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  1. My first cache hide...a LPC. The hotwheel is the same color as the actual chevy on the cache page background. I wanted to place it on a minaiture parking lot with lamp post, but got inpatient and placed it. Not alot of thought went into it, just wanted something the locals could find that wasnt a film container. magnets gorillia glued to bottom to secure it to base of lamp post, drilled a hole through back windshield, glued container in place with gorilla glue.
  2. I remember when I asked my what the heck did PMUTS mean/!!??!?!? LOL...its an old post but still very funny to me
  3. I haven't been here yet, but this is the number 1 favorited cache in south carolina (it's also a virtual) Sheldon Ruins The picture was taken from papermanone & catlover. Great photo!
  4. Humans but I've ran into a alligator, spiders, ticks, (i hate spiders), deer
  5. I love the timber mountian challenge, great challenge
  6. I have a question...if you are retired and live in a motor home, why aren't you out caching, you will never find them all if you are on these forums. Go out and cache! lol j/k I would love to be able to retire, sell the house, by a motor home, and just travel and camp and find caches! you are lucky, enjoy your retirement =)
  7. I couldnt get on the site at all last night. I have cable and everything else works like a champ, but couldnt get on the site or the forums last night around 6pm EST
  8. sure beats my car themed LPCs..but only have one right now lol
  9. I'm working on a challenge that requires you to go down a 44 mile section of river, takes about 3 days to complete. you have to do it in a canoe or kayak
  10. thanks, definately not making it a cache placement requirement. Not sure if I want to make it a challenge, I spoke with one of the local cache placers of kayak caches, and this route is actually 44 miles and takes 3 days to complete in a kayak according to him.
  11. Thanks elkein, I already feel stupid for not figuring that out until now, you don't have to rub it in...lol
  12. I was leaning towards bad idea, but wasn't sure, which is why I asked =) Thanks. I am sure you won't be the only one who thinks so.
  13. I have to agree with you guys about my challenge I asked about, I agree, it's not what a challenge should be. Now maybe if it was just "hike this section of trail and take a picture at the coords" instead of "finding all the caches". To bad I can't archive it since it has people who have accepted it.
  14. Tell me what you think about this idea. I want to create a challenge where you have to go down a section of river in a canoe or kayak...it's a long section it's probably 20 miles as the crow flies from where you put in to where you get out. It's not a straight river! So I would estimate 30 miles at least. That in it-self is a challenge...as I am no expert, but I think this would take a weekend to complete, but I was thinking of having who ever accepts it place a cache out there as well...to much? I do not expect alot of people to do this challenge, primary the locals with the kayaks and canoes, and they place water caches. good/bad idea? Maybe make it a "bonus" of the challenge?
  15. GOF, you are right, just not my cup of tea...but it doesn't mean its not a good challenge, just one I wouldn't thumb up, but I didn't thumb it down. Now if you make me have to kiss a frog, then I'll thumb it down lol
  16. Mine involves hiking a 3 mile portion of the Palmetto Trail, and find the 6 geocaches along the trail, it is not as easy as it sounds, some of the caches are tough hides, I couldn't even take credit for this challenge as I have only found 4 of the 6 lol. I don't think its a bad challenge
  17. thanks for all the info guys. Here is a link to the map that I installed. Maybe I was confused and did something wrong. Not sure, I do know that I am not looking at a gray screen anymore, and the canoe trail I went on saturday almost perfectly matched the route I went on... http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/maps/view/515/
  18. We can't search for the Challenges you've created and we don't know what they are. If you can provide a link maybe people will give their opinions. MrsB MrsB....i think thealabamarambler answered my question, as I created a thread to Show your quality challenges, and mine is the first one. lol...you can find both of mine in that thread....I was thinking cache, not challenge when I posted this, and I find myself spelling out cache for challenge as well alot
  19. I've created two challenges, that I think they are great, although one has almost as many thumbs down as thumbs up, can anyone give me feedback on why this would be thumbed down?
  20. http://coord.info/CX11AB GOF and Bacall gave me a great idea for a challenge. I love this place! I made the requirements in such a way that people with physical disablities can get credit by getting on the hanger deck and getting a photograph. (which is wheel chair accessible by elevator) The carrier is really cool place to explore, I think it makes a great challenge.
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