline actually says.
  9. Searching when miles from home and findiing that the hint says "see spoiler", especially if the same hint could be expressed in 3 words.
  10. That should bring the average down a bit.
  11. I think that this make you just a little older than me. I tried going backwards after I got my bus pass, but it doesn't seem to be working.
  12. I always carry all my electronic stuff,gps etc + spare batteries in my hand luggage, the if there is any query it can easily be inspected, and off course it's less likely to get lost! One oddity which always puzzles me, I have to switch off my Ipod but my wife is never asked to switch off her hearing aids.
  13. If you have a metal walking pole you could accidentally earth the fence with it while you cross.
  14. I've just read the article and although it's apparently from a reputable source, it's almost like a tabloid headline. No figures, how big was the sample, was there a control group etc.
  15. Try Viking Dryboots, all rubber but like walking boots, we used them for years walking dogs.
  16. Hi we are camping not far from Bude in a weeks time and are looking forward to doing some caching in the area too. We will be in Wadebridge for a couple of weeks and were looking forward to it, B ut have just seen the long range forecasts. Tedwin
  17. If you can read german (babelfish will make a sort of sense) try http://cachebrett.de/garmin/versteckte-tas...inationen-60csx tedwin
  18. I have a weekly pocket query set for local, ie under 30km from home, I also get notification of new caches and the weekly update from Groundspeak. I often notice that caches are missing from one or other of these. The weekly notice usually has several caches not in my pocket query. Any ideas?
  19. I'm glad you did, I missed it first time round, it makes fascunating reading. I just wonder if the origanal unit complained of was replaced? Tedwin
  20. It's a pity that the only GPS mentioned is a £310 Oregon, this could put off potential cachers who dont realise that you can use a cheap Etrex.
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