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  1. GOF and Bacall...I really like 3 of 4 of your challenges, I honestly don't care for the kite one, but it still gets you outside, to a great area, so I didn't thumb it down....but gave thumbs up to the other three...and I got a great challenge idea...thanks.
  2. I don't understand the "cheapens the finds" concept. My find count means something to me because I know what went into them. Others' find counts, except for a few close friends, means absolutely nothing to me and no one's counts affects me or how I play the game in any way whatsoever. If someone wants to rack up a ridiculous number with what I would consider questionable finds, that's a battle between them and their conscience. It really makes no difference to me. This is not a competition. When it comes right down to it this is an individual activity and the individual has decide for themselves by what standards they will participate. As for these challenges, I may or may not do those that require no outdoor activity or location-based quest. I've not decided yet. But no matter which way I decide for myself, just how does that affect anyone else? The answer is simple. It doesn't. I couldn't agree more.
  3. My first accepted challenge. I love this thread! I accepted also Ike, thanks!
  4. Deb3day, I'm sure they will fix it, they posted in the release notes that items still need to be fixed and updated. All lets please keep this to great challenges. I like the ones I have seen so far on here, and thumbs up all of them!
  5. Without getting into any arguements over challenges. Post up what you think is a challenge worth completing, One you enjoyed completely, one that requires you to get out of the house. Please limit your posts to only what I ask. There are other threads for that. I will start with one, that I just created. One I feel is worthy of being a challenge. http://coord.info/CX884
  6. i take back what I said when we were speculating, when I said challenges would be pointless unless they counted to your find count. When I said that, I thought they would actually make you go hike or do something that required a GPSr. the challenges been posted are crap and pointless. I have turned into the challenge police and thumbing down every challenge that you dont have to leave the house for....hopefully the thumbing down will get rid of them.
  7. Now this is what I consider a challenge, not hugging someone, or kissing a frog.
  8. So far what I like the most about challenges is the vote down button
  9. without even reading any of the posts, I want to get IBTL or move to OT LOL
  10. Again, it's not a question of me being comfortable finding a cache at a playground. My issue with these placements is that I believe, as a parent who takes her child to playgrounds, that playgrounds should remain a comfortable place for the parents and children who visit them. So since I am a 35 year old male, from this comment, I should not be allowed to go to a park (that's generally where playgrounds are) by myself, a park that my tax dollars paid for. If you are so worried that every male over 30 is some kind of child molester, then perhaps you shouldn't allow your children to go to the playground with out adult supervision, and if the children are adult supervised, what kind of crazy man is going to take your child away with you right there with them? Come on. Maybe I want to go to the playground, because its my lunch break from work, and its quiet and shaded and a good place to relax and read a book.
  11. Number of finds is not a good metric for experience. Not all of us log our finds. Log your finds. Why? Why not? EDIT: nevermind read the post above this one LOL..GSAK, got it.
  12. I don't hike as much as I like too, most places near where I live are small state forests or state parks, where you generally around someone all the time, or close to your car or close to some type of civilization. So on those trips I just take a camel pak, extra gps batteries, a energy bar or two, a zipper compass, a 2 AA Mag-lite, tweezers, a extra pen....if its less then a mile I just take a pen and my gps lol. Now I've only been on one real true hike, it was near Las Vegas, called Red Rock, it was a 5 mile round trip hike with 2300ft elevation gain to one of the peaks in the park. I did it solo, I had the ten essentials. I learned that even though it was in the 80 degree range, the 2 liters of water in my pak was not enough, I ran out half way back down the mountian, I also learned that trekking poles are useless when bouldering and scrambling, and ALWAYS cut your toe-nails before you go on any sort of hike! Probably the smartiest thing I did was tell my wife which trail head I started on, and when I expected to be back to the car...nothing happened.
  13. I am a jeeper and visit another forum jk-forum.com, just joined the site there actually and they have a geocaching section. This thread was posted in 2008 and I apologize if it made it over here already, but it's so good it's worth sharing. Finding Treasure in the Desert
  14. the maps I downloaded where .img files, the tutorial said to use gpsmapper to convert it so mapsource or basecamp could read it. It was one click, it searched my computer for the files and it was done in 10 seconds, I then was able to pull the maps up on mapsource and basecamp whereas before I couldn't
  15. Well you can't beat free! went to gpsfiledepot...and got topo maps of south carolina (where I live)....so so so so much better improvement. I am so glad I read this thread..Thanks! I had to install mapsource, cgpsmapperfree, and went ahead and installed basecamp while I was at it. LOL A little bit of a learning curve but I figured it out
  16. Seriously you guys have no idea what you just taught me, my wife and I have over 500 finds, and we have been using the dakota 20 with just what it came with, a arrow with a pink line towards the cache, with only main highways identifable. I seriously had no idea I could put a topo map on it WOW THANK YOU...i feel dumb right now lol
  17. i found a cache at a pole NOT attached at the base, it looked like a your normal cable TV cables, coming out of the ground and spliced together, you unscrew the cable and the log is inside the adapter.
  18. Yes, very important lol, I found my self on some of our first finds making a 2 terrain difficulty into a 4 lol, one example that comes to mind is that a me and a buddy went after a cache that was a 2 terrain, we bushwacked down a very steep hill, and then traversed a 12 foot wide creek that was a foot deep in a swampy looking area....total trip was about .5 miles not counting the hiking to the other caches. Got to the 2 terrain cache and it was 100 feet off a very well marked trail, and all I had to do was go back to the vehicle and park in a different spot. LOL
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