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  1. That and the BLM charts. Those, I imagine, are pretty clear as well. I'm all for romping in the desert. Legally. I've broken more than a few truck parts in the sand, so I'm not an anti-4WD person. Does the BLM provide this information? Because I can't find it anywhere. (I have to admit I didn't look very hard) Bottom line, I did more then probably alot of people who wheel (just assuming) and the trail looks like a existing trail to me, so I would drive on it. The BLM website says you can drive on existing washes too, maybe this whole area is a wash?? Doubtful I am sure. So my main question is, how does the BLM let the public know which trails are acceptable to drive on? Are they clearly marked?
  2. two things: First, I can't believe you actually called the police. You could have very easily determined yourself if it was fake or not....sense of smell maybe? poke it with a stick? Second, to be 21 years old and claim you know everything about children is laughable, why? You have a degree? My wife is a elementary school teacher who is nationally board certified and has her masters degree. She has been teaching for 10 years, does she know everything about children? She would be the first to say no. Please get a grip with reality
  3. If I did not know about this thread...and I were to visit Nevada, and rent a 4wd, since my jeep is in SC, and its not practical to drive it to NV lol. (which BTW was my plan last month, I was going to Nellis AFB for a week of training, and I intended to rent a jeep and find geocaches in the desert. I looked up BLM policy on jeeping on thier lands. The website says use existing trails. If I were to drive out there and see a trail I would drive on it. Starting out I would not know that it goes from cache to cache, I see a existing trail and I am going to drive my 4wd on it because BLM says I can. The CO telling me not to drive on BLM land is a irrevelant request, because the BLM website says you can drive on existing trails, and thats why I bought a Jeep! and in this case rented one. Thought I should add I believe in tread lightly and take out what you take in for sure, I would not go off trail if the caches become off trail I would just have driven as far as I could possibly drive, because it is the fun part of caching for me.
  4. Briansnat has the best advice. A multicache that requires you to go in the tunnel to figure out the coords to the final stage.
  5. Again I agree with Snoogans, but really both sides of this arguement are not going to agree with the other, so can this topic just die already?! LOL
  6. what a cool thread, will have to find some and snap some pics
  7. people log multiple DNFs on single caches
  8. Little late on posting, but i am still fairly new to riding. I started with a mtb a 400.00 diamondback I ordered online. Well it takes me 40 minutes to ride on any trails around here so i started riding the mtb on the road. It was rough! and I didn't understand why it was so hard, 10 miles was really hard, I could go 10 miles on the trails, why is 10 miles on the road so hard??? So I went and bought a Giant for 800 bucks at my local bike shop. I literally doubled my distance with same time in a matter of 2 days. Crazy big differance! and i love it! Im really happy with my road bike
  9. The ability for premium members to search for trackables in the same way as geocaches. Showing, what cache ti is in, distance, last placed, last moved, last logged. etc. With this feature, you could remove trackable inventory from the cache page. You would log it like a cache, with a found it, DNF etc. and a automated email would be sent to the TO...no smileys awared of course.
  10. Long term goal: Find every cache in the state I am living in, South Carolina...boy there is alot lol. But at least it's not California. Short term goals: Find a great trail with caches to backpack. and take my jeep to uwharrie state forest in North Carolina to cache
  11. this is a old thread worth commenting on, great job! thank you for sharing
  12. I personnally would have a problem with a LEO telling me to go home. I probably wouldn't say anything to the LEO, but "yes sir" and move on to the next cache.
  13. Well said, I'm not sure Groundspeak realizes the can of worms they've opened up. From the rumble I'm hearing from our local cachers this revolt is just starting. This "can of worms" has been opened for years and threads pop up like this several times a year where people are furious that Groundspeak won't let them promote their agenda. I recall a huge blow up because they wouldn't allow caches encouraging tsunami relief. Another furor about not allowing Toys for Tots caches. There have been many others. The veteran one comes up at last once a year, usually around this time. Groundspeak has wisely (in my opinion) decided to keep all agendas out of geocaching. The idea is to keep it a light-hearted, fun activity. Nearly everybody has their pet agenda and I like that I can geocache without being bombarded with caches urging me to be aware of breast cancer, support PETA, give to the Red Cross, find Jesus, thank a teacher, whatever. It's not an anti veteran thing (the president of Groundspeak is a veteran himself, as are many of the reviewers), it's an anti agenda thing. Frankly I think the idea of honoring veterans by sticking a film canister in a parking lot or some Tupperware in a tree stump is kind of lame. If you really want to honor them volunteer at a VA hospital, support legislation that positively impacts our veterans, go to a Veterans Day observance, donate money to veteran related causes, join the Patriot Guard, clean up the veterans section of a cemetery. A geocache in their honor? That is just a cop out. Do something tangible for these men and woman who gave so much. As a veteran my self, and still serving, I happen to agree with this post, and I agree with Groundspeaks stance.
  14. Whats with all the old threads? lol I recently found with some friends 111 on 11/11/2011. looks pretty cool on the stat page =p we had to drive two hours to the first cache, left at 5am, found first cache at 730am, found 111th cache at 1030pm, too tired to wait till 1111pm lol
  15. Talk about sticking your foot in your mouth, I've edited my orginal post out of respect.
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