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  1. Seems to work now, thanks for the fix!
  2. Same problem here (Windows 10 + Firefox 95.0.2) :
  3. Same problem here (Windows 10 + Firefox 95.0.2):
  4. I confirm this bug for Premium and Basic members. When you send the text "T3.5+" (without quotation marks, alone or within a longer message), the message is blocked. We can see that this message causes a "500 Internal Server Error" on Groundspeak servers.
  5. Indeed! Hopefully, the browser stop after 10 because, there is an infinite loop of endless redirections!
  6. I am not a Groundspeak developer, but I checked with Chrome and Firefox and I cannot find any evidence of a memory leak. Here are two ways to see memory usage of a specific tab : On Firefox, just type about:performance in the navigation bar. On Chrome, press Shift+Esc and then Right-click on the table header of the Task Manager and enable JavaScript memory. Can you give us an url and how much memory it got after a fresh reloading, and after few hours? Check also that you disabled any extension because many issues come from extensions and not webpages.
  7. I think also that allowing GIF and PNG upload is a must-have without losing transparency and animated picture. It is very useful. Please HQ consider this request !!
  8. Can you give us the exact message you are tring to send which does not work. We can try to reproduce it to confirm if it is the same problem, and it will help Groundspeak developers to fix it.
  9. I just try from 2 different basic member accounts and it works on my side :
  10. I checked with a basic member account and everything now seems to work normally (except url) It seems also that they add a whitelist of allowed domain names. As far as I can tell, links to geocaching.com website or coord.info are working (but not project-GC) I checked yesterday and just right now with a basic member account : all these examples are working now. Spam is a nightmare for everybody. Sending links as text won't stop spam to be sent. So I am OK with the actual solution if an error message is added soon. ;-)
  11. Sorry, but it is "partially" resolved : It still lacks an error message when the sending fails. Right now on the website the button just say "Sending..." but silently fails and the message is never sent. This is a bug. You need to add an error message to tell the user that the message had not been sent.
  12. Yes, it could be a too restrictive antispam rule... but this one is quite annoying and the error message is not understandable...
  13. Hi ! A geocacher asked me yesterday for an other hint but I cannot answer him because the message center on the website or on the Android app does not let me send some of my messages. I tried today and the problem was the same, so I looked for what kind of message is blocked. According to my tests, all messages that contain a dot without space before and after are not sent. Eg : - N 49° 25.194 E 000° 13.544 - 1.60 ft - myusername@gmail.com - x.x etc... Another user report the same bug here : When sending this kind of message to a user via the Message Center : - On the Android App, a text appear saying the message had not been sent and invite to tap to retry. - On the website, the [Send] button turn to grey and the label change to [Sending...] but nothing happen then. If we look in the browser developer console, we can see that the Geocaching API server is responding with a "400 Bad Request"
  14. This bug is BACKKKKKK !!! Samsung Galaxy S10 / Android 9 / Geocaching app v8.17.1 @HQ : What kind of data can we provide to your dev to help them fix this annoying bug ?
  15. Seems to be fixed also on my phone : Galaxy S10 / Android 9 / Geocaching app v8.7.1. Thanks to HQ developers !
  16. I just check "Mettistö" map in the official app and I can confirm that when you zoom in to the maximum, paths and trails will appears like the website. I think it is just the zoom level that is not configured the same way in the app and on the website by Groundpseak developers.
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